How to increase sales on Amazon in 2023: 9 Essential Tips to Boost Revenue

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Looking for ways  to increase sales on Amazon?

Wish to see your products on the Amazon sales rank chart?

If so, you have come to the right place.

This step-by-step guide will assist you to learn how to increase sales on Amazon with some best and most effective strategies. And also provide you the essential tips for your Amazon product ranking.

BSR Amazon and boosting sales are visa-versa. One of the best ways to increase your sales is to rank on Amazon BSR. When your product ranks on Amazon sales rank chart, people will buy your products more.

According to June 2023, the Top 0.5% for all category products is 3,724,294, and for the top 1% is 7,448,587.

It’s not easy to reach the top, but it’s definitely achievable!

Why so afraid?

Let’s learn how to increase sales on Amazon and bring more money.

What is BSR in Amazon? What Does BSR Mean for Sales?

If you aim to increase sales on Amazon and expand your eCommerce business, understanding the significance of Amazon BSR is essential.

Amazon sales rank chart is the metric Amazon provides to marketers and businesses, offering insights into how their products perform. 

Harnessing the power of this tool and comprehending its impact on your Amazon rankings is crucial for driving sales growth.

Amazon Sales Rank Chart - Top Performing Products

Market research:

A few years ago, advertising on this online marketplace giant reached a staggering $10 billion in U.S. ad revenue, representing almost 8% of the digital ad market.

And that was before the global shutdown. By the end of 2021, it could exceed 10% of the total U.S. ad revenue as marketers continue to recognize the immense possibilities of the platform. 

According to eMarketer data, Amazon observed over 40% growth in net U.S. digital ad revenue in 2020 alone. It is poised to become a significant contender, comprising 1/10th of all U.S. ad spending, challenging marketing giants like Google and Facebook.

Furthermore, nearly 9 out of 10 shoppers prefer purchasing from Amazon over other marketplace sites!

But what is BSR in Amazon? To track your Best Sellers Rank effectively, you’ll need to understand how to increase sales on Amazon. 

What does sales rank mean on Amazon?

The Amazon Best Sellers Rank (BSR) is a measure that shows how well-selling an item is compared to others in the same product category in the Amazon store. 

Based on Amazon sales rank scores, updated daily, Amazon sales rank chart displays the best-selling goods within featured categories almost in real-time.

A lower score often indicates a higher Amazon sales rank. Amazon BSR ratings fluctuate depending on sales. 

A satin sheet set, for instance, would be the fourth best-selling item among currently active Home & Kitchen listings if it were to rank fourth in that category.

By implementing strategies to improve your Sales rank Amazon, you can enhance your visibility, attract more customers, and ultimately learn how to increase sales on Amazon.

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The Role of Amazon Sales Rank in Product Rankings:

In the vast and competitive marketplace, Amazon product ranking plays a crucial role in determining the visibility and success of a product. 

Amazon sales rank, also known as Best Sellers Rank (BSR), is a crucial metric that influences Amazon product ranking and can significantly impact sales. 

Understanding the relationship between Sales rank Amazon and Amazon product ranking is essential for sellers aiming to increase their sales on Amazon.

Visibility and Discoverability

Products with a higher sales rank are more likely to appear on the first page, receiving greater exposure to potential customers. Improved visibility translates into higher organic traffic to your product listing, increasing the chances of generating sales.

Trust and Credibility

Sales rank indicates a product’s popularity and performance within its category. When customers see a product with a good sales rank, they perceive it as trustworthy and reliable. Higher sales rank implies that many customers have already purchased and are satisfied with the product. 

Organic Recommendations

A higher sales rank increases the chances of your product being recommended to customers who have shown interest in similar products, thereby driving additional sales.

Sponsored Products Placement:

 Products with higher sales ranks often receive more prominent orders in sponsored listings, giving them increased visibility to potential customers who may have yet to discover them.

Competitor Analysis and Market Insights

 Analyzing the performance of products with similar sales ranks can help you understand customer preferences, pricing strategies, and demand fluctuations. This information enables you to stay competitive and increase your sales on Amazon.

Unveiling the Amazon Sales Rank Chart:

Products that routinely keep their average sales rank in the top 1% usually sell the most quickly. Although later than the top 1% achievers, those in the top 2% also see comparatively quick sales. Contrarily, products in the top 5% are considered sporadic sellers.

And last, merchandise with an average sales rank that only falls inside the top 10% is known to sell exceptionally slowly. Due to their often-weak sales performance, buying products with such high sales ranks is generally not advised.

Ok. Let’s get to the Amazon sales rank chart!

Canada Amazon sales rank chart (June 2023)

Amazon Sales rank chart of sales on Amazon Canada

U.S Amazon sales rank chart (June 2023)

U.S Amazon sales rank chart (June 2023)

How to increase sales on Amazon:

Wondering how to increase sales on Amazon?

Keep in mind – Your product has to be seen by your “target audience” or “Niche audience”; thus, you should understand how to sell to such customers as well as loyal customers.

Try the following tips to increase the sales of your products.

1. Lightning Deals:

A Lightning Deal is a promotional offer that runs for a limited time on the Amazon Deals page. These time-bound offers typically last 6 to 8 hours, as determined by Amazon. By featuring an item on the deals page, Lightning Deals aim to boost sales and increase visibility among the target audience.

Eligibility for running Lightning Deals:

  • All Prime sellers are eligible to participate.
  • To qualify, products must have a sales history on Amazon and a minimum 3-star rating from at least five customer reviews.
  • Deals should include various product variations, such as different sizes or colors. At least 50% of variations should be included for specific categories like clothing and shoes.
  • The products should not be restricted, offensive, embarrassing, or inappropriate.
  • They must be in new condition and comply with Amazon’s customer product reviews policies.
  • Sellers can use either Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), or Seller Fulfilled Prime for order fulfillment.

Take advantage of the opportunity to create a Lightning Deal for your product and boost your sales.

2. Coupons:

How to increase sales on Amazon? Right!

Coupons are the most valuable answer. They provide discounts on single or multiple products. They are easily discoverable by shoppers through various channels, including the coupons home page, search results, product detail pages, the Offer Listings page, and even in their shopping carts.

There are specific criteria for using coupons:

  • Used items, collectibles, and certified refurbished products are not eligible.
  • Adult products and specific categories like sexual wellness, guns and gun accessories, hunting and fishing, and restricted items cannot have coupons.
  • Product detail pages should not contain offensive, embarrassing, or inappropriate content.

You can target your coupons based on specific conditions, such as:

  • Prime customers only.
  • Fixed percentage or fixed amount of.
  • share the coupons on social media.

3. Sponsored Ads:

Sponsored Ads with niche keywords and a focused approach are highly recommended to reach your target customers effectively.

There are two ad formats available:

Sponsored Products: Promote individual products by assigning keywords or product attributes and setting a cost-per-click amount.

Sponsored Brands: Increase product awareness by creating ad creatives with a headline, logo, and product images. You can direct customers to your brand page or any page showcasing your products on Amazon.

As an Amazon seller, leverage these promotional methods to maximize your selling opportunities. 

Remember, it’s not just about manufacturing or having inventory but also effectively marketing, selling, and replenishing your inventory to succeed.

4. Streamline Product Pricing with an Automated Repricer:

Manually repricing your inventory can put you at a disadvantage, as competitors using automated repricers can quickly adjust their prices and capture more sales. 

Unless you have very low sales volumes or face minimal competition, utilizing an automated repricer is highly recommended. It allows you to stay competitive by automating price adjustments and ensuring your products are always priced competitively.

5. Prioritize Keywords for Improved Sales:

It’s crucial to optimize your product listings with relevant keywords. Tools like SEMRushAhrefs, and others can assist you in conducting effective keyword research. Check out our comprehensive guide on Amazon keyword research tips for valuable insights.

6. Synchronize Your Inventory:

Syncing your inventory can streamline your selling process if you sell on multiple platforms. Keeping your inventory in sync across platforms allows you to easily manage stock levels, maintain consistent product descriptions, and seamlessly update any changes. 

This synchronization saves you valuable time by eliminating the need to perform repetitive tasks, allowing you to focus on implementing other tips from this list.

7. Optimize Inventory Management for Business Success: 

Tips To Increase Your Inventory management

Properly managing your inventory can have a significant impact on your Amazon business. It’s essential to understand that Amazon adjusts your storage limits based on your inventory performance, which can benefit or hinder your operations.

Moreover, maintaining excessive inventory can result in high storage fees, both in the short and long term. Conversely, insufficient inventory levels may cause missed opportunities for significant sales.

By implementing effective inventory management practices, avoid the undesirable consequences of poor inventory performance, such as suspending your seller account.

8. Maximize Amazon Sales with Broad Keywords:

Expanding your keyword research and targeting a wide range of keywords is essential for outperforming competitors and increasing sales on Amazon. 

Products that rely on only a few keywords (e.g., less than 150) may need help to succeed, especially when competing against established sellers with extensive reviews.

On the other hand, products that target numerous keywords have more opportunities to secure sales and outshine the competition.

To accomplish this, tools like Keyword Scout can be utilized. By conducting a reverse ASIN search on your competitors’ products using their ASIN, you can gather valuable data on the ranking keywords they target.

This analysis often reveals the weak performance of major Amazon sellers in terms of ranking for crucial keywords, giving you a strategic advantage.

9. Stay Competitive and Win the Buy Box:

To increase product sales on Amazon, it’s crucial to analyze your competitors’ strategies and capitalize on their weaknesses. 

Staying ahead of the curve becomes challenging as competition intensifies on the platform. Although Amazon doesn’t disclose the exact metrics influencing Buy Box eligibility, certain factors are considered:

  • Seller feedback and product reviews
  • The efficient and prompt delivery system
  • Refund and return rates
  • Inventory volume
  • Competitive Pricing

Additionally, a seller’s sales history plays a significant role in determining Buy Box eligibility.

How is Amazon Best Sellers Rank calculated?

Surprisingly, Amazon keeps the specifics of its Best Sellers Rank algorithm closely guarded. However, it is understood that the Amazon sales rank is primarily influenced by sales-related factors rather than considering product reviews, pricing, and other variables.

The calculation of your Amazon BSR is believed to be based on the following factors:

  • Current and historical sales performance
  • Price fluctuations, including sales and promotions
  • Competition from similar products

Amazon updates the Amazon sales rank chart hourly, considering the present and past sales data. For instance, a kitchen scale may rank #14 in the Kitchen & Dining category and #2 in the subcategory of Digital Kitchen Scales. 

However, it could have a significantly different Amazon rankings, such as #2056 or no Amazon product ranking at all, in the Health & Household category.

It’s important to note that Amazon rankings may vary across different Amazon stores. For example, a product ranked at #1 in the U.S. store may be ranked at #23 in the Amazon U.K. or Japan stores.

If you sell only one unit in an hour while your competitor sells five, your BSR Amazon may still be lower due to the consideration of historical sales data. 

The Amazon BSR algorithm considers overall product sales and assigns the numbers accordingly, resulting in relatively stable Amazon rankings without drastic fluctuations.

In the event of a sudden surge or decline in sales, you may not immediately observe a corresponding change in your BSR Amazon.

Amazon sales rank tracking: how to use BSR Amazon to drive sales

Sales primarily influence the Amazon sales rank chart and cannot directly drive sales. However, you can leverage BSR scores to improve your selling strategy and increase sales. Here’s how you can utilize Sales rank Amazon:

Conduct Product Research: 

Explore the Amazon Best Sellers and Movers & Shakers lists to observe Amazon rankings and identify trends in your relevant categories. Pay attention to products that are gaining popularity or declining. Additionally, analyze customer reviews of high Amazon product ranking to understand customer satisfaction and identify potential product improvements or alternatives.

Amazon Best Sellers Rank (BSR

To understand how sales are going, analyze key performance metrics combined with BSR Amazon scores. With an Amazon store, you can track specific statistics like:

  • Impressions Clicks
  • rates of click-through
  • Purchases
  • return clients

By comparing these variables to Amazon product ranking, you may gain knowledge that can aid in product sourcing, inventory control, and market expansion. 

Positive rises in both metrics may point to hot products you should focus on, while dropping numbers may prompt you to make catalog reductions.

Utilize Brand Analytics:

 You can use Brand Analytics’ data tools by signing up for Brand Registry and having a Professional selling plan. Brand Analytics offers insightful data on audience demographics, search catalog performance, and consumer search behavior. 

You may improve your product listings and marketing techniques to increase sales by comprehending consumers’ keywords and recognizing recurring customers.

Final words:

How to increase sales on Amazon?

I think you will get the answer!

Following these tips can easily boost your sales and make more money. You can see your products rank on Amazon as well.

We promise we are not biased when we claim that using AMZ Prep is a fantastic approach to increasing Amazon sales.

By utilizing AMZ Prep, you can automate the pricing process and free up your time to focus on other profit-generating activities. This includes conducting competitive research, creating campaigns targeting high-ranking keywords, and optimizing product listings.

Wish you luck and success.


Questions About
Increasing Sales On Amazon

How to increase sales on Amazon?

You may use a variety of tactics to increase Amazon sales. Offering competitive pricing, delivering top-notch customer service, optimizing product listings with appealing descriptions and high-quality photographs, using targeted advertising campaigns, and carefully managing inventories to ensure availability are some effective strategies.

How important are customer reviews in increasing sales on Amazon?

On Amazon, customer reviews significantly impact people’s buying decisions. Favorable evaluations increase credibility and confidence, which can increase conversion rates. To keep an excellent reputation and attract potential consumers, encourage happy customers to submit reviews and swiftly respond to unfavorable comments.

What is BSR in Amazon?

“Best Sellers Rank ” is known as BSR on It’s a number that shows how popular and successful a product is in relation to others in its category on Amazon’s marketplace. The Sales rank Amazon, which is often updated, displays how well a product is selling in comparison to other items in the same category.

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