Amazon Buy Box Eligibility: Unlock Your Amazon Success by Harnessing the Power of the Buy Box

May 1, 2024 Amazon Buy Box Eligibility: Boost Your Sales Potential on the Marketplace

Amazon is the best place to bargain as many sellers want to sell more and offer the lowest price compared to others.

Here is the amazon buy box eligibility, which defined the seller’s performance levels and fulfilled amazon’s performance-based requirements.

However, it does not take any charges to get Amazon buy box eligibility, but you must maintain your performance levels to hold the status.

Previously it was known as Amazon Featured Merchant status, which currently gains placement benefits for listing on the E-commerce platform.

However, it is a prodigious way to decrease friction while checking out and enhance sales by adding value to the customers.

If you don’t know how it works or the importance of having it, this article is for you.

What is an Amazon buy box?

The Amazon buy box feature simplifies customers’ purchasing activity by providing the “Buy Now” and “Add to Cart” button, which reduces the lengthy process that customers need to learn.

The section page where you can see these options while clicking on the product details page is called Buy Box.

When the buyer tries to buy through this page, amazon will show the seller who has the highest rank.

On the other hand, we can say that the seller who won the bid and ranked first will get more sales.

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Amazon Buy Box Eligibility:

 With amazon buy box eligibility status, sellers get placement advantages to listing their products on Amazon.

However, the global e-commerce brand already confirmed if you are Amazon Buy Box eligible status, that does not mean you will win the Amazon Buy Box.

Each professional seller account can rank first on Amazon buy box.

If you have an individual seller account, you can’t win. That means a professional account is necessary to win the bid.

You can get a professional account by paying $39.99 every month.

💡Note: Used products are not eligible to win the amazon buy box; only new products can do it.

It would be best if you also had the Inventory; either it will rotate to another seller.

So there are four things you have to remember,

Mastering the Amazon Buy Box: Strategies for E-commerce Success

Importance of buy box status:

More than 83% of purchases came through the amazon buy box, a precious spot that impacts profitability, mainly for mobile selling, as it only displays the winner’s name.

It is important for all sellers to understand the buy box strategy for certain products.

When a customer wants to buy something, Amazon displays the product with a high-performance seller and has the lowest price.

So we can say that it has a great impact on sellers’ conversions. The seller will switch in the box if there are several high-ranked professional sellers for the same product.

Thus, winning the amazon buy box will increase your sales. If your listing doesn’t have the buy box, customers will get “see all buying options” instead.

Pricing myths:

Many people think that only price determines who wins Amazon Buy Box.

That couldn’t be further from the truth. Price is one of the crucial factors that Amazon’s algorithm takes into account when awarding a Buy Box.

Competitive prices are very important in e-commerce, but they are not the individual factor that drives customers to make a purchase.

How does buy box work?

Most Amazon users buy from this section. When customers click the “Buy Now” option, the seller who meets the standards and bargains to the customer the best deal will appear as the primary option.

Remember that Amazon is Earth’s most customer-centric company. It may be relatively easy to meet the amazon Buy Box eligibility criteria.

If your ad gets 100 hits and your product version is observed 60 times, your box rate is 60%.

It has more than a single retailer with a similar item at a similar price and parameters – unlikely as it may appear – the percentage of the package purchase will be split between them.

Winning the buy box means:

  • Boost in sales
  • Build PPC campaigns to gain more visibility.
  • Improvement in customer experience to improve repurchase rates.

Amazon Buy Box Eligibility criteria:

One of the most important criteria for Amazon boy box eligibility is seller performance.

That means the seller should meet high standards and excelled in various qualifying areas.

Here are some metrics which can improve seller performance.

Accurate listing:

you must follow the proper listing such as a title, description, categorization, and item conditions so that the customer will not get confused.

On-Time Shipping:

Sending orders on time and meeting all expected delivery dates, particularly during the holiday season, is key to achieving high ratings and qualifying for Buy Box status.

To be eligible, a seller confirms the delivery address to avoid disappointment and possible cancellation of the order. Maintaining contact with the buyer is essential for deadlines.

Accurate Shipping:

It is important to provide the correct item to the customer.

Communication with buyers:

Communicating with the buyer throughout the procedure is the best way for the seller to build and earn the trust of the buyers.

Notify customers of changes to their orders, particularly if the product is overdue for some reason.

If you are a new seller, you can sell your products through FBA, which gives you a speedy way to become eligible.

However, if the seller thinks they have fulfilled all the criteria but still are not eligible, they can reach seller support to request their status.

How to check Amazon Buy Box Eligibility?

If you want to check your Amazon Buy Box Eligibility, you can follow the below steps:

Step 1: visit amazon seller central and click on the inventory tab, then choose to manage Inventory.

Step 2: Click on the preferences tab.

Step 3: above all the options, choose Buy Box Eligible.

Step 4: you can see a drop-down menu; choose “Show When Available” from them.

Step 5: if you are eligible, you can see the option “Yes”; if you are not, you see the “No” option.

💡Note: Buy Box Eligibility varies over the products; not all products sellers are eligible.

Best ways to win Buy Box on Amazon

After having a professional account, an immaculate customer experience increases the chances of winning the Buy Box.

As we know, Amazon is World’s most customer-centric company.

Thus they always want to provide the best customer satisfaction. So, let’s check how you can win the Buy Box:

Maintain Inventory:

If you have short of Inventory or do not have sufficient Inventory to fulfill customer demands, Amazon never allows you to win the Buy Box. So always check your Inventory so that whenever there is a demand, you can fulfill it.

Go for an Amazon FBA:

There is always an advantage for FBA sellers when it comes to winning the Buy Box.

Amazon manages customer service, packaging, and Shipping for FBA sellers. And their products are also eligible for prime, which ensures quick Delivery.

If you are an FBM seller, you also can win the buy box, but it will become easy with FBA. However, it depends on the business model you have.

If you are not an FBA seller, you can be qualified for prime as well through SEP, but the thing is, not every seller can be eligible for the Seller-fulfilled Prime program. You should have a good sales record and a decent seller ranking.

Shipping Time:

When it comes to fast Delivery, amazon prime crossed all boundaries by delivering products before the expected time.

That’s why amazon always goes with those sellers who offer the fastest Delivery.

There are four shipping times such as:

  • 0-2 days
  • 3-7 days
  • 8-13 days
  • More than 14 days.

Product Pricing:

Amazon always values its customers’ needs and wants to provide incomparable products at affordable prices.

However, customers always love competitive pricing. Thus, product pricing takes a great impact on winning the Buy Box.

If you offer a cheaper price than your competitors, you increase your chances of winning.

But that does not mean you sell the product at a low price where your margin is zero or negative.

If you respond well to other factors, you can sell your products at a higher price and still win the Buy Box.

Seller rating:

At Amazon, every seller gets a rating in the range of 0-100. Chances of winning increase when you have a good rating.

This rating depends on several factors, such as shopper response time, A-Z claims, order cancellations, and customer feedback.

Most importantly, you should ensure that the order defect rate will not exceed 1%. If it is crossed, you should give a penalty.

Seller ratings also depend on the time you take to resolve customer queries.

If you take more than usual, the customer can give you negative feedback, which can impact your chances.  

Seller experience:

Unfortunately, it is an indicator that you can’t control. Experienced sellers have a benefit over new ones, but it’s not an insuperable advantage.

With great sales and true pricing strategies, new sellers become your toughest competitors.

How AMZ Prep helps you to win the Amazon Buy Box:

AMZ Prep is one of the best Amazon fulfillment services which helps you to win the buy box and increase your sales on Amazon.

They take care of your performance variables:

Fulfillment Method: FBA products have more chances than FBM products to win the buy box.

Late Shipment Rate: AMZ Prep provides low late shipment rates to their FBA sellers, which also ideals customer satisfaction.

Fast Shipping: when you join as an FBA seller, you will get Amazon prime delivery which ensures your Delivery within 2 days.

Tracking Rate: AMZ prep provides valid tracking information to all FBA orders.

On-Time Delivery: your customers get their products on time which increases your customer satisfaction.

Final Words:

One of the myths about Amazon Buy Box eligibility is that the less product pricing you offer, the chances of winning the Buy Box increase. But that does not mean you offer the price where your margin is negative, and the quality of the product is low. It can affect your customer satisfaction as well as seller ratings.

If you want to win the Buy Box, you should ensure your product quality and offer the most competitive price. Through price optimization, product price and your profit will enhance the chances when your competitor does not have enough Inventory. In simple words, we can say that when you satisfy your customers, you will win the Buy Box.


Questions About
Amazon Buy Box

Why Buy Box is important?

Buy Box is playing a vital role in selling your products on Amazon. It helps to increase your sales. Most of the customers buy products directly from the buy now section so if you win the Buy Box, customers will buy your products.

Does every product have a buy box?

No, not every product has a buy box on Amazon. There are some circumstances such as if a product is offered by a single seller, Amazon won’t provide a Buy Box for that particular product. 

At which time there is no buy box?

There are few situations where you cannot see a Buy Box. If the listing was defeated for pricing difficulties, You won’t be able to see a Buy Box.

How do I win the Buy Box on Amazon?

There are so many ways to win the Buy Box such as:

  • Maintain Inventory
  • Good Shipping time
  • competitive product pricing
  • outsource your inventory to an FBA
  • Improve your seller rating 

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