Tendered for Delivery Made Easy: Top most tendered to delivery service provider in 2023

May 7, 2024 Top Delivery Service Providers Tendered for Delivery in 2023

As an e-commerce business owner, it becomes stressful to see shipments taking longer than usual.

Here the delivery management comes in, you can check every part of the delivery status. Tendered for delivery is one of those most confusing delivery statuses. 

The logistics industry in the United States is known worldwide for its quality of service, speed, and efficiency.

However, that doesn’t mean they’re flawless.

Often customers encounter various issues, and one of the most common is receiving strange notifications.

One example that confuses customers waiting for their order is a bid for a delivery service.

What is the meaning of tendered for delivery?

When a package is given the status “tendered for delivery,” the package is handed over to the carrier during the final stage of transportation.

The courier then delivers the package to the final delivery address.

 Freight carriers like DHLFedEx, and UPS typically work with a contractor as an e-commerce delivery partner to leverage their large fleet of consumer deliveries when they don’t have the time or resources to complete a last-mile delivery.

 This process allows for greater efficiency and faster delivery, even for land transport.

A contractor (usually USPS or another postal service) prepares and delivers the package to the customer’s home. 

Top 5 tendered for delivery service provider:

An image listing top 5 tendered for delivery service providers.

There are so many tendered for delivery service provider companies, but the best ones are:


Currently, FedEx rarely, if ever, turns packages over to the USPS for final delivery.

With FedEx, shipments may be handled by a non-FedEx carrier for final delivery, so you may receive this message.

When you receive this notification, your package is about to be delivered, and your customer can expect to receive their order within 2-5 days.

In the past, they did this with a mailing service called FedEx SmartPost.


UPS is one of the most common services that mark packages as “deliverables.”

This is because they have an entire shipping class called UPS SurePost that USPS uses for last-mile delivery.

For UPS SurePost packages, UPS handles most deliveries. However, in the final stage, the package is handed over to USPS, which handles the final delivery.

UPS often works with subcontractors like USPS, who specialize in home delivery to deliver their packages to the end customer.

Receipt of this notification indicates that UPS has delivered the package to the last-mile carrier.

After receiving the package, it will be delivered to the customer within 2-5 days.


Like FedEx, USPS does not deliver packages to other carriers.

The only exception is if you accidentally drop a USPS or FedEx package into one of their containers.

Since USPS still delivers to all addresses, there is no reason to give the package to another company.

With a massive fleet and resources available, USPS typically handles consumer packages through to final delivery.

However, if this is not possible, he hands over the package to the subcontractor, who then hands over the package to the end customer.

When you receive a notification from USPS, you can expect your order to be delivered within the next 3-7 business days.

Sometimes packages can get stuck in this state for over 7 business days.

In this case, it is best to report a missing item through the USPS website or contact the last-mile carrier.


The China-based company takes 3-5 business days to deliver the products.

Because the company is based in China, it relies on other international contract delivery services like USPS to handle final delivery to countries like the United States.

If you see this notification, 4PX has shipped your package to USPS or another carrier and will be delivered shortly.

They lack the resources and infrastructure to do this themselves.


DHL handles far fewer shipments to the US than the other carriers on this list.

Receipt of this notification indicates that DHL has sent the package to a contractor for final delivery.

Nationwide, customers typically receive their orders within 2-3 days after their packages are handed over to the carrier.

Even after receiving this notification, international shipments may take customers a little longer to receive their orders.

Although DHL is the world’s leading courier company, Supply Chain Dive estimates that DHL accounts for less than 1% of shipments to the US.

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How to manage package delivery?

To better understand how the “available for delivery” status fits into the bigger picture when packages are transferred from one carrier to another, it is important to understand how the entire package delivery process works.

 Here are the four main stages of the delivery process. 

Packing & loading:

After an order is placed and in stock, it is prepared for shipment to the customer.

This step is for completion and includes most shipping and handling costs.

Warehouse employees select the ordered goods and start the packing process.

You choose the perfect box for the product based on its size.

This is a crucial step as it avoids packaging waste and allows the item to be transported safely.

Select shipping carrier:

Once the packages are in the hands of the selected carrier, they will be shipped to the next destination using the appropriate mode of transport.

Express shipments to more distant destinations are often sent by air freight.

Land transporters are used for local deliveries.

Packages sometimes pass through multiple sorting centers and cities to reach their final destination as the carrier optimizes routes, so multiple packages travel together to the same locations. 

Last mile delivery transfer:

If the selected carrier does not undertake 100% delivery, the package will be handed over to a subcontractor for last-mile delivery and given the status of the Delivery Contract.

This phase “tendered for delivery” usually occurs when packages are very close to the delivery destination.

Package delivery:

Finally, the packages are prepared for final delivery to the customer.

The courier preparation process involves strategic planning of the delivery route.

How to deal with tendered for delivery package?

The ” tendered for delivery” status is a normal stage in the delivery process that does not require any action.

There is only a need for action if the condition remains unchanged for an unusually long time (e.g., after several weeks).

View the typical delivery schedule for a package after receiving the Delivery Quote Sent notification.

If your schedule is long behind and the status remains unchanged, you can follow the steps below to fix the problem.

Contact the shipping partner:

The original supplier may no longer track your shipment’s movement or see its status but may be able to connect you to a new supplier.

The first thing you can do is contact them and tell them about your problem.

Closest to you, they have information about your package.

Go to the nearest post office:

For “tendered for delivery” packages within the United States, USPS generally handles last-mile delivery, so you should check with your local post office for information about your package.

If not, you must officially report the missing package so the supplier can find a solution.

How to reduce packages that are tendered for delivery?

Although the procurement contract status is perfectly normal (and used for more deliveries than you might think), e-commerce businesses can avoid it as there is a higher risk of delays or lost packages.

However, it may incur the cost of using a higher standard shipping service that does not change the last-mile carrier.

Companies can benefit from faster shipping by skipping contractor delivery processes, eliminating multiple steps in the delivery process, and receiving the package directly from the original shipping partner.

By following the below points, you can reduce the chances;

Plan in advance:

Due to increased demand, the carrier’s services become more congested during peak periods.

As a result, parcels are more likely to be delivered by a subcontractor to relieve the courier service.

It is, therefore, important to plan for peak shipping times by working with an experienced logistics partner who uses multiple shipping partners and allows for different shipping services as part of larger contingency plans. 

Choose consistent shipping carriers:

Make sure you compare different courier companies carefully and find one that offers different shipping options at competitive prices.

Vehicle fleet and delivery infrastructure must be taken into account here.

Make sure you work with carriers (many of them) who have the resources to manage the shipping and delivery process based on volume flows and flows.

Consider industry ratings and reputation to gauge the quality of their service.

Choosing a supplier with quality services will help you avoid problems like delays, damage, and lost packages.

Choose fast shipping options:

With this option, orders are usually delivered directly from the supplier without the involvement of third parties.

Because packages take less time to ship, there is also less chance of lost or damaged items in transit.

Also, expedited shipping can be difficult, another way to reduce your risk is to work with an omnichannel partner to handle fulfillment and shipping on your behalf.

How long does tendered delivery take?

Tendered for delivery means the item is in the final stages of the shipping process.

In other words, it’s on its way to your location.

Although it is impossible to give a specific time for the arrival of the package, it takes at least two days to arrive.

Depending on the shipment, reaching your home or business location may take several hours to several weeks.

How does it affect the delivery?

  • First of all, it may take a little longer to get there.

Since the package has to be handed over to another courier, this will cause another delay as this is another step in the process.

USPS must pick up the package, scan it, and adjust it for future delivery routes.

As a result services like UPS SurePost have slower delivery times, and packages handed off to another carrier are usually not ones that should arrive quickly anyway.

  • The second notable difference is that the package can be delivered to your mailbox, not your home.


Related to Tendered for Delivery

How can I track a package that has been tendered for delivery?

You can track a package that has been tendered for delivery by using the tracking number provided by the delivery service provider. This will allow you to monitor the package’s progress and estimated delivery date.

What should I do if my package is delayed after being tendered for delivery?

If your package is delayed after being tendered for delivery, you should contact the delivery service provider to inquire about the delay and determine the reason. You may also be able to request updates on the package’s status

Can I change the delivery address for a package that has already been tendered for delivery?

It may be possible to change the delivery address for a package that has been tendered for delivery, but this will depend on the policies of the delivery service provider and the stage of the delivery process. You should contact the provider as soon as possible to request a change in delivery address.

What happens if a package is lost or damaged after being tendered for delivery?

If a package is lost or damaged after being tendered for delivery, you should contact the delivery service provider to report the issue and request assistance. The provider may offer compensation or other options to resolve the situation.

How do I tender a package for delivery?

You can tender a package for delivery by preparing it for shipment, selecting a delivery service provider, and either dropping it off at a drop-off location or scheduling a pick-up.

Can I request special delivery instructions after my package has been tendered for delivery?

It depends on the delivery service provider and their policies. Some providers may allow you to request special delivery instructions, while others may not. It’s best to contact the provider as soon as possible to check if any changes can be made.

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