How to Become Best at Amazon Affiliate Marketing In Just 5 Steps

November 6, 2023 How to Become Best at Amazon Affiliate Marketing

Monetizing your website or blog can be easy with the “Amazon Associates” or Amazon Affiliate program. 

You can place Amazon affiliate links on your site by signing up and receiving immediate approval. 

When a visitor uses one of your links to make an Amazon purchase, you get paid. It’s a simple method for making money.

Let’s now see how you may begin.

An extensive, step-by-step tutorial on how to become best at Amazon affiliate marketing is provided below, along with useful screenshots.

This article will be an excellent place to start, whether you want to establish your own business, are doing so, or are just looking for a side gig.

What is the Amazon Affiliate Program?

One of the largest affiliate programmes in the world, the Amazon Affiliate Programme has over 900,000 associates.

This program lets you monetize your website traffic or social media channels by showcasing Amazon products.

Beyond the revenue-generating aspect, it grants access to many Amazon products you can feature and promote on your site.

Moreover, the program offers valuable tools for creating customized links tailored to your preferences, along with detailed reports that provide insights into your visitors’ behaviors and the performance of your links.

How Amazon affiliate works?

Upon signing up for the Amazon affiliate program, you will get a unique tracking ID, typically in the format of “your name-20.”

This tracking ID can be appended to any Amazon product URL to generate your affiliate link. For instance, a regular Amazon product URL like can be transformed into

You will receive an extra commission on any sales made on Amazon within 24 hours of someone clicking on your affiliate link.

The best part is that the purchased item can be something other than your recommended. Even if you direct them to a kitchen knife and they buy a tennis racket, you still receive a commission.

Additionally, you are paid a commission on every item they buy, including the tennis racket, kitchen knife, and other things.

This element helps the affiliate program’s appeal.

Since Amazon sells such a wide variety of goods, it is normal to receive commissions for products you may not have realized existed.

Who become best at Amazon affiliate marketing?

Become best at Amazon affiliate marketing is straightforward, and you can join the program regardless of location.

However, you need a valid platform to promote Amazon’s products to be eligible. Three options for joining are website, social media, and app. Let’s explore each of these options:


Promoting products on your website is the most common method to become best at Amazon affiliate marketing.

Amazon Associates requires your website to meet specific criteria, including having robust original content, recent updates within the past ~60 days, and acceptable content that adheres to legal guidelines. 

Social media:

In addition to having a website, Amazon Associates also accepts promotion through various social networks, including Facebook (public group or fan/business page), Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, TikTok, and Twitch. Tv.

If you apply with a social media profile, your page should be established and have a decent number of organic followers. Amazon recommends having at least 500 organic followers, although this requirement may vary.


Alternatively, you can apply as an Amazon affiliate with a mobile app, provided that it meets the mobile application policy. This means the app should be free to download and available through official app stores such as Google Play, Apple, or Amazon.

Following these guidelines, you can become best at Amazon affiliate marketing and begin monetizing your platform through product promotions.

How much can you earn to become best at Amazon affiliate marketing?

The number and engagement of an Amazon affiliate marketer’s audience, the caliber of their content, and their online marketing efforts are just a few of the variables that affect their revenue.

Amazon affiliate marketers typically make $55,434 a year.

It’s crucial to remember, though, that according to recent research, some affiliate marketers might make less than $20,000 per year, while others could earn millions in a single year.

The potential earnings for affiliates in the Amazon Associates program can vary significantly depending on various factors. When starting, it’s natural for your payouts to be less substantial.

However, the average pay range for Amazon Associates provides ample opportunities to increase your affiliate revenue gradually over time.

To determine how much money you can make from your marketing efforts, it is advisable to familiarize yourself with the commission rates for each product category.

By understanding these rates, you can calculate your potential earnings. While the commission rate plays a crucial role in your payments as an Amazon affiliate, it is equally important to improve your conversion rate to maximize your overall revenue.

How to become best at Amazon affiliate marketing: 5 Easy Steps:

Before applying to the Amazon affiliate program, it is essential to have a live website and establish a strong personal brand. This involves selecting colors, creating a logo, and writing blog articles that align with your niche. Additionally, having an active website increases your chances of being accepted into the program.

A different option is to create an Amazon affiliate program account for your YouTube channel or mobile application.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to joining the Amazon affiliate program:

Sign Up for the Amazon Affiliate Program:

  • Visit the Amazon Associates home page and select your language and location.
  • Click the yellow Sign Up button.
  • Create a new one or Sign in with your existing Amazon account.

Enter Your Personal Details and Website Address:

Sign Up for the Amazon Affiliate Program:
  • Provide and confirm your details, including your name, address, and mobile phone number.
  • Choose the primary contact for the account and select the payee option.
  • Add the web addresses where you promote Amazon products, such as websites, blogs, YouTube channels, and mobile apps.

Build Your Profile:

Step-by-Step Guide: How to Create an Amazon Associates Account

Select Your Payment Preferences:

  • Review the information provided and read the Associates Program Operating Agreement.
  • Submit your application and confirm your payment preferences and tax information (optional at this stage).

Start Generating Your Affiliate Links:

  • After your application is submitted, you’ll receive confirmation and instructions.
  • Identify yourself as an Amazon Associate and include a disclaimer on your website to comply with program guidelines.
  • Visit the Amazon Associates home page to search for products and track your performance.
  • Generate your first affiliate link by searching for a product, selecting the appropriate display option, and obtaining the HTML code or link.

Remember that Amazon will review your application once you’ve made your first sale through your website, and at least three sales are required within 180 days to maintain your membership. Also, ensure you comply with Amazon’s guidelines regarding disclosure and disclaimers to avoid any issues.

As an Amazon affiliate, you can start promoting products and earning commissions through your affiliate links.

Create the link to become best at Amazon affiliate marketing:

Amazon has implemented stringent policies governing affiliate links. To facilitate affiliates, the platform provides a selection of Product linking tools.

Product Link Tool

This tool allows you to generate text or image links.

To utilize the Product Link Tool:

  • Access your Associates Central dashboard and navigate to the Product Linking tab.
  • From the menu, select “Product Links.”
  • Assign an Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASID) to each item.
  • Click the “Go” button to obtain a new affiliate link.
  • Alternatively, click “Get link” to create an image-only URL and explore additional options.

Banner Creation Tool

The Banner Creation Tool is designed to design captivating banners to promote Amazon products and exclusive deals.

To access the Banner Creation Tool:

Site Stripe

Among the toolbox options, many Amazon affiliate marketers consider the Site Stripe tool the most user-friendly since it enables affiliates to construct links directly from an Amazon page.

To utilize the Site Stripe tool:

  • Go to Associates Central.
  • Select “Site Stripe” from the Tools section.
  • Read the brief description and click the “Learn More” button to unlock the display settings window.
  • Toggle the switch to “Enable” to activate the Site Stripe functionality.

Terms & Conditions to become best at Amazon affiliate marketing:

Become Amazon Associate offers an excellent opportunity to monetize your passion projects or earn additional income from your brand.

However, there are specific requirements and guidelines set by Amazon that you should be aware of before getting started.

One crucial need is to have a website that features original content and is easily accessible to the public.

Amazon has established several rules that associates must follow to ensure ethical promotion and prevent any attempts to manipulate the system.

Please comply with these guidelines to avoid being banned from the program. Here are some key points to remember:

  • Disclose your potential earnings from recommendations on your website or in your communications.
  • Avoid offering recommendations that are inaccurate or deceptive.
  • Ensure that your website does not contain inappropriate or unsuitable content.
  • Refrain from mentioning prices (with a few exceptions) as they frequently change.
  • Do not use Amazon affiliate links in offline promotions, eBooks, or emails.
  • Avoid using link shorteners for your affiliate links.

[Free Guide]

How to Choose a 3PL for Your Amazon Business

Once you sign up as an associate, there are additional requirements to consider during the application review process.

Amazon expects new affiliates to generate at least three sales within 180 days. The Associate’s team also evaluates websites, mobile apps, and social network accounts to ensure consistent, fresh, original content that adds value to Amazon customers.

For detailed information, you can read Amazon’s complete policy and review the operating agreement for associates to understand all the requirements.

It’s important to note that while Amazon’s affiliate program is top-rated and the largest affiliate marketing network worldwide, with over 900,000 affiliates as of 2021, other affiliate programs are available.

If you don’t qualify to become Amazon Associate, exploring alternative affiliate programs is worth exploring.

Best strategies to become best at Amazon affiliate marketing:

Success is subjective, with different individuals having varying definitions and goals. Whether earning $1,000 or $10,000 per month, the steps to success in affiliate marketing remain the same. Here are the key steps to follow:

Choose a niche:

  • Find something you’re interested in to stay motivated.
  • Check the commission rates offered by Amazon for different product categories.
  • Consider product prices, aiming for a balance between profitability and conversion rates.
  • Estimate the required traffic based on your financial goals.

Conduct keyword research:

  • Use tools like Ahrefs Keywords Explorer to find relevant keywords.
  • Focus on product roundup, product review, and blog post keywords.
  • Analyze search volumes, keyword difficulty, and relevance to your niche.
  • Create a list of 20-50 profitable keywords.

Create the right kind of content:

  • Identify the best products based on Amazon and top-ranking pages for product roundups.
  • Understand what attributes and information potential buyers care about.
  • Conduct thorough research, including testing products if possible.
  • Write informative, well-structured content using a consistent format.

Drive traffic through SEO:

  • Develop content hubs with interlinked product roundups and reviews.
  • Build quality backlinks to your money pages through outreach and pitching.
  • Focus on improving click through rates and user trust.

Drive clicks to affiliate links:

  • Place recommendation tables prominently in your content.
  • Use attention-grabbing Amazon links.
  • Establish trust and credibility with your audience.

Remember, success in affiliate marketing requires continuous learning, adaptation, and dedication. Keep refining your strategies and content to optimize your results.


Becoming an Amazon affiliate unlocks income-earning potential for your website. You earn credit for sales you generate and even for other products purchased through your link. Despite reduced commissions, the Amazon Associates program remains highly popular. Follow the steps in this article to get started. To maintain your status, adhere to the program’s rules. Use an Amazon affiliate plugin to quickly integrate affiliate links and accurate product information.


Questions About
Amazon Affiliate Program

Is there a quota I should meet?

There is no specific quota or minimum requirement that you need to meet as an Amazon affiliate. The earnings you generate through the program depend on the traffic and sales generated from your website or referral links. The more successful your promotional efforts drive sales, the higher your earnings potential. To increase your affiliate profits, it’s critical to concentrate on producing high-quality content, successfully marketing items, and engaging your audience.

You can use your links on multiple websites or social media channels you manage. Amazon allows affiliates to promote their affiliate links across various platforms as long as they comply with the program’s policies and guidelines. You can use your unique affiliate links on different websites or share them on your social media channels to earn commissions from qualifying purchases made through those links. Just follow the rules and best practices of the Amazon Associates program to maintain your affiliate status.

What can I market as an Amazon Affiliate?

As an Amazon affiliate, you have a wide range of products that you can market and promote to earn commissions. Amazon offers a wide range of goods in several categories, including electronics, clothing, books, cosmetic items, home goods, and more.

You can choose products that are appropriate for your website or social media channel’s niche and target market.


Additionally, you may advertise Amazon’s premium services like Amazon Prime, Amazon Audible, and Amazon Kindle Unlimited. These programs provide unique customer benefits and can be attractive options for earning affiliate commissions.


It’s important to note that certain restrictions on promoting specific products or using certain trademarks may be, so it’s advisable to review Amazon’s guidelines and policies to ensure compliance.

What goods I may advertise as an Amazon affiliate? Are there any limitations?

Even though Amazon has a huge selection of goods to advertise, there can be certain limitations on some goods or trademarked things. When choosing items to advertise, it is important to examine Amazon’s rules and regulations to guarantee compliance.

How can I monitor my success and revenue as an Amazon affiliate?

You may monitor your revenue, clicks, conversion rates, and other performance indicators using the affiliate dashboard that Amazon offers. You may analyse and improve your affiliate marketing strategy by using the dashboard’s extensive reports.

how to sign up for Amazon affiliate program?

To sign up for the Amazon affiliate program (Amazon Associates):

  • Go to
  • Click “Join Now for Free” and create a new account or sign in.
  • Provide your account information and website/app details.
  • Choose a store ID for your unique tracking ID.
  • Describe your traffic generation and monetization methods.
  • Verify your phone number.
  • Read and agree to the Operating Agreement.
  • Complete the tax information and select your payment method.
  • Receive a confirmation email.
  • Log in to your Amazon Associates account and start using affiliate links.

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