Enhance Amazon Sales with Captivating 3D Visuals: Revealing the Advantages

February 28, 2024 How to Enhance Amazon Sales with 3D Content

In the current competitive e-commerce environment, embracing advanced technologies is crucial for staying ahead and improving the customer experience. 3D content is gaining momentum as a vital technology in this landscape.

This guide will illustrate the significance of incorporating 3D content into your Amazon listings. This will explain the fundamentals of getting started with 3D, finding a 3D content creator, options for mobile 3D scanning, Amazon’s 3D experiences, and the benefits of using 3D content.

Quick Guide

  1. Why should you integrate 3D into your Amazon listings?
  2. Begin using 3D technology
  3. Locate a skilled 3D content creator
  4. Perform 3D scanning on mobile devices
  5. Explore Amazon’s 3D features
  6. Additional advantages of 3D integration

Why should you integrate 3D into your Amazon listings?

Customers today crave richer, more immersive experiences when shopping online. You can use 3D content to try on shoes or eyewear, see products in your space, and look at items from different angles.

Data from US programs on Amazon shows significant increases in customer engagement and conversion rates when 3D content is utilized.

  • The number of customers who viewed augmented reality (AR) products at Amazon increased by 8 times from 2018 to 2022.
  • In 2022, customers who use AR Virtual Try-On or View in 3D buttons for products with AR capabilities have experienced a significant 2X increase in purchase conversion.
  • 94% of surveyed Amazon customers want to use the Virtual Try-On feature again. This is based on a survey of over 2,000 customers in 2022.
  • Enabling the View in Your Room feature on an Amazon product listing has resulted in an average increase of 9% in sales.
  • While these results from Amazon are impressive, it’s important to remember that they don’t guarantee future performance based on past results.

Note: Amazon doesn’t promise future performance based on past results.

Begin using 3D technology

Identifying applicable products and finding a content creator are the initial steps to integrating 3D content into your listings.

Amazon provides resources and directories to help you navigate this process efficiently.

Locate a skilled 3D content creator

Amazon has pre-vetted content creators who can assist you in creating and uploading 3D content that meets the platform’s standards. These creators offer various services tailored to your needs and product specifications.

Perform 3D scanning on mobile devices

For US-based third-party sellers, Amazon offers a mobile 3D scanning option through the Amazon Seller app. This feature allows you to create 3D models of your products quickly and at no additional cost.

How to add 3D images on amazon using mobile app

3D Scanning is supported for iOS devices with iOS 15.5 or newer to 3rd party US sellers, in the Amazon Seller app, with the app language set to English

Explore Amazon’s 3D features

After uploading your 3D assets, they can improve customer experiences on Amazon by enabling virtual try-ons, 3D product viewing, previewing products in their own space, and creating virtual showrooms.

step by step walk through screen for adding 3d images visuals

By submitting 3D assets to your listings, you open up a whole new world of customer experiences. These assets have the potential to enhance your products and captivate your audience. Check product availability on help pages in Seller Central or Vendor Central for maximum exposure.

Take advantage of this opportunity to outshine your competitors and offer an amazing shopping experience to your customers.

Additional advantages of 3D integration

3D Content can not only enhance product listings but also save money on product photography, streamline marketing material creation, and offer opportunities for creating animations and interactive content.

  • By using 3D product images early on, you can differentiate yourself from competitors who only use 2D images. This is crucial due to the large number of products on Amazon, and it helps attract more customers and build brand credibility.
  • Engaging visuals capture attention and persuade customers to learn more about your product. 3D images allow you to highlight unique features, making the product more appealing and increasing the chances of conversion.
  • Accurate representations of your products through 3D images set realistic expectations for customers. By allowing them to interact virtually with the product, you minimize misunderstandings and disappointment upon delivery, reducing returns and improving customer satisfaction.
  • 3D product images provide a more immersive and interactive experience for online customers. They help customers make informed purchasing decisions and reduce post-purchase disappointment. This improves their shopping experience, builds trust, and leads to higher engagement, conversion rates, and repeat purchases.

Lastly, 3D product images can be used beyond Amazon listings. They can be incorporated into online brochures, other e-commerce websites, and social media channels to improve marketing efforts and drive conversions.

In conclusion, integrating 3D content into your Amazon listings has the power to captivate customers, boost engagement, and drive sales. By using this advanced technology, sellers can give shoppers a better shopping experience and make their products stand out in the online market. Amazon sellers can use 3D content to improve their chances of success and growth in e-commerce. This can be done by offering virtual try-ons, 360-degree product views, and virtual showrooms.

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