Top 5 Amazon FBA Prep Centers in 2023

November 26, 2023 The image is of Amazon FBA Prep center where a worker inside a warehouse operating a forklift.


Amazon FBA Prep center helps you to make your business more effective and reduce your workload.

If you ship your products by yourself, there are many challenges, like cash flow, tough competition, inventory expectations, packaging restrictions, and high Amazon charges.

That’s why many sellers outsource their ship and prep to 3PL providers.

FBA Prep services are the best option to ship your inventory
effectively with fewer costs.

This article will tell you about the top 5 Amazon FBA Prep center. Don’t miss out!

With over ten years of expertise in the field, we have learned a lot about the top-performing Amazon FBA prep centres and who is lagging behind.

What is an Amazon FBA Prep Center?

An Amazon FBA prep center is one service that accepts and prepares the seller’s inventory and then ships those inventories to Amazon’s fulfillment center on your behalf. 

They handle everything possible for you, such as bubble wrapping, labeling, packaging, bagging and shipping. 

Moreover, FBA prep is different, not only throwing the products into a package and shipping them to the courier.


Major benefits of using FBA prep services:

There are so many benefits of using an Amazon FBA prep center, such as:

Saves your time:

By giving the time-consuming shipping process for outsourcing to an Amazon FBA Prep center, you save time so that you can focus on other things, including sourcing new items. 

A good business scale:

When you have enough time, you can focus on other aspects, such as finding profitable items to sell and selling your E-commerce Business. In one word, we can say that you can give your time to those aspects which mean the most to grow your business. 

Get rid of warehouse spaces:

When you run a business on an e-commerce platform, especially on Amazon, you have to deal with loads of inventory.

An Amazon FBA prep center allows you to free up spaces by storing your inventory at their warehouses. 

Increase Amazon’s profit margin:

An Amazon FBA prep service can increase your profit margin as they are experts in this field.

They understand better how you can cut turnaround times and increase production. With Amazon prep centers, you provide more services to your customers. 

Save in-order packing supplies:

You must maintain proper shipping and packing if you ship your inventory by itself.

And for this, you need a stable supply of packaging tape, shipping boxes, shipping labels, packing materials, and more.


You don’t have to purchase expensive equipment when outsourcing your products through an Amazon FBA prep center.

Extravagant turnaround time:

Prep centers provide 1-2 days turnaround times to live your inventory for sale, which is a fast process. When working with an Amazon FBA prep center, it won’t take that much time to sell your products, especially when you have a lot of products. 

Save on tax:

There are many FBA Prep centers in such states where you don’t have to pay any sales taxes. You can use their address to ship your products and save more money.

Bundle products:

When you are selling bundled products, it becomes difficult to package them together. Amazon Prep centers ensure your inventory is labeled properly and packaged together.

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How to Choose a 3PL for Your Amazon Business

How does the Amazon FBA prep center work?

Outsourcing your prep to any enthusiastic third-party service can reduce your workload. They will check whether your product is ready and take care of deadlines. 

Amazon Prep services handle many works, including drip-feeding products to the warehouse, climate control storage, removal orders, etc. Here are the steps on how they work:


One of the major reasons for using an FBA is they store your products at their fulfillment center.

When choosing a PPC, you should keep some details in your head, such as the center should have sufficient loading docks (minimum 8), forklifts for accepting and uploading the inventory, and huge space (minimum 80000 square feet). And also make sure the company can fulfill your needs during peak times.


When shipping your products, you have to check them properly so that it meets your expectations.

So that after reaching amazon, there will not be any inspection issues. FBA Prep centers look after this so that you will not face any difficulties


FBA prep companies also store your inventory in their warehouses. 

While storing your inventory, get clarity with the prep company regarding the climate control situations you need. 


Prep companies package your inventories according to your needs and specialize your projects. 


After packaging, they label your inventory as they have a good knowledge of labeling necessities. In one word, we can say that an FBA service reduces your workload. 


After labeling your inventory, they shipped your inventory to Amazon. They also have a tracking system so that you can track your inventory step-by-step.

Cost of Amazon Prep services:

Each prep company has a different pricing system; however, the average price is $1-2 per unit. It depends on the product size and volume. If the product is lighter and smaller, you have to pay less. It also varies on the prep category.

Prep category(per unit fee)




Fragile- bubble wrap and labeling




Perforated packaging- bagging and labeling



$0.70 to $1.25

Powders, granular and pallets



$0.70 to $1.25

Adult- bagging and labeling




Small-bagging and labeling




Sharp- bubble wrap and labeling




Baby products- bagging and labeling



$0.70 to $1.25

Textiles, plush, fabric, and apparel



$0.70 to $1.25

How to find an FBA prep center:

Before choosing an amazon prep center, you should research those centers.

To choose a trustworthy and reputable prep center with a good track record, you should consider several things to determine which prep center is perfect for your requirements. 


Location facility is the first and most important factor you must check while choosing an FBA center.

The best center is in major urban areas with a large population, making it easy for shoppers and customers to discover them.

You must also ensure the prep company is closer to major transport links, including ports, highways, or airports. 


Reputation is the only way to determine if the prep service is trustworthy.

If you see so many complaints about their service, it would be better if you switch to another company.

You can also check whether they have authority licenses with compliance regulations and requirements for shipping inventory. 

When you choose a company, please check if they meet the following points:

  • If they will share resources or tracking updates
  • Relationship with Amazon
  • Check if they can fulfill your demand on time.


Some companies offer flat rates, and some take charges according to the unit number and other factors.

The pricing system depends on several factors, and every company has different pricing systems.

So when choosing a prep company, make sure it is value for money. If the cost is too much, it is better to switch to another company. 


Experience plays a big role in every business. The more experience you have, the better service you provide. An amazon prep with excellent expertise can entice loyal customers and help you to grow your business.

Turnaround time:

A prep center takes 1 day to 1 month to develop your products.

It depends on the service and the organization.

You should balance expenses against speed and how it impacts inventory if it’s an imported product.  

Many Prep companies provide a 1-2 days Turnaround (TAT), while some services take unnecessary time to package your products.

So when choosing a prep company, please check their TAT. 

Business size:

If you are running a small business, it will be better to go with a small FBA Prep company.

However, they are large enough to store your inventory in their warehouse. And most importantly, it won’t charge you huge money. 

Customer satisfaction:

Customer satisfaction is one of the major factors in choosing a prep service. When the company has good customer feedback, they fulfill your demands on time. 

Top 5 Amazon FBA Prep Centers in 2023:

List of Top 5 Amazon FBA Prep Centers to Streamline Fulfillment Process of Ecommerce Businesses.

Choosing the Amazon FBA Prep Center is very important as you depend on them.

You should check their previous track record, reviews, and company details. Here are a few Amazon FBA Prep centers with their details.

AMZ Prep- The Best FBA Prep center:

AMZ Prep is one the best Amazon prep centers, trusted by tons of merchants and brands to ship goods everywhere.

They will help you intentionally manage and split your inventory to decrease transit time and shipping costs. They offer

Systemise Fulfillment:

In 2017 Kylie Thomas and Kev Blackburn established systemized fulfillment. Since then, the company has shipped more than 500,000 units worldwide. They provide:

  • Store your inventory at their warehouses.
  • Provide inventory management system
  • Provide quality control systems
  • Provide free consultation call
  • Protect your products

McKenzie Services:

In 2011, McKenzie Services started to offer prep services to sellers. They provide every service, such as inspection, labeling, processing, prep, and storage. The core values of this company are:

  • Excellence service provider
  • Improve continuously
  • Work as a team player
  • Considerate of others.


MyFBAPrep is one of the biggest prep service centers with the most loyal customers.

They will ensure your products are prepared and meet amazon requirements. It has decades of experience in customer service, account management, and logistics. 

Services provided by the company:

  • Cold storage
  • Kitting and bundling
  • Labeling and stickering
  • Polybagging
  • Dunnage
  • Custom packaging, and so on.

ZON Prep:

Zon Prep is a 20-year-old amazon prep center located in Georgia. They will help integrate your account and manage inventory, generate shipping labels, and check that you will meet all the requirements. 

Services provided by the company:

  • Receiving
  • FNSKU labeling
  • Packaging 
  • Polybagging

Amazon prep centers near me:

If you want to find the nearest prep center, you can simply search on Google Amazon prep centers near me and also turn on the location. Google automatically detects your location and will give you the result of the nearest one. 

How AMZ Prep helps you to enhance your e-commerce business to the next level:

AMZ Prep is one of the best Amazon FBA Prep centers in 2023. They not only help you to ship your inventory but also enhance your e-commerce business. Prep time is less than 24 hours; thus you will also improve your customer satisfaction. 

Hassle-free services:

You will get world-class fulfillment services, including FNSKU labeling, case forwarding, and shipping management.

Fulfillment becomes easy:

With AMZ Prep, fulfillment becomes easy as they first connect seller central, store FBA Inventory, then send to Amazon warehouses, and at the end, examine global scale. 

FBM Solutions:

Determine sales, and shipping costs and increase FBA inventory with FBM services.


It’s like an investment to outsource your inventory through a prep center. When choosing a prep company, ensure the company has relevant experience with several business types like the product category, selling volume, etc. We at AMZ Prep are willing to help you to reduce your workload and give you proper satisfaction. 


Questions about
Amazon FBA Prep Centers

What are the services provided by FBA prep?

FBA prep services refer to the activities that are carried out to prepare products for shipment to Amazon’s fulfillment centers. These services may vary depending on the specific FBA prep provider, but generally include the following:

  • product inspection,

  •  packing,

  •  shipping, and 

  • inventory management.

Overall, FBA prep services are designed to help sellers streamline their operations and ensure that their products meet Amazon’s standards for quality and condition.


Why use an Amazon Prep center?

There are lots of benefits of using an FBA Prep, such as


  • saves your money as well as your time

  • reduce workload

  • scale your business

  • get rid of warehouse spaces

  • increase Amazon profit margins


Overall, using an Amazon prep center can help sellers streamline their operations, save time and resources, and ensure that their products meet Amazon’s standards for quality and condition.

What to look for in an amazon prep center?

You have to keep some things in your mind while choosing a prep FBA such as;


  • location

  • turnaround time

  • pricing

  • service offered

  • hidden charges

  • Capacity

  • Customer service

Overall, selecting the right Amazon prep center can be a critical decision for your business, and it’s important to consider all of these factors carefully before making a choice.


By choosing a reputable and experienced prep center that meets your business needs, you can streamline your operations, save time and resources, and ensure that your products meet Amazon’s standards for quality and condition.

Can prep centers store sellers' products?

Some Amazon prep centers do offer storage services for sellers’ products, but this may not be the case for all prep centers. It’s important to check with the specific prep center you’re considering to see what storage options they offer.

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