Top 13 Best Amazon FBA Prep Centers

May 1, 2024 Top 13 Best Amazon FBA Prep Centers

Amazon FBA can be hard. Thousands of sellers choose to partner with 3PLs to run their businesses as efficiently as possible.

With so much demand from sellers, there are hundreds of 3PLs in North America alone.

In this article we’ll tell you about the best Amazon FBA prep centers. Stay tuned!

We’ve been in the business for almost 10 years now, so we have a thing or two to say about the best Amazon FBA prep centers in our space, and a bit about who isn’t quite there yet.What is an Amazon prep Center?

Now, let’s start off with a pretty straightforward answer. An Amazon prep center is a service that can help you get your products ready for sale on Amazon.

This may include tasks such as packaging, labeling, and shipping your products to Amazon’s warehouses.

If you’re selling products on Amazon, you’ll need to make sure that they are properly prepared and meet all of Amazon’s guidelines.

Using a prep center can save you time and ensure that your products are correctly prepared before they are sent to Amazon, helping avoid costly mistakes and fines.

There are many different prep centers available, so it’s important to choose one that will best suit your needs.

In today’s article, we are going to tell you about the top 13 Amazon prep centers, and what you need to know to partner with one that is right for your business.

Why do you need a prep center?

There are several reasons why you may need to use a prep center.

A Great Option for New Sellers 

If you’re new to selling on Amazon, a prep center can be a great way to get started.

They can help you with all the necessary steps to get your products ready for sale.

This can be a time-saving measure, as prepping products for Amazon can be a complex and time-consuming process.

Worry-Free Special Handling

Another reason to use a prep center is if you’re selling products that require special handling or preparation.

For example, if you’re selling food items, they will need to be properly packaged and labeled before they can be sent to Amazon.

Prep centers can handle this for you so that you don’t have to worry about it.

Prep centers can also help with a variety of speciality services, kitting, bundling and custom packing requests.

If you have any FNSKUs, certain Amazon prep centers can help pack and ship your products effortlessly.

Packing made Easy

Getting into the nitty gritty, a great Amazon Prep can offer a variety of packaging types.

Polybags, brown box or white boxes are examples of the most common type of packing options.

New or inexperienced sellers often have trouble dealing with packaging at scale.

This is due to the complexity and expense that results from sourcing packaging material and staff.

A prep center can take the complexity out of the process and offer cost-effective solutions for packing needs.

Save Time and Money on Shipping 

73% of North American shippers expect timely, affordable shipping options, but shipping is a major expense for a lot of Amazon businesses.

3PLs operate at a massive scale, allowing them to offer more affordable, fast shipping options.

What are prep services?

Prep services are integral to the success of an Amazon business.

When you send your products to an Amazon fulfillment center, they must be properly packaged, labeled, and have all required documentation attached.

Normally, this can be a complex and time-consuming process.

Using a prep service can save you a significant amount of time and ensure that your products meet all Amazon guidelines.

There are many different types of prep services available, so it’s important to choose one that will best suit your needs.

Remember: if you choose to go at it alone, mistakes can be incredibly costly, and repeated mistakes can result in your account being suspended.

How much is FBA prep?

FBA prep services typically charge by the item or by the volume (number of units) of products being prepped.

Prices can vary depending on the type of product and the level of service required.

Some prep centers may also charge storage fees if your products will be stored at their facility before being shipped to Amazon.

It’s important to check with the prep center to see what their pricing options are before using their services.

How do I choose best Amazon FBA prep centers for Amazon FBA?

Partnering with an Amazon prep center is a major decision, and you should be confident in your choice before you move forward.

We have included just a few of the important things to look for below:

Do they have enough Amazon experience? 

Amazon’s list of rules and regulations can be incredibly complex. The last thing you want is to sell a product, only to find out it doesn’t meet Amazon guidelines and compliances.

Can they do FBA and FBM at the same time? 

Whether you’re the one fulfilling the order or Amazon, no buyer likes to see that “Currently Unavailable” or “Out of Stock” sign.

Amazon FBA prep services are crucial for those orders Amazon fulfillment services are going to take care of.

Does it matter if they use software or excel sheets? 

Yes. Look for a company that has built out their own software, or is using a 3rd party solution.

Excel sheets are always a component of the business, but software helps to mitigate errors and ensure a smooth fulfillment experience.

Should I trust my Amazon FBA partner? 

Like any good relationship, your partnership with your FBA prep center needs to be built off of mutual trust and respect.

You want to look for a prep center who has your best interests in mind, and who will actively work to improve your business.

Does warehouse space matter? 

In this case, size really does matter. In general, the more warehouse space that your FBA prep center has, the better they will be able to handle your inventory during peak shipping periods.

Many FBA prep centers with large amounts of warehouse space will also have advanced shipping tools and more experienced staff.

This will help you get your products to consumers more seamlessly than a smaller vendor.

What is their turnaround time? 

Returns are pretty common in the eCommerce industry, unnecessary complications shouldn’t be.

In 95% of cases, your 3PL company should be able to process the returns within 48-72 hours, otherwise, they have an issue in their reverse logistics processes.

Can they offer multi channel fulfillment? 

Whether you’re the one fulfilling the order or Amazon, no buyer likes to see that “Currently Unavailable” or “Out of Stock” sign.

Amazon FBA prep services are crucial for those orders Amazon fulfillment services are going to take care of.

What other capabilities do they offer? 

A great fulfillment partner will have a lot of bandwidth and offer a variety of capabilities.

Look out for their ability to do OAwholesale, retail arbitrage and private labeling.

Still wondering about what to look for? You can find dozens of resources from AMZ Prep here.

The Ultimate List of Best Amazon FBA Prep Centers:

And now, what you’ve been waiting for: the ultimate list of best Amazon Prep Centers.

We have been in the space for almost a decade, so we know what we are talking about.

If you are looking to find the right Amazon prep center for your business, look no further than our list below:


AMZ Prep Logo

If you are looking for a full-service FBA partner with a global reach, look no further than AMZ Prep.

AMZ Prep is an extremely popular 3PL company, and they are one of Canada’s largest Amazon-focused 3PLs backed by a solid, experienced team.

With the ability to integrate with and manage all of your ecommerce channels, AMZ Prep is a phenomenal choice for any company that wants a seamless, efficient fulfillment experience for a reasonable price.

Out of all of the companies on this list, AMZ Prep offers the most comprehensive list of services, which are all outlined below.

They have a great track record of success, with a 99.95% fulfillment accuracy rate and an average of 0.82 days to receive customer inventory.

Company DescriptionEstablished Canadian player with a global reach and customer-focused mentality. Deep connections around the world with a heavy presence in North America. Dozens of customer testimonials and success stories
Prep Time24-48 hours 
Warehouse Size5,250,000+ square feet12+ Warehouses
LocationTorontoVancouver Calgary OhioNevada California New York ColoradoFloridaTexas United KingdomDubai 
Major ServicesAmazon FBA Preparation
Amazon FNSKU Labeling
Amazon FBM fulfillment
Bundling & Poly Bagging
Website Order Fulfillment
Amazon FBM Services
Amazon LTL ShippingKitting & Assembly
3PL Warehousing & Storage
FBA Prep eCommerce Fulfillment
International Amazon Freight Shipping
Amazon Vendor Fulfillment
Amazon FBM Fulfillment Service
Seller Fulfillment Prime (SFP)
Pricing $0.50-$1.25 per item FBA Prep 
HighlightsMultiple warehouses across Canada and the USA.Ability for FBA Prep, FBM, and eCommerce Fulfillment.
Dedicated Slack Channel for communication
Cloud-based FBA Prep platform
12+ warehousesFastest-growing company in North America
#1 Prep Center voted globally
Works with over 2000+ sellers

Some other benefits: 
Weekly or bi-weekly check-in calls.
AMZ Prep ensures professional packaging, Amazon compliance, and quality control for time-saving and reliable FBA prepA cost-effective third-party solution, AMZ Prep aids in business scalability, efficient inventory management, and bulk shipping discountsWith AMZ Prep, simplify international shipping, customize services, access customer support, and streamline returns processingEnjoy flexibility in handling various products and rely on AMZ Prep for documentation management in international shipments

Unlock Efficiency with a Best-in-Class Amazon FBA Prep Solution

2. Zon Prep

Based in Georgia, Zon Prep is a 20-year old medium sized Amazon-focused 3PL that operates primarily within the US.

With your permission, they can integrate with your Amazon account and update your inventory, generate/print shipping labels, and ensure consistency across your Amazon business – freeing up even more of your time.

They offer three major services:

  • Receiving / Inspection
  • FNSKU Labeling
  • If needed: poly bags & expiration labels compliant to Amazon policies

Zon Prep boasts an amazing 99.9% accuracy rate with millions of units shipped. They are focused primarily on Amazon bound freight, but can help with omni-channel eCommerce shipping.

Company DescriptionEstablished player with 20 years of experience in the FBA industry, based in the US. Ran by current FBA sellers. Affordable pricing with no BS contracts, great for any businesses in the Georgia area looking for a fulfillment partner.
Prep Time48-72 hours
Warehouse Size90,000 sqft
LocationBased in Georgia
Major ServicesReceiving / Inspection FNSKU Labeling if needed: poly bags & expiration labels compliant to Amazon policies
Pricing Quote-based pricing, see their page here!
HighlightsAffordable pricing Climate controlled warehouse, Veteran FBA sellers, Fully-dedicated support,  Fully-customized packaging & labeling, Integrated software Receiving & inspection

3. YYZ Prep

yyz prep center

Billed as the “make everything as easy as possible” fulfillment partner, YYZ Prep is a Toronto-based Amazon fulfillment partner that seeks to make your life as easy as possible.

They focus on both and fulfillment, and have a solid amount of experience sending products across the border in North America.

They are located close to multiple Amazon FC’s in GTA, and only an hour away from the border for US drop-offs.

YYZ Prep has a robust LTL business that can help with all of the key components of large scale, cross-border shipping, and are located strategically to make the process as easy as possible.

Company Description“A prep center that really makes your life easier.” YYZ Prep is a medium sized player in the Canadian fulfillment space. Their team of experts specializes in making shipping as simple and straightforward as possible.
Prep Time24 to 38 hours
Warehouse SizeNot listed
LocationBased in the GTA
Major ServicesFBA Full Prep Service for, FBA Full Service Prep for, LTL Shipment Handling for Amazon.cae, Commerce Fulfillment Services for FBM Carton Forwarding,  Removal Order Consolidation (temporarily suspended),  Refund Inspection & Reshipment, Long term storage (temporarily suspended),  Drip Feeding Into Amazon (.ca/.com)
Pricing Domestic: $0.69 to $1.20 per order. International: $2.69 to $3.59 per order. See their full pricing list here.
HighlightsNo confusing spreadsheets, No communication delays, No nickel and diming every expense, Close to multiple Amazon FC’s in GTA, and only an hour away from the border for US drop-offs, No minimum units per shipment, The best LTL rates, cheaper SPD rates as we’re close to multiple FC’s, and super-competitive prep fees (without the nickel and diming)

4. LBOE Prep

lboe preperation centers

LBOE Prep is a smaller 3rd party logistics provider and Amazon prep center that specializes in Amazon FBA Prep and other e-commerce distribution.

Unlike other fulfillment companies, they don’t charge by the hour, making their pricing model clear and concise.

They promote themselves as an efficient, cost-effective partner that will help your business grow.

We don’t charge by the hour like so many other fulfillment companies. You know exactly what you will pay for every item prepped before it hits our warehouse.

You’ll also save more money per unit the more your business grows.

Company DescriptionLBOE Prep is a 3rd party logistics provider and Amazon prep center that specializes in Amazon FBA Prep and other e-commerce distribution. They work with sellers to help them grow their business by taking fulfillment issues off their hands.
Prep TimeNot listed
Warehouse SizeNot listed
Major ServicesAmazon FBA Prep Multi Channel Fulfillment DTC / Merchant Fulfilled Orders Case Forwarding Warehouse StorageCustom Requests
Pricing $0.75 to $1.75 per unit. Full price list here.
HighlightsShipment processing through either Seller Central under a sub-account or through Inventory Lab No monthly minimum, but order volume minimum of 50 You know exactly what you will pay for every item prepped before it hits their warehouse

5. PrepFBA

Prep FBA

A smaller FBA-focused player located in California, PrepFBA is a local player who can handle most Amazon-focused activities.

They pride themselves on their inspection, labeling and fulfillment processes, aiming to make your FBA experience as streamlined and efficient as possible.

Unlike some of the other companies on this list, they do actually offer a range of consulting services like photography – meaning that they can be your one stop shop for Amazon services.

Company DescriptionLocal player in California helping with domestic US shipments for Amazon FBA. Stays away from omnichannel ecommerce services, but can offer in depth support for basic FBA processes.
Prep TimeNot listed
Warehouse SizeNot listed
Major ServicesMultipack/ Bundling, FNSKU LabelingFNSKU/ UPC Attached, Pick Pack Fulfillment
Pricing Varies depending on type, between $0.35 and $4.00. Full list here.
HighlightsAffordable local player focusing on the essentials range of Consulting-like services if you need help with Amazon listings

6. California FBA Prep Service

california fba prep serice

Similar to PrepFBA, California FBA Prep Service is a smaller, local player with an experienced team behind them.

They focus on the “meat and potatoes” of FBA – labeling, picking, packing and shipping.

Their warehouse-style allows them to offer other services like palletization and label removal.

One of the best features of California FBA Prep is their small, yet experienced and responsive team. They are a true small business and understand the challenges of selling through FBA.

Their overall goal is to become your “shipping department,” taking the workload off of you and outsourcing it to their competent team.

As sellers on Amazon since 2006 in the media category, they know how important it is to the bottom line to get your items to Amazon as quickly and accurately as possible. They’ll leverage their experience and know-how and work alongside you to help grow your business.
Not listed
Not listed
Shipping prepStorage ArbitrageBox forwardingPalletizingRemovals & reshipments
$1.00 to $2.75 per unit. Full pricing here.
Limited amount of free storage depending on the service you choose Basic company that excels with FBA No-frills approach with affordable pricingResponsive, small team Good amount of experience in the Amazon space

7. Prep It! Pack It! Ship It! 

preperation center list

Old school time. Prep It! Pack It! Ship It! was one of the first Amazon FBA fulfillment centers on the West Coast.

They have been in business for several years and have loads of experience with Amazon FBA.

Much like some of the smaller companies on this list, they choose to focus on the basics of FBA – if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right?

They also dabble in Shopify and Walmart fulfillment, and are more sophisticated than your typical prep center.

Instead of offering strictly FBA, they aim to completely replace your logistics operation with omni-channel fulfillment to a dozen different platforms.

If you are looking for a great partner in California, these guys are it.

Company DescriptionPrep It Pack It Ship It was one of the very first Amazon FBA prep and ship companies on the west coast. They’ve seen it all and they’ve done it all. There’s nothing they don’t know about prepping and shipping your inventory in the most cost-effective, expedient way.
Prep TimeNot listed
Warehouse SizeNot listed
Major ServicesIndividual Order FulfillmentStorageMultipack or BundlingLabeling
Pricing $0.85 to $2.05 per unit depending on the characteristics. Pricing here.
HighlightsLocated in Southern California close to the largest west coast Port, major suppliers, and Amazon warehouses. Rapid turnaround, Online view of inventory and shipment activity, FBA and FBM services, Now Accepting New Accounts, Specialize in working with Private Label and Wholesale clients, Full range of Amazon and eCommerce prep and ship services

8. MyPrepCenter 


Centrally located in the midwest, MyPrepCenter is an established Amazon-focused 3PL that has been around since 2005.

They have the packaging expertise and experience to handle any size or quantity of items.

Their goal is to streamline the logistics experience to give you time back to focus on your business.

Despite having a smaller team, they pride themselves on being available by email or phone to answer any fulfillment questions.

MyPrepCenter offers custom quotes for specific packaging and preparation needs, and they aim to work with you to address your specific requirements.

Company DescriptionA smaller player in the industry, located in Michigan, MyPrepCenter seeks to be your fulfillment partner. They want to make your fulfillment process as easy and as outsourced as possible.
Prep Time24 to 48 hours
Warehouse SizeNot listed
Major ServicesIndividual Order Fulfillment or Bundling Labeling
Pricing $1.25 to $2.05 per unit. Full pricing available here.
HighlightsCentrally located in the Midwest Packaging expertise and experience to be able to handle any size or any quantity of items & Custom quotes for your specific packaging and preparation needs. Fast prep time (24 to 48 hours), Transparent pricing model that is all inclusive.

9. Prep Ninjas

prep ninjas

A relatively new entrant to the market in 2018, Prep Ninjas is a small family business that is built for Amazon sellers who are ready to scale.

They are a small, 5 person team operating out of a warehouse in Oregon. Their mission is to invite you into their family and treat you with kindness and integrity.

They proudly proclaim that they are not the cheapest, or fastest on the market, but they do care more than anyone else.

Now you may think, why would I want to partner with someone in Oregon?

Well, it is a sales tax-free state, meaning that you can save money upfront by avoiding taxes on your purchases.

They have a receiving charge for each package or pallet they receive.

This fee covers the cost of receiving, scanning, sorting, and handling the packages before being processed for FBA.

Company DescriptionA small, family run business with a small, but experienced crew. Their claim to fame is that they are made for Amazon sellers who are ready to scale. Prep Ninjas provides the support to grow your business by accurately and efficiently prepping and shipping your products.
Prep TimeNot listed
Warehouse SizeNot listed
Major ServicesFBA Prep for OA purchases FBA Prep for wholesale purchases
Pricing Varies by service.
HighlightsAmazing customer service, Trusted service partner for Small family business. They genuinely care about you and your business Partnership mentality. Great dashboard and UI on their shipping software.

10. Little Owl Prep

little owl prep

A unique niche player catering to the omni-channel Amazon shipper, Little Owl Prep uses their proprietary software to offer their customers a great shipping experience.

Their business is much more of a total logistics partner than it is an Amazon FBA fulfillment partner.

Little Owl aims to make your logistics department obsolete by taking over the bulk of your logistics operation. They have the capacity to work with Amazon, Walmart, and Shopify.

Based in Ohio, they have a strategic location in the central US which is great for any domestic shippers hoping to send their product across the country.

Despite having a robust software portal and a complete approach to logistics, they don’t yet offer any Amazon consulting services, and are more focused on the logistics side of the business.

Nevertheless, Little Owl can offer your business some big value.

Company DescriptionFulfillment by Owl (FBO) is another medium sized player. As a “one stop solution” for all things logistics, they seek to provide innovative services to help their customers grow their businesses. One of their key differentiators is a proprietary software that they use to offer their customers a great shipping experience.
Prep TimeNot listed
Warehouse SizeNot listed
Major ServicesStorage solutions Case forwarding, Amazon fba/walmart/deliverr item, Ecommerce fulfillment services, Book prep return services.
Pricing $1.25 to $3.00 per unit.
HighlightsCustom software Inventory management, Real time updates, Simple pricing, No hidden fees Can assist and handle returns from Amazon/Walmart/Shopify.

11. WestFBA 

west fba

Are you looking for a more internationally-focused Amazon FBA partner? WestFBA may be for you.

They offer cost-effective solutions for shippers who want to ship products from the US.

One of the unique features about these folks is that they are able to do large scale imports from China.

They offer container unloading services, meaning that you can buy products at scale and send them to your customers in the continental US.

While they do have pretty stringent monthly minimums, they are a great choice if you want to do large scale shipments.

If you are a California-based Amazon small business, these guys may be the partner that you are looking for.

Company DescriptionWestFBA offers Amazon FBA services from the USA to worldwide for users who need to import products to Amazon FBA. They claim to be the absolute best partner for large scale Amazon imports, and are one of the few players here that can handle FCL cargo for FBA and FBM injection.
Prep TimeNot listed
Warehouse SizeNot listed
Major ServicesFBA Prep and shipReceivingSorting & visual inspectionApplying FNSKU labels.Kitting / BundlingEcommerce fulfillmentB2C, B2B, and FBA shipmentsStorage and removalPhotography services
Pricing $0.75 to $3.00 per unit, see this link for more details.
HighlightsSome consulting capability if you need listings updated or changedSophisticated operation for international movements Medium sized team to help with issues and growth Focused on the domestic US market

12. Atlantic Fulfillment 

atlantic fulfillment preparation center

Another established player, Atlantic Fulfillment has been in the industry for just over 9 years.

In essence, they aim to streamline your business by making it unnecessary for you to handle inventory at all.

They will handle all of the tedious tasks – unpacking, checking for damage, labeling items, bundling them, bagging them, wrapping in bubble packaging, and boxing for shipment.

One thing to note about these folks is that they will not accept collect shipments, and they won’t pay duties, so you need to make sure that you get your product to them according to their specifications.

Company DescriptionWith a customized, turnkey solution for shipping, Atlantic fulfillment has been in the space for over nine years. They offer FBA and FBM fufillment and seek to be more of a fully integrated partner, effectively replacing your fulfillment team with their team and their software.
Prep Time72 to 96 hours
Warehouse SizeNot listed
LocationNorth Carolina
Major ServicesIndividual Order FulfillmentStorageMultipack or BundlingLabeling
Pricing $0.95 to $1.60, see this link for the full pricing breakdown.
HighlightsNo shipping plansNo long term contractsGreat pick and pack services Customer service portal for easy help and document uploadsHassle FreeOnly a $20 minimum per orderNo back and forth emailsOnly pay for the services that you use

13. Pacific Prep Services

pacific prep serices

Another Amazon-focused 3PL, Pacific Prep Services targets Amazon sellers who want to streamline their fulfillment process.

They are one of the few here who have a wealth of experience on eBay as well as Amazon, making them an ideal partner for anyone who would value that shared experience.

Like a few others on this list, Pacific Prep wants to become your logistics partner, taking your logistics department and outsourcing the responsibility completely.

With fair pricing, an experienced team, and a great location in the US, they are an ideal choice for anyone looking for a quality domestic partner for FBA shipments.

Company DescriptionPacific Prep Services is a full service prep and ship company located in
Tax Free Oregon, which is, well, the only tax free state on the West Coast.
They also seek to act as a fulfillment partner, effectively taking your fulfillment department to Oregon, freeing up more time in your day.
Prep TimeNot listed
Warehouse SizeNot listed
Major ServicesIndividual Order Fulfillment StorageMultipack or BundlingLabeling
Pricing Varies by project. Click here for OA rates, and here for wholesale rates.
HighlightsRobust customer portal for easy communication located in a sales-tax free state for cost savings

Final Thoughts

Finding the right Amazon 3PL partner for your business can be a difficult challenge. There are hundreds of companies in the space, and finding one that is a perfect fit for you can be a challenge.

If you make the choice to start exploring influencer marketing, consider looking at a trusted Canadian-based Amazon Consulting Agency that can help make the move as seamless as possible.

An excellent consultant will help you create a strategy that works for your business, and give you the confidence that you need to reach out to potential customers through the powerful tool that is social media.