Amazon FBA Repackaging Service: Scaling Your Business to New Heights

May 13, 2024 Illustration of an Amazon FBA Repackaging Service

Has Amazon rejected your products?

Are you Failing to maintain consistent quality?

Lots of repacking issues! Right?

When managing returns, global sellers confront more significant financial obstacles than typical.

Introducing the Amazon FBA repackaging service for your removal orders.

In September 2021, Amazon FBA introduced the repackaging service for their sellers, which used to be an option but mandatory now.

Because Amazon recently eliminated the 3PL ability to turn off the terrific “repackaging” for FBA returns.

If you are unaware of this or need to learn how to handle this situation, this article is for you.

This guide will discuss Amazon FBA repackaging service and their requirements.

Let’s dive in!

What is Amazon’s Repackaging service?

Amazon FBA Repackaging Service is a specialized service that helps sellers repackage their products for Amazon FBA. This service allows sellers to repackage their products to meet Amazon’s requirements and reduce shipping costs.

Amazon created the repacking service to handle client returns that couldn’t be sold. 

These goods are restored to sellable condition as part of the Amazon repackaging service. According to the updated refurbishing settings, FBA repackages your qualified client returns so they can be sold as brand-new.

The Amazon FBA repackaging service includes the following:

  • Items are taken out of their original packaging and put in new packaging.
  • Resizing and relabeling packaging to meet Amazon’s requirements 
  • Removing any unnecessary or outdated information from packaging 
  • Adding Amazon’s FBA label to the package 
  • Preparing and packing the product for shipment

Amazon FBA repackaging service Features:

Streamline Your Shipping Process

Amazon FBA repackaging service enables direct shipment of your products to Amazon’s Repackaging warehouse, resulting in significant time and cost savings. The experts handle the logistics while you concentrate on growing your business.

Optimize Packaging

Maximize the benefits of Amazon FBA repackaging service and reduce expenses on materials and shipping. Their expertise lies in repackaging products from smaller sizes into bulk packaging, meeting the rigorous standards set by Amazon’s FBA program.

Customize Your Presentation

Amazon’s personalized labeling and tailored packaging solutions stand out in a competitive market. Amazon repackaging service designs packaging that aligns with your brand identity while meeting your customers’ expectations.

Unleash Growth Potential

The dedicated team excels at adapting your products to any desired format, ensuring a seamless development process.

Importance of Amazon FBA repackaging service:

Professional Repackaging Services: Enhancing Product Presentation and Fulfillment Efficiency

Enhance Product Packaging Design

At its core, product packaging serves the purpose of safeguarding your goods.

 If you find yourself reading this article on “product repackaging,” it implies that your initial packaging was ineffective. Now, it’s crucial to reevaluate and redesign your packaging. 

Choosing the right repacking service depends on the nature of your product.

 For instance, fragile glass items require robust packaging, while flexible silicone products demand less. Understanding your product’s unique attributes is key. 

Tailor the inner packaging accordingly, and consider investing in sturdy inner kraft boxes to safeguard against any repackaging mishaps. This article delves into Amazon product packaging, returns, and repackaging.

Establish Brand Recognition

Furthermore, well-designed product packaging enables consumers to identify your brand swiftly. If your brand identity is strong, it should shine through. This applies even to the product listing photos on Amazon. 

Ensure that the buyer can glimpse the inner packaging in your listing. Doing so gives your customers a comprehensive understanding of their purchase and creates a solid foundation for brand recognition. Ultimately, packaging that is easily recognizable adds value to their decision-making process.

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Effective Marketing

Brand recognition is just the beginning. What exactly does your brand represent? What message does it convey? 

These are crucial questions that your packaging should address. The messaging can vary depending on your brand’s values. For instance, an eco-friendly product could utilize a kraft box with subtle ink, exuding an organic aesthetic. 

On the other hand, a computer product might require sleek and polished packaging. Marketing begins with the face of your product, so it’s vital to be intentional in your package design, ensuring it effectively communicates your brand’s essence.

Key benefits of Amazon FBA Repackaging Service:

Using an Amazon repackaging service can help you save time and money. It can also help you improve the customer experience by providing adequately labeled and packaged products. 

Here are some of the benefits of using Amazon FBA Repackaging Service:

  • Reduced shipping costs: By repackaging products, you can reduce shipping costs. This is especially useful for large items that require a lot of space.
  • Improved customer experience: Repackaging can make it easier for customers to unpack and use your products.
  • Meeting Amazon’s requirements: Repackaging can help ensure that your products meet Amazon’s rigid packaging and labeling requirements.

Product repackaging Requirements:

FBA Rejected Merchandise – Items sent to FBA from the supplier but refused due to packaging problems, incorrect labels, or preparation issues (please consult with a care representative for individual approval).

FBA Excess Inventory – Requesting Removal Orders to avoid incurring long-term storage fees or to fulfill labeling requirements.

FBA Return Management – Handling returned items from customers and coordinating removal orders as needed.

Prepare your Repackaging products: 

Private Label sellers generally face significant risks when shipping directly to Amazon. 

Since both the items and packaging might be damaged during transit, especially given the long travel from China, their products must undergo inspection before arriving at the FBA center. 

Damaged items are forbidden on Amazon, which may suspend your listing and demand you submit a full refund order. This may be due to several things, including

  • package damage,
  • product damage,
  • incorrectly labeled packing.

In the long run, most sellers prefer to use a 3PL prep center or a reputed repackaging provider rather than deal with the inconvenience of repackaging themselves. 

The stages involved for a seller in repackaging, which can be a complicated procedure, are as follows:

  • Recalled Goods
  • Receive returns at a Repackaging Company or at home.
  • Examine products, please
  • Find out how frequently the product fails.
  • Obtain fresh packaging, purchase the essential supplies
  • Get the supplies delivered to your house or a Repackaging Company.
  • Start repackaging products at a 3PL Prep Centre or at home.

Create and ready a package that will be delivered back to the fulfillment center of Amazon.

It is thus strongly advised to have your items checked at a 3PL or a trustworthy Amazon FBA repackaging service provider before shipping them to Amazon. 

Space out your product deliveries to Amazon is also a good idea. For Amazon sellers, putting their trust in a reliable 3PL or Repackaging Company like AMZ Prep may offer peace of mind.

They can manage returns, are experts in product repackaging, and even provide services like carton forwarding and storage. Feel free to contact us at AMZ Prep or your go-to repackaging business to take advantage of effective product repacking services.

Amazon FBA repackaging service: How it works?

Amazon Repackaging Service: Enhancing Product Presentation and Streamlining Fulfillment

 1. Make removal orders, then ship

As needed, create removal orders for Amazon FBA inventory, and send Amazon FBA returns to Amazon’s repackaging warehouse.

2. Perform an examination

It’s crucial to comprehend and abide by Amazon’s rules and regulations on product safety and compliance. We undertake checks for flaws and damage with a team of inspectors at shipping receipt. Our expert in product inspection will confirm the following:

  • Quantity
  • marking and labeling
  • (Product spec, PO, artwork, and accessories) packaging
  • Visual appeal (workmanship, product look)
  • Product details (weight, style, size, and colors)
  • All conceivable features and examinations (safety, printing, standards, etc.)
  • brings back certain checkpoints

 3. Repack the returns and upgrade them

Returns are repackaged and renovated following a manufacturing check to be marketed as new.

Repackaging is a messy process that may involve switching out the bubble wrap or poly bag for a new one or re-boxing the product. Repackaging poly bags and boxes, both branded and unbranded, is another option.

We can retape, reglue, and restaple boxes; remove the excess tape, non-product labels, and stickers; and re-box branded and unbranded corrugated boxes, depending on the item and inspection report.

 4. Resell

The returned goods are then resold after being repackaged and renovated on Amazon FBA or another marketplace of your choosing.

Categories of Repackaging products:

  • Home Renovation
  • Kitchen
  • Pet Supplies
  • Sports
  • Home
  • Office
  • Automotive
  • Camera
  • Wireless
  • Garden and Lawn
  • Supplies for Industry, Business, and Science
  • Musical apparatus
  • Shoes
  • Apparel
  • Fashion

Why Can Amazon FBA Repackaging Service not be Disabled?

According to reports, Amazon has recently made its Amazon Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) Repackaging service mandatory, shifting from an optional feature. This service aims to handle customer returns that are initially deemed unsellable. 

Through this repacking service, these returned products undergo refurbishment to restore them to a saleable condition. The updated refurbishment guidelines state that FBA repackages eligible customer returns, enabling them to be marketed as new items.

Since avoiding e-commerce returns is challenging, one practical approach is refurbishing unused products by replacing the packaging and restoring them to a new-like condition. Amazon may have implemented this service to reduce the sale of distressed goods through their Amazon Repackaging warehouse, particularly within the apparel market.

 In this market, customers often wear items once and then return them, posing a challenge. This situation could affect sellers if they receive complaints that items were used when they initially supplied them to Amazon. 

These items were subsequently sold, returned, repackaged, and sold again. Tracking which items have been returned and resold can be challenging for sellers. To address this, Amazon is creating new product pages with different ASINs to facilitate tracking of refurbished products.

Refurbishment services: know what it is:

Fortunately, sellers can disable Amazon’s new refurbishment services, which carry a higher risk level than repackaging. 

To protect your account and ensure customer satisfaction, it is strongly recommended to take action and disable this feature.

To disable the refurbishment services, follow these steps:

  • Go to your Amazon Seller Central account.
  • Navigate to the “Settings” section.
  • Find the “Fulfillment by Amazon” settings.
  • Under the “refurbishment settings” tab, click on “disable.”
The Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) Dashboard

By disabling this feature, you can avoid the potential pitfalls associated with refurbishment services and maintain the integrity of your business on Amazon.

  • Refurbishment services can include:
  • Boxes should be retaped, reglued, and restapled.
  • Taking off the extra tape, non-product labeling, and stickers
  • and re-boxing corrugated boxes with and without labels
  • Stains and odors may be eliminated from shoes and clothing by steaming.

Okay, my fellow sellers. Seriously? Have you read the most recent bullet? Did that give you the chills?

Go ahead and choose to use the refurbishing services if you want to put your account in danger. So please turn it off. Take control of your seller account and prioritize customer trust and satisfaction.

How much does Amazon FBA Repackaging Service cost?

Every eligible item in the category will be immediately repackaged and returned to stock as “New.”

The price of Amazon FBA repackaging service, when it becomes a ‘paid service,’ will range from $1.5 to $10 per product, depending on the size. Comparatively, the current Amazon return fee would be $0.5 for “small standard size” products less than 20 lbs. in weight and 18 x 14 x 8 inches in size.

 To avoid handling and packing fees for the return of the item (not to mention the actual cost of shipping the item back to the Amazon repackaging warehouse), the seller would pay Amazon an extra $1 to repack the item.

Where can I find Amazon FBA Repackaging Service?

To access Amazon FBA Repackaging Service, you can follow these steps:

  • Log in to Amazon Seller Central account at
  • From the homepage, go to the “Inventory” tab.
  • Under the “Inventory” dropdown menu, select “Manage FBA Shipments.”
  • On the “Manage FBA Shipments” page, click the “Repackaging” tab.

Here, you will find information and options related to Amazon FBA Repackaging Service, including guidelines, requirements, and fees.

However, many companies offer Amazon FBA Repackaging Services. You can find a list of services by searching online or contacting your local fulfillment center.

When researching services, comparing prices and reading reviews are essential to ensure you get a quality service. You should also consider the turnaround time for the project, as some services may take longer than others.

AMZ Prep helps you to start your Repackaging products business today!

Ensure your items arrive at their destination in optimal condition with the convenient and efficient Amazon repackaging services AMZ Prep offers.

 1. Inspection

Our thorough inspection guarantees that all products undergo stringent quality control measures, adhering to the highest packaging standards.

 2. Barcode-Scale

We provide customized barcode generation for your products, simplifying inventory management and facilitating seamless tracking.

 3. Amazon FBA repackaging service

We expertly repackage your products with meticulousness and precision to meet Amazon’s FBA packaging requirements.

 4. Kitting and Bundling

Through strategic kitting and bundling, we ensure your products are packaged to maximize the benefits of Amazon’s FBA bundling policy.

Why Choose AMZ Prep for your Amazon FBA repackaging service?

Tap into our professional packaging solutions!

Tailored to Your Needs

Have specific packaging requirements from your customers? We’ve got you covered! Our services are designed to help you meet those specific requirements by providing suitable packaging solutions.

Prevent Packaging Damage

Our high-quality repackaging services guarantee that any damaged boxes are promptly fixed or replaced, ensuring the integrity and security of your package during transportation.

Accurate Labeling Every Time

Are you concerned about label positioning, incorrect FNSKU numbers, or labels without a black space around the barcode? 

Don’t worry! We will rectify any labeling errors to ensure an accurate representation of your product.

Final Thoughts:

Amazon FBA Repackaging Service can help you reduce shipping costs and improve the customer experience. It can also help you meet Amazon’s strict requirements for packaging and labeling.

When selecting an Amazon repackaging service, it is essential to compare their costs and read reviews to ensure that you get a quality service. You should also consider the turnaround time for the project, as some services may take longer than others.


Questions About
Amazon FBA Repackaging Services

How does Amazon FBA Repackaging Service work?

When a customer returns a product, Amazon repackaging service refurbishes and repackages it. The item is inspected, any necessary repairs are made, and it is then repackaged to meet the requirements for sale as a new item.

How can I access Amazon FBA Repackaging Service?

To access Amazon FBA Repackaging Service, you need to be enrolled in Amazon’s FBA program. Once registered, you can find the service within your Seller Central account under the FBA inventory management section.

Can I track the repackaged items separately from the actual inventory?

Repackaged products generally receive various ASINs (Amazon Standard Identification Numbers) from the original inventory to be tracked independently. Better inventory management and visibility are made possible as a result.

What happens if there are issues with the Repackaging products or the repackaging process?

You should contact Amazon’s seller support for help if you need help with repackaged goods or the procedure. They can support you in addressing any worries or resolving any issues you might have.

What size are boxes for Amazon FBA?

Amazon FBA boxes come in a wide range of sizes depending on the items being transported. More emphasis is placed on robust materials, accurate labeling, and whether products can withstand “drop tests” regarding Amazon FBA criteria.

Do you require a certain number of orders per month?

It depends.
We value your business and like to make assessments on a case-by-case basis, so we can find the best fit for your requirements.
In most cases, if you’re doing over 100-200 orders per month on Amazon, you will qualify to use our Amazon FBA order fulfillment services. 


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