Shipping to Australia From USA With The Best USA Shipping Carriers

November 7, 2023 Cargo ships docked for shipping to Australia.

Australia is one of the largest e-commerce marketplaces in the world based on revenue.

If you want to grow sales, Australia is the best option to expand your business. 

However, it is not easy to serve Australian customers from the USA.

As Australia is remote, sea and air shipments take some time. Since there are lots of rules and regulations, shipping to Australia from USA can be error-prone, costly, and time-consuming. 

If you are running a small or mid-sized e-commerce business, shipping to Australia might be difficult for you as you have to maintain so many things.

While shipping, you have to understand delivery options, common transit times, rules & regulations. An international 3PL like AMZ Prep can help you to expand your business globally. 

Let’s check how shipping to Australia from USA can be done and how much to ship to Australia

What are the shipping methods to Australia from the USA?

There are two ways of shipping to Australia; one is by air, and the second one is by sea transport.

It depends on the amount and size of the package as well as the time frame. 

Shipping by air:

Air freight is the fastest way for shipping to Australia from USA, especially if you choose express shipping.

In general, the type of load, the size of the shipment, and the cost of ship from Usa to Australia plays a major role in transport.We ship large quantities.

There are two ways to ship your product by air: general and special cargo. 

General cargo by air:

In shipping to Australia service, you don’t need to provide special handling for safe transportation. The included items are:

  • Textiles
  • Dry goods
  • Hand tools
  • Home wares
  • Mechanical parts

Special cargo by air:

This shipping to Australia from USA service included some additional safety guidelines. The included items are:

  • Live animals
  • Time-sensitive goods
  • Wet Cargo
  • Dangerous goods
  • Temperature sensitive items 

Shipping to Australia by sea:

The type of company you use to handle your ocean freight will usually depend on the size of your shipment.

A post office or logistics company might make more sense if you only ship a few boxes or pallets.

If you ship sea containers, a freight forwarder or freight forwarder is probably a better option.

Factors affected shipping to Australia:

Shipping to Australia depends on several factors, such as;

A numbers of factors that affect shipping to Australia

Package Weight: 

The heavier and bulkier the package will take more charges for shipping to Australia.

You have to choose between an economical way and fast delivery. 

Package dimensions:

Your package dimension has a great impact on US to Australia shipping cost.

Shipments with uneven dimensions have extra charges added to US to Australia shipping cost.

Number of units:

The unit amount also has a great impact on the cost of ship from USA to Australia.

You will check costs through the shipping rate calculator. Every carrier provides this service. FedEx also offers discounts for bulk packages.


For weight less than 2kg, which ships within 2-5 days, it costs $72 per package. 

What is the cost of shipping products to Australia from the USA:

In this context, you may have the question how much is shipping to Australia?

The cost of ship from USA to Australia mainly depends on the carrier,service, weight and package size.

For example, shipping a $1 package from the US to Australia can cost as much as $10.

You will have to pay more for a larger package as there are some processing fees, taxes and duties included.

How long does it take to deliver shipments to Australia:

Shipping to Australia from USA takes an average of 2-6 days for expedited shipping and 7-10 days for economy shipping.

However, only mail and smaller envelopes can be shipped with expedited shipping.

Packages over 4 pounds are not eligible for expedited shipping and must be sent using another carrier, which takes even longer on average.

What are the restrictions on shipping to Australia:

Australia has strict rules and regulations about what can be shipped into the country.

In particular, they strictly prohibit the importation of goods that endanger public security.

They will also refuse agricultural imports that could introduce new pests.

 For example, Australian Customs protects the country’s agricultural industry and natural habitats by enforcing strict quarantine regulations.

The regulations are:

  • Agricultural products
  • Construction and mining machinery
  • Animals
  • Certain packaged foods

The below shipments have to be accompanied by special paperwork:

  • Drugs and steroids
  • Plants and animals
  • Weapons
  • Protected wildlife

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What are the required documents to ship to Australia:

While shipping to Australia from USA, you have to provide the below documents;

  • Customs entry
  • Air waybill
  • Import permit
  • Bill of lading
  • Invoice of the value of the packages

Taxes, tariffs and fees:

Under the Australian Free Trade Agreement (AUFTA), shipments are given special treatment in Australia. This agreement provides that all AUFTA goods shipped to Australia from the United States are duty-free.

Goods & Service Tax:

US to Australia shipping cost included some taxes as well.

GST, or Goods and Service tax, is the most common tax applied to ship products to Australia.

If the product cost is less than $1000, it is considered a low-value import. For these imports, GST is 10%. 

The below products are GST-free in Australia:

  • Food & Beverages
  • Medical services, appliances and aids
  • Educational materials
  • Car parts

Other taxes:

There are two other taxes besides GST; wine equalization and luxury car tax. You must pay these taxes for all imported wines and luxury cars.

Best US-based shipping carriers who ship to Australia:

There are so many shipping carriers shipping to Australia. But the best ones are USPSUPSDHL and FedEx


If your priority is cheaper shipping than quick delivery, USPS is your best option.

It offers affordable international shipping services, including shipping to Australia from USA.

Unlike other carriers, you only have to pay a flat fee that depends on the type of USPS mail and the weight of the package.

Dropping off packages is easy as you can leave them in your mailbox or go to your local post office.

A major disadvantage of using USPS for Australian shipments is that packages are handed over to Australia Post (Australia’s national postal service) upon arrival in Australia.

This means that the tracking number provided by USPS is no longer working, and you will have to wait for a new tracking number.

Due to the delivery process, the delivery will be extended by a few additional days. 

International Services provided by USPS:

  • Priority Mail International 
  • Priority Mail Express International 
  • First-Class International Service

UPS & FedEx:

UPS and FedEx are another affordable option for shipping to Australia from USA as they can deliver packages quickly and conveniently.

With promised delivery times, you can rest assured that your packages will arrive on time and your customers will be glad too. 

Unlike USPS, packages are followed from pickup to delivery via UPS and FedEx tracking systems.

You don’t have to worry about packages being delivered to Australia Post as UPS or FedEx always holds them, and no cases need to be changed.

Please note that UPS and FedEx can be more expensive when shipping packages over 10 pounds.

International Services provided by FedEx and UPS:

  • UPS worldwide saver
  • UPS Worldwide Expedited
  • FedEx International Economy
  • FedEx International Priority


DHL is ‘s main international carrier and a great option for shipping to Australia.

They have competitive prices compared to UPS or FedEx and offer the same delivery times.

If you are planning for shipping to Australia, consider DHL one of your first options when checking shipping prices.

DHL e-commerce also offers tracking and delivery confirmation, so you can keep your customers informed about the status of their shipments.

With DHL eCommerce, you can also benefit from customs clearance and fulfillment services, which can help to streamline your shipping process.

Asendia USA

Asendia USA is a specialist provider of international shipping solutions, offering a range of affordable options for shipping to Australia from USA.

They offer a range of services, including international mail, packet and parcel, and express delivery.

Asendia USA also offers tracking and delivery confirmation, as well as customs clearance services.

With their international expertise, they can help you to navigate the complex world of international shipping and ensure that your shipments arrive at their destination on time and in good condition.

Things to remember for small business shipping to Australia:

If you are running a small e-commerce business and want to expand your business to Australia, follow the basic rules.

  • Strict Customs
  • Free trade Agreement
  • Remote area surcharge
  • Delivery times

What is the cheapest way to ship to Australia:

A survey found that 27% of Australian consumers would avoid shopping online to save on shipping.

However, 42% of these consumers preferred to shop online for convenience.

Therefore, you can reach more target groups by reducing your shipping costs from us to Australia.

 Shipping platforms can help US sellers Reach Australian customers cheaper with UPS International with up to 86% off retail prices and up to 64% off DHL International Express shipping.

However, remember that inexpensive shipping is not always the right choice. In most cases, shipping times will be longer if you choose budget shipping options to save money.

Customers who want fast delivery of their orders are typically willing to pay extra for faster delivery.

Can I ship perfume to Australia?

Yes, perfume is a part of shipping to Australia, but it is important to be aware of certain restrictions and regulations.

According to the Australian government’s Department of Home Affairs, perfumes that contain alcohol can only be imported into Australia if they meet certain conditions.

These conditions include:

  • The perfume must be for personal use and not for resale.
  • The perfume must be in its original packaging and be clearly labeled with the brand name and type of fragrance.
  • The perfume must not exceed 70% alcohol content by volume.
  • The quantity of perfume must not exceed 250ml (8.45 fluid ounces) per parcel.

It is also important to note that some shipping carriers may have their own restrictions on shipping to Australia perfumes, so it is recommended to check with the carrier before sending any perfume to Australia and also check how much to ship to Australia.

Can I ship clothes and sports shoes to Australia?

Yes, you can ship clothes and sports shoes to Australia, it is still important to be aware of any regulations and requirements that may apply when shipping to Australia from USA. It is also recommended to declare all items accurately on the customs declaration form when shipping to Australia.

Final word:

Expanding your business to the next level is everyone’s dream. Shipping to Australia can be a way to do that. With this, you can ship any item to Australia at an affordable price. There are many affordable options for shipping to Australia from USA.


Questions About
Shipping costs from USA to Australia

How much is shipping to Australia?
Shipping costs from us to Australia vary depending on a number of factors, including the size, weight, and destination of the package, as well as the shipping carrier and service selected. 
Are there any additional fees or charges when shipping to Australia?
Yes, some additional charges are added into the cost of ship from USA to Australia, such as customs duties, taxes, and fees charged by the shipping carrier or delivery service. 
How can I reduce the cost of shipping to Australia?
There are a few ways to reduce the shipping costs from us to Australia, such as choosing a slower, economy shipping service, consolidating multiple packages into one shipment, and packing your items as efficiently as possible to reduce weight and size.
How long does it take for a package to be delivered to Australia?
Shipping to Australia varies depending on the shipping carrier and service selected, as well as the destination within Australia. Typically, standard postal service can take 1-3 weeks for delivery, while expedited courier service can take 2-5 business days for delivery.

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