Amazon Warehouse Deals: Your Guide to Unlock Savings

June 12, 2024 new amazon warehouse deals

Ever had a customer return an item and wonder what happens next? 

Did you know Amazon offers a program specifically designed to give those products a second life, all while creating new opportunities for your business? 

That’s the power of Amazon Warehouse Deals!

Just as happy customers are key to Amazon’s success, so are successful sellers. 

Amazon understands this two-way street, and Warehouse Deals is a prime example. 

This program helps sellers by giving their returned or excess inventory the opportunity to find new buyers, rather than just offering discounts to budget-minded shoppers.


This article dives deep into Amazon Warehouse Deals, explaining how it works, the advantages it offers sellers, and why it might be the perfect solution for some of your inventory challenges. 

So buckle up and get ready to discover how Warehouse Deals can become a supportive pillar for your success on Amazon.

You get to know:

  1. Amazon Warehouse Deals
  2. Reasons for products get dumped
  3. Product Categories on Amazon Warehouse Deals
  • Used-Like New
  • Used- Very Good
  • Used – Good
  • Used- Acceptable
  • Open Box Products
  1. Sellers Perspective
  2. Not only buyer (consumer)- oriented!
  3. Amazon Warehouse Deals: Supportive Platform for Sellers
  • Reduce losses by moving inventory
  • Dispose products and  get reimbursed
  • Motivates sellers to maintain product standards
  • Be alert on orders (color, model and precision)
  • Work for Quality Standards
  1. Process of Products listing on Amazon Warehouse Deals 
  2. Reimbursement Policy for FBA lost and damaged inventory
  3. Buyers Perspective
  4. Benefits to Buyers
  5. Return Policy for Products purchased from Amazon Warehouse Deals
  6. Final Thoughts

Amazon Warehouse Deals

From a brand perspective, Amazon Warehouse Deals is like a second chance marketplace for your products. It takes items that have been returned, come with slightly damaged packaging, or are simply overstocked and gives them a new lease on life at a discounted price. 

This means you can reimburse some of your investment on returned goods, free up valuable storage space, and potentially reach a whole new audience of bargain-hunting customers.

For buyers, Amazon Warehouse Deals is a storehouse of deals on a wide variety of products. You can find everything from electronics and appliances to clothes and furniture, all with significant savings compared to brand new items. 

The condition of the items varies, but Amazon clearly outlines any cosmetic damage or missing accessories, so you know exactly what you’re getting. 

This allows you to explore high-quality items at a fraction of the cost, perfect for those times you’re willing to forgo spotless packaging for a steeper discount.

Reasons for products get dumped

2024 warehouse view of amazon warehouse deals

There are many reasons why a product is listed on Amazon Warehouse Deals.

Warehouse damage is, indeed, the prevailing cause for items to be listed on Amazon Warehouse Deals. In such circumstances, the seller informs Amazon of their ability to dispose of the damaged item, and Amazon then offers reimbursement.

Amazon carefully examines the damaged item and, if it meets the requirements, makes it available for purchase through Amazon Warehouse Deals at a significantly reduced price.

After a comprehensive inspection, damaged items that meet Amazon’s evaluation standards get listed for sale on Amazon Warehouse Deals. Furthermore, items that were initially reported as lost but were later found after reimbursing the seller are also included in Amazon Warehouse Deals.

A customer returns an item to Amazon. The seller asks Amazon to dispose of the item. Amazon inspects the item to decide whether to resell it.

Sellers are refunded when an order is not fulfilled due to Amazon’s fault. In exchange, Amazon will take the product and decide whether to sell it on Amazon Warehouse Deals or not.

Product Categories on Amazon Warehouse Deals

On Amazon Warehouse Deals, you’ll find all sorts of interesting stuff, some in perfect shape and some a little worn. To help you know what you’re getting, Amazon gives each item a grade based on its condition. 

Here’s what those grades mean:

Used-Like New

This Amazon Warehouse product evaluation pertains to an item in perfect working condition, ensuring that it is fully functional and comes with all essential accessories. Please note that items categorized and labeled as “Used – Like New” may have some minor damage to their packaging.

how to buy amazon warehouse deals new update

Used- Very Good

Items that are still fully functional but have undergone limited use are given a “Used – Very Good” rating. It’s important to note that since these items have been previously used, it is possible for them to display minimal signs of wear, such as minor cosmetic imperfections. 

Regarding packaging, customers who purchase from Amazon Warehouse Deals can anticipate damaged or replaced packaging. 

Additionally, there is a chance that certain non-essential accessories might be missing, which is clearly indicated in the item’s description.

Used – Good

Items listed on Amazon Warehouse Deals with a “Used – Good” evaluation may exhibit some signs of wear from moderate use. However, rest assured that these items are still fully functional. 

Although they may have minor cosmetic damage, such as tiny scratches, their performance remains unaffected. 

Additionally, it’s important to note that products classified as “Used – Good” may have damaged packaging and could be missing certain valuable accessories. This means that buyers may need to purchase these accessories separately in order to fully utilize the item.

Used- Acceptable

Products marked as “Used – Acceptable” may show visible signs of wear and tear, yet they are still fully operational. 

When purchasing Amazon Warehouse items with this label, customers may receive them in damaged packaging or with repackaged materials. 

The question that often arises among shoppers is, “Can I return used items to Amazon?” This query holds particular significance when contemplating products of this nature.

These items might exhibit noteworthy cosmetic damages, such as scratches, dents, and worn corners. Additionally, “Used – Acceptable” items may be lacking crucial accessories, components, or spare parts.


This product evaluation pertains to items that are functional and appear to be brand new. Amazon or Amazon-qualified performance-managed suppliers thoroughly inspect and test these items. Customers can anticipate minimal to no visible cosmetic damage from these items when viewed from a distance of 12 inches.

Open Box Products

Open box products are items that have been returned for various reasons, not due to damage. This could include a customer opting for a different color or the product being used as a floor model for display. 

Upon return, these items are thoroughly tested and evaluated to guarantee that they perform just as well as their brand-new counterparts.

Before purchasing an open-box product, here are some factors you should take into account:

  • Return policy

The majority of open-box items are likely to be in good working condition. However, there might be a few exceptions. It is crucial to make sure that the item you purchase comes with a return policy. Thankfully, Amazon provides a convenient 30-day return policy, eliminating any concerns you may have in that regard.

  • Damage

You should carefully examine the pictures to ensure that the product is not damaged.

  • Accessories

Some open-box items may not include accessories, such as an instruction manual. 

Amazon thoroughly evaluates open-box products before selling them to consumers, ensuring that they are in excellent working condition.

Sellers Perspective

Not only buyer (consumer)- oriented! 

You may be curious about the advantages of having Amazon sell your company’s products. Sellers benefit indirectly from these deals since they are unable to sell directly through Amazon.

  • Amazon covers the delivery and shipment costs for sellers, which can be a significant benefit for small businesses and individuals selling products on the platform. This helps sellers save money and simplifies the process of getting their products to customers.
  • Amazon directly refunds customers and charges FBA sellers for storage and regular seller fees.
  • Sellers don’t need to send the products back to the manufacturer for repackaging. This saves money because the returned goods can be sold as second-hand products.

Consider the inconvenience it would cause sellers to have to retrieve their products from FBA centers, send them back to the packaging company, and then send them again to FBA centers.

However, Amazon helps sellers by preventing product returns through offerings such as discounted prices and compelling reasons for customers to choose specific products.

Customers willing to accept a damaged package are eager to take the risk of receiving a quality product.

Amazon Warehouse Deal Seller Account has a 78% positive rating, which shows that the majority of the customers ended up with quality products.

Amazon Warehouse Deals: Supportive Platform for Sellers

Amazon Warehouse Deals are a great deal for both you and your customers!  Shoppers can snag awesome discounts on quality products, even if the box might be a little beat up.  

As a seller, it’s a hassle-free way to move your brand-name items, but there are a few things to keep in mind to avoid any bumps in the road.

Reduce losses by moving inventory

Warehouse deals allow businesses to convert returned or overstocked items into cash, thereby freeing up storage space and minimizing losses. This can be incredibly beneficial for businesses operating on Amazon’s main page. 

Disposing of products and getting reimbursements

Consider Amazon’s disposal services for heavily damaged items that can’t be resold through Warehouse Deals. This way, you can recover some of your investment and make room for selling other items. It’s important to properly dispose of the damaged items to make way for new inventory and recoup some of the costs. 

Maintain product standards and packaging

Ensure the products are in good condition. Check the packaging for any damage. This reduces the chances of warehouse deals and lower profits. Quality control checks can prevent negative reviews and protect brand’s reputation.

Be alert on orders (color, model, and precision)

To avoid issues with warehouse deals, be extra careful with customer orders. Double-check all details to ensure they match what the customer requested. This will prevent returns and help you maintain control over your inventory and profits.

Did you know?
Amazon Sellers Central users cannot sell  on Amazon Warehouse Deals
All products returned on Amazon, are returned to FBA and not to the seller's inventory. 

Process of Products listing on Amazon Warehouse Deals 

Amazon handles damaged, returned, or refurbished warehouse products by including them in its own inventory.

If a customer returns a product and it passes Amazon’s 20-point quality test, Amazon keeps the item and issues a refund to the buyer.

Sellers with products being sold as warehouse deals are compensated under Amazon’s Lost & Damaged policy.

The company only compensates for products damaged or lost due to Amazon’s mistake. When there’s a manufacturing error, Amazon does not cover the production costs. 

Sellers get compensation for returns under the Lost & Damaged policy in specific ways.

Amazon compensates sellers for lost or damaged products in the following ways: 

  • By replacing the sellers’ products with a new product having the same FNSKU.
  • Amazon determines the replacement value based on the sales history of the seller. This is done by taking up the average selling price of FBA products, and sales history is checked for a specific ASIN. 

Sellers are compensated under the default replacement policy if the required information is not available. 

To receive this compensation, Amazon may ask for the product’s purchase receipt or invoice for items costing less than $5,000. For items over $5,000, insurance will reimburse for lost or damaged products.

Reimbursement Policy for FBA lost and damaged inventory

If your inventory is lost or damaged at Amazon fulfillment centers or during delivery to customers, then either of the following actions are taken by  Amazon

  • Replacement: Receive a replacement product with the same FNSKU (if available).
  • Replacement (different FNSKU): Receive a replacement product (different FNSKU) & update inventory.
  • Compensation: Receive compensation at the replacement value of the item.

Replacement value for Amazon sellers 

To determine the replacement value of a lost or damaged item, Amazon analyzes your sales history, the sales history of the specific ASIN, and the average selling price of the item.

If you disagree with the replacement value provided and wish to have it reassessed, Amazon will ask for additional information, such as a receipt or invoice.

Note: Please note that the replacement value for any product will not exceed $5000. Amazon strongly recommends that sellers obtain third-party insurance for products valued over $5000.

Buyers Perspective

Explore Amazon Warehouse deals

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to find and buy amazing deals on Amazon Warehouse Deals:

  1. Head to Amazon: Visit the regular Amazon website you know and love.
  2. Find the warehouse: On the left side of the search bar, you’ll see a drop-down menu. Click the arrow and choose “Amazon Warehouse.”
  3. Search for your product: You can browse different product categories or simply type in the specific item you’re looking for.
  4. Check the condition: Each warehouse deal will be clearly labeled with its condition, such as “Used – Very Good” or “Like New.” You’ll also see the price, letting you know how much you can save.
  5. Add to Cart: Once you find a treasure you can’t resist, just click “Add to Cart” and continue the checkout process.
  6. Shipping Perks: Some warehouse deals may even qualify for Prime benefits or free shipping!
  7. Peace of Mind Returns: If something isn’t quite right with your purchase, you can return it within 30 days, according to Amazon’s warehouse return policy.

Benefits to Buyers

  • Heavy Discounts

Buyers find big savings with discounted prices on items that can be as much as 70% off the original price. Buying warehouse deals can offer significant cost savings for electronics, clothing, or household items. So don’t overlook the potential for big discounts when shopping for pre-owned goods.

  • Variety of Products

Find a wide range of items, from electronics and appliances to clothes and furniture. Consumers are amazed by the vast assortment of products available, catering to different needs and preferences. There’s something for everyone, making it easier to find the perfect item at a fraction of the cost.

  • Select as per your choice

The selection of items includes several listed as “Used – Very Good,”  signifying that they remain in excellent working condition with only minimal cosmetic imperfections. The extensive array of products available in this state affords customers the opportunity to select from a diverse range of options, all while obtaining items in exceptional working order.

  • Clear Descriptions 

Amazon provides detailed information about any damage or missing accessories, ensuring that you have a clear understanding of the product you’re purchasing.

  • Standard Returns Policy

The majority of Warehouse Deals items are eligible for Amazon’s standard 30-day return period, providing customers with peace of mind.

Return Policy for Products purchased from Amazon Warehouse Deals

One of the greatest advantages of Amazon Warehouse Deals is the ability to easily return products that do not meet your expectations. The comprehensive Amazon Warehouse return policy provides a clear explanation of the process.

  • You can easily return any item purchased from Amazon Warehouse Deals within a generous 30-day period. 

Nevertheless, it is important to note that certain products may have specific requirements or policies attached to them. Rest assured, our aim is to provide you with a hassle-free return experience and ensure your utmost satisfaction.

  • You can return used or open box products within 30 days of shipment. However, please note that certain products may have different return policies or requirements.
  • Refurbished items that have been certified can be returned within 90 days of the shipment date.

Final Thoughts

So, there you have it! Amazon Warehouse Deals isn’t just a treasure trove for bargain hunters; it’s a valuable tool for sellers like you. 

It gives returned or excess inventory a second chance, frees up space for your hot sellers, and even connects you with a whole new customer base.  

By understanding how Warehouse Deals works and the different product conditions, you can leverage this program to your advantage and turn those “returns” into a supportive pillar for your continued success on Amazon.

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