Top 5 Tips for Choosing an Amazon Listing Creation Service

July 5, 2023 Top 5 Tips for Choosing an Amazon Listing Creation Service

What is Amazon Listing Creation

Picture this. You are sitting on your couch on a lazy Saturday. You open up your phone and head to your favorite online marketplace, Amazon. You have had your eye on a new phone case for a week, and you are ready to buy.

You input “phone case” into the search bar, and boom, almost 3000 results instantly appear in front of your eyes. The top row is full of elegant, great-looking cases that catch your eye. But why do they appear there? What, out of over 300 products, makes them pop up first?

Amazon listing creation is by far one of the most crucial elements of your Amazon SEO. Having a great listing will help with your Amazon optimization, and give your business a chance at succeeding in a crowded and competitive market.

But what is Amazon listing creation, really? It is the process of copywriting and optimizing your Amazon listings to adhere to Amazon’s best practices. It encompasses everything from your production titles, to your product descriptions, bullet points, image choice, and more.

Listing creation includes Amazon SEO aspects like keywords and phrases for an improved organic ranking. The process is so important, that a great Amazon seller may want to consider looking at an Amazon Consulting Agency to assist with developing an amazing listing.

Why you would want to hire an Amazon Listing Creation Service

Why are skincare products so popular these days? Because your face is often the first thing that people see when they meet you.

A great Amazon business recognizes that their product listings are the face of their business. They allow consumers to make snap judgments and can be a make or break factor in your Amazon ranking, so they are worth investing in.

You must ensure that your listings are optimized for Amazon SEO. Pack them full of valuable information so that your customers can make an easy decision to buy from you over your competition.

If you don’t have the time to do all of the necessary research, or you feel like you don’t possess the necessary writing skills to create a great listing, consider looking at an Amazon listing creation specialist.

It can be complicated, technical, and confusing to understand all of the aspects of listing creation.

1.  Thoroughly Vet candidates

It is tempting to go onto Google, type in “Amazon listing creation specialist,” and just go with the person at the top of the page.

The process can be difficult, but it is in your interest to thoroughly vet candidates to ensure that you are investing your money in the right service. There are thousands of Amazon freelancers on various gig work sites, but an excellent one can be hard to find.

Look for things like:

  • Multiple years of SEO experience and a knowledge of search engines
  • At least a year of Amazon experience and copywriting experience
  • A history of selling on Amazon

If you want to ensure that you are really getting the best possible bang for your buck, you must speak with past clients and take time to read reviews on your chosen Amazon listing creation specialist.

2.  Ask for a portfolio of Copywriting

Requesting a portfolio is an amazing way to get a clear idea of your prospect’s capabilities when it comes to Amazon listing creation. It will give you the chance to evaluate their qualifications for the role based on their past performance.

When you receive their portfolio, compare their work with the published listing guidelines on Amazon, and also examine it from the lens of effectiveness. If you aren’t sure of what great Amazon SEO looks like, compare your prospect’s work against some best practices.

3.  Experience is key

Like in any field, experience is absolutely critical. You do not want to hire an Amazon listing creation service that lacks real-world experience.

Take a look at their past experience. Potential sellers will likely highlight their experience by writing in blog posts and scripts. You want to look for people who have Amazon-specific experience.

When you engage in conversation, ask them hard questions like:

  • Talk to me about what you know about Amazon product listings
  • What are some key elements of an optimized product on Amazon?
  • How would you help me improve my Amazon ranking and my Amazon SEO?
  • Can you share your experience with selling on Amazon?
  • What experience do you have with Amazon PPC services?

4.  Market / Product specialization

With over 12 million products for sale on Amazon, it’s no secret that not all products on Amazon are the same. There are nuances and best practices that must be taken into account depending on the market that you are choosing to sell in.

You don’t want to hire an Amazon listing creation specialist who has no experience in selling in your market. Why? Individuals who specialize in specific categories will know the ins and outs of optimizing product listings for that specific niche.

Would you want to get surgery from a doctor who has never tried it before? Apply that same logic to selling on Amazon. You want to have someone with a genuine appreciation and specialization in your market.

5.  Understanding of SEO

Look for a candidate that has a genuine understanding of SEO, and more importantly, Amazon SEO. Your product listing is how you organically rank on Amazon, and improving your Amazon ranking is absolutely critical for your success as a seller on the platform.

There are several elements that must be considered in an Amazon listing. You must have a great title, accurate description, clear images on a white background, and effectively use bullet points to truly optimize your Amazon SEO. Effective usage of important keywords and backend keywords is crucial.

What separates a good listing creation specialist from a great one is their understanding of Amazon SEO.

Wrap up

Amazon listing creation and the subsequent Amazon SEO optimization are two elements of your Amazon business that you absolutely cannot ignore

Effectively selling products on Amazon is complex. A great seller will have to juggle marketing efforts, logistics, case management, and more – meaning that a great seller will have their hands full. This, combined with the constant pressure from maintaining great listings can make selling on Amazon overwhelming.

If you don’t feel like you have the time to focus on preventing suppressed listings from happening, consider looking at a trusted Amazon Consulting Agency.

Hiring the right agency can offer you effective account management that will help you optimize your Amazon listings and your Amazon SEO, freeing up time for you to focus on the more important elements of your Amazon business.

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