Amazon FBA Wholesale

Amazon FBA Wholesale

Wholesale Prep, Pack, Fulfillment & Solutions

AMZ Prep is the largest Canadian Amazon Fulfillment warehouse that offers a unique 360 solution for Brand selling on Amazon. Warehousing, Fulfillment, Shipping, Account Management, Marketing & Strategy - all under one, very large, roof.

Amazon FBA Wholesale Experts

We're brough on the best of the best to manage your Amazon Account. These experts are here to help grow your business and solve any issues that you may have along with way. Strategy, growth & communications with Amazon, we'll handle the tricky stuff, so you don't have to. 

Prep, Pack & Fulfillment

This is what we're really good at. We handle the entire warehousing aspect of your Amazon business. Inbound shipents, inspections, labeling, poly bagging, bundling, packaging, kitting and much more. We're flexible with what we do and what we're able to create custom solutions built for your business. 

100,000 Sq. Foot Warehouse

Take advantage of our 100,000+ square foot warehouse here in the GTA. Warehousing, Pick & Pack, Fulfillment & Shipping. When we say we take of everything, we mean it. Along with this, have your vendors & business partners come by our warehouse to see the operations you're business is now apart of to stand out from the competition. 

Amazon Cross-Border Shipping

Selling from Canada to the USA? We offer hands-off Cross-Border shipping solutions for your business to make it seamless. Leveraging specific lanes shipping across the border at more than 70% off standard shipping. 

How It Works

Send your Inventory to our Warehouse

Getting set up with AMZ Prep is very straightforward after we go through your Account Audit. Register your account & coordinate your first shipment to our warehouse. You'll be able to see live updates as it arrives & is checked into our warehouse system. 

Preparing Amazon Shipment

Once you're ready to ship out your products, you request us to ship your products with 1 click. We follow detailed online shared documents for the requirements you have for your shipment and a cumbersome 12 step process to prepare your shipment and ensure accuracy is the top priority.

Shipping to Amazon USA & Canada

With our strategic partnership with both Amazon & Shipping Carriers, we offer the cheapest rates to Amazon and coordinate everything from our HQ, start to finish. Whether you're shipping to Amazon Canada or Amazon USA, we ensure shipments arrive on time and constant monitoring to handle it.

Strategy, Scale & Support | AMZ Seller Solutions

Looking for more than just warehousing & fulfillment? We've built out a team of Amazon Seller Central experts to help manage and grow every aspect of your business on Amazon along with any issues that come our way through AMZ Seller Solutions. That what makes us unique, being so much more than a simple warehousing & fulfillment solution.

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Interested in growing your Amazon business? Let's chat! 

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