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Day 1

Get Started

Register on our website and one of our fulfillment experts will walk you through next steps and getting your account set up.

Day 4-8

Send Inventory

Ship us the items you want to be fulfilled and AMZ will guide you step-by-step to send us your products. You even get discounted shipping rates too!

Day 5-10

Recieve & Store

We then receive & store your inventory in any combination of our world-class fulfillment centers.

Day 5-10

Start Selling

We will then sync with your Amazon Vendor Central and have your PO’s automatically flow through.

Advertising Services

Join Top Brands & Join our Vendor Central Marketing Program

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AMZ Prep Integrates with your Amazon Vendor account to make shipping and fulfillment stress-free, so you can focus on scalable growth.


Accuracy rate in fulfilling order


Days to receive inventory

Vendor Central Fulfillment Software

We are a tech-driven 3PL, and our powerful tools and algorithms help automate fulfillment and improve your bottom line. Our built-in reports and analytics provide insights to empower you to make better decisions across the supply chain and give you a competitive advantage.

Agency Services

Full Suite Services for Brands on 1P

Through our agency division, we’ve built full-suite solutions for brands on Walmart. Account Management, Strategy, Catalog Expansion and end-to-end market services – we’ve built ourselves for growth on the platform. 

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