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We help brands selling wholesale to Amazon using the Amazon Vendor Central Canada process & fulfill PO orders, avoid chargebacks and improve their Amazon FBA business.

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Day 1

Get Started

Getting accepted into Amazon Vendor Central isn’t easy, but our team will make sure signing up with us is. 

Day 4-8

Send Inventory

The first thing we need is your products to arrive in our network of fulfillment warehouses across North America. Don’t worry, we offer heavily discounted shipping rates!

Day 5-10

We Receive Your Product 

Our Amazon Specialists then store your products safely and provide tracking of every shipment for 100% transparency so you know what’s going on when it’s going on.

Day 5-10

Start Selling

Launch time! AMZ Prep will seamlessly integrate with your Amazon Vendor Central dashboard & sync all your PO’s for complete automation; just sit back and relax.

Your Canadian Fulfillment & Logistics Partner for Amazon Vendor Central Canada

Amazon wants your products, we are here to make sure they get them on time & without error. AMZ Prep will integrate with your Amazon Vendor Central dashboard to make sure no purchase order goes unnoticed, and no product gets lost in transit.

We handle all the heavy lifting so you can focus on what matters—growing your business.

  • Collect or Pickup Shipping Options
  • PO Management
  • Chargeback & Claims Management
  • Seller Central Enablement
  • Custom Fulfillment Solutions
  • Cross-Docking & 3PL Services


Accuracy rate in fulfilling orders


Days to receive inventory

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Our Perks

Advanced Shipment Reporting Analytics
Transparent Order Processing
Full Visibility of Inventory

Amazon Vendor Central Fulfillment & Management Software

Every business is digitizing today—and you don’t want to fall behind. Our proprietary software will give your business the boost it needs to outperform your competition and be first to the market. Fully integrate with your Amazon Vendor Central dashboard to track POs.

Our built-in data-tracking and analytics provides you with powerful insights to better make fulfillment decisions across your eCommerce supply chain giving you the edge over competition when selling on Shopify, and every other popular online marketplace.

Track your inventory from all your sales channels in one place. Get full visibility and control over your inventory. Find out your best-selling SKUs and get alerted when you’re running low.

From shipping to fulfillment, we handle all the logistics so you can focus on marketing your business. If you have customs and importing concerns from different countries, our dedicated Account Manager will guide and give you expert advice.

We know how to make your Amazon Vendor Central business run smoothly. Whether you need help with day-to-day operations, coordination or Chargebacks and Claims we have the skillset for any situation! We process purchase orders on time and route them accordingly so that their packages reach one of Amazon fulfillment centers in time too.

Frequently Asked


We have a team of experts to manage and run day-to-day operations for you. We’ll take care everything from advertising, creative services like content strategy or social media marketing in addition to our core service which is helping brands with the logistics on Vendor Central.

ASN is the short form for Advanced Shipment Notification. Amazon suppliers (Vendors) are responsible for sending Amazon this electronic packaging list before any sort of delivery. An ASN provides all the detailed information with regards to the products and quantities that vendors intend on delivering to an Amazon fulfillment center per order.

With this method of selling on the Amazon marketplace, you, as a business owner sell directly to Amazon, not to the end consumer. Therefore, the sale made to the end-user is through Amazon Retail, involving 2 parties being the Amazon shopper and Amazon, the company.

The supplier (in this case, you) are not involved in this sale by using Amazon as a middleman platform to reach a targeted audience.

With Seller Central you, as a business owner become a third party on the Amazon marketplace, utilizing Amazon as a middleman to advertise your product to a large, targeted audience.

Yes, our team of experts we’ll examine all the data to make sure your Amazon fulfillment strategy is exactly what you need to grow sales, wheter thats through FBA, FBM or a hybrid using our warehouse for both.

Yes, by working with some of the most reputable carriers worldwide – we handle all the freight and logitistics to getting your prodcut to Amazon, across Canada & the USA. We partner with 50+ LTL carriers including YRC, Roadrunner, FedEx Freight, Purolator Freight, M-O, UPS Freight, Day & Ross, Kindersley, Fastfrate, R + L, Saia, XPO Logistics.

Every company is different, thats why our solutions are tailored for you. Ideally, we like to determine each business and decide the fit based on their requirements.

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