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Why Toronto-Based Renew Actives Chose AMZ Prep Over 12 Other Fulfillment Services [Case-Study]

Learn how an up-and-coming supplement brand leveraged AMZ Prep to supercharge their growth and solve complex fulfillment challenge.


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The ANS Performance brand was born in 2012 with one goal in mind: to create the best performance supplements available. They understand the competitive nature of sports, the need to succeed, and to win.



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There comes a point where working from your garage or home just doesn’t make sense anymore. 

That’s where Renew was when they came to us in the beginning of 2021. Their team was outgrowing self-fulfillment. 

Things were getting complicated. Orders were getting lost, shipments weren’t being delivered on time, and dealing with customer returns was a nightmare. 

The search for a great 3PL was on, and it seemed like Renew was going to struggle to find the type of partner that they were looking for.

Finding a partner, not just a fulfillment service

Renew was looking for more than a fulfillment service. They wanted a true partner who was going to get invested in their business and support their growth for years to come. 

A lot of the time, 3PLs treat shipping relationships as purely transactional. “You send us the product, we ship it, you pay us, end of story.” 

When Renew started looking for a partner in 2021, that is how a lot of the conversations were sounding. 

They had evaluated 12 different 3PLs, some they tested shipments with, others they had proposal and pricing conversations, and some just weren’t what the Renew team was looking for. Then, they stumbled upon AMZ Prep. 

And AMZ Prep was different. 

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“They're team is the best, they've truly been our go-to partner for years now.”

Jason, Renew Actives

Trusting in a track record of excellence

With an incredible track record of success doing fulfillment for some of the world’s largest brands, Renew was immediately interested in our holistic approach to fulfillment. 

We don’t simply offer a transactional experience. The AMZ Prep team is experienced and caring: when you partner with us, we are invested in your success. 

The team at Renew appreciated this fresh perspective and was also amazed at how sophisticated our operation was. 

High volume, proprietary shipping software, a global reach, and a team you can trust? It seemed too good to be true – but it wasn’t. 

Renew partnered with us and saw some truly astonishing results. 

We started off with 4 SKUs, and thanks to our ability to handle a high volume, we were able to fulfill 8000 units of product in Q2 of 2021 alone. 

With AMZ Prep as their partner, Renew is expected to grow by 3x in 2022. We are in it for the long haul and are excited to see them succeed. 

What’s next for Renew Actives?

The future is healthy for Renew Actives. The company has continually invested in improving its brand to make it a true thought leader and trusted partner in the supplement space. 

With the help of AMZ Prep, Renew hopes to branch out beyond Amazon and Walmart, heading into retail stores to help deliver on their mission of making the world healthier. 

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