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Sequence’s Content Operations team builds high-quality product content that speaks to the customer and the algorithm. It works hard for your brand, consistently delivering both exposure and conversion in every marketplace. Our Creative team builds beautiful and effective digital packaging and optimizes product placement on the virtual shelves of top marketplaces.

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We’ll build you the best, richest, most compelling listings on the planet—and keep them optimized with the right keywords to drive conversion.
We keep you updated across all marketplaces; when channels make changes, we respond instantly.

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Questions about our Content & Creative Services

Can Sequence & AMZ Prep help create and optimize my Amazon listings?


Yes. With our recent acquisition of Sequence, a leading Canadian commerce agency, we can support with creation of your Amazon listings along with the photography from our studio. 

How much does it cost to use your listing services?

What’s special about what we do at Sequence, apart of AMZ Prep, is we don’t place people in buckets.


We sell business solutions, not a cookie-cutter one-size-fits-all strategy.


Our prices are tailored to each account we work.


To give you an idea, it starts around $500+ per listing for photography, SEO and uploading the catalog. 

What is the benefits of conversion optimization?


When it comes to Amazon, SEO & CRO is the gift that keeps on giving.


Every time a sale is made, this reinforces the relevance of your keywords.


Saying this, as long as your listing remains active and healthy (we’ll help you with this!), you’ll continue to see the benefits of SEO long after the initial optimization.

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