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We help sellers & brands on expand their presence into the Canadian market with our shipping and logistics solutions.

Helping expand hundreds of Amazon sellers to the great white north

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Amazon FBA Canada Services

Cross borders, push boundaries

We are Amazon FBA Shipping & Prep experts with decades of experience ensuring merchant goods like yours are seamlessly prepared and delivered into the Canadian FBA network.  

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We make Amazon FBA Prep Easy

<b>Import into Canada </b>

Import into Canada

We can assist in setting up your NRI number, enabling you to import products into Canada with the help of our broker.

<b>Ship & Store </b>

Ship & Store

We’ll manage the freight of your stock from your US/China or your US 3PL warehouse to any of our Canadian warehouses to store your products.

<b>Send to Amazon FBA Canada </b>

Send to Amazon FBA Canada

We will store, prepare and ship to Amazon FBA Canada from our warehouse along side any other Canadian channels you sell on.

We Repeat at Global Scale

We’ll work with you to examine global expansion opportunities and the marketplaces we can dominate next.

FBA Fulfillment Platform

Stay in Stock

AMZ Prep’s cloud-based proprietary platform acts as your back office for logistics for Amazon to let you seamlessly leverage a single trusted partner for your omni-fulfillment needs here in Canada. 

Cross-Border Shipping

Break down borders.

Open new markets.

We manage the shipping into Canada from the US, Europe or China so you can focus on what you do best. 

Simplify your global expansion with built-in services for sellers

Logistics Technology

We will create and manage shipments inside Seller Central and fulfill those orders from our Canadian warehouse – 10 minutes away from Amazon FBA.

Canadian Import Compliance

Our compliance team will get you the approvals you need to sell your products in Canada so you can focus on what you do best. 

5 Warehouses, Faster Shipping

5 warehouses across Canada mean we can ship faster, cheaper and more effectively to the Amazon FBA warehousess. 

Amazon FBM Option

Diversify your sales, optimize shipping costs and maximize your FBA inventory with our Merchant fulfillment (FBM) services. 

Canadian Tax Setup

We partner with Canadian tax experts to assist you with Canadian tax registration, filing, and payment.

Shipping & Freight

We have long standing relationships with DHL, UPS, and FedEx and secure the steepest shipping discounts for our customers. We also offer exclusive trucking services to Canada.

Expanding to Amazon Canada allowed us to 4x our sales compared to using NARF. The team at AMZ Prep really knows what they're doing."

Shetal Shah

Shetal Shah

President, ANS Performance

Products to be Packed

Amazon FBM Services

Lightning Fast Canadian Shipping for Amazon FBM

We’ll take care of Amazon Merchant Fulfillment (FBM) activation here in Canada and fulfilling your orders from our warehouse to customers directly. All while making sure you don’t lose out on sales while we improve your IPI score.

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Questions about our Canadian expansion fulfillment & shipping services

What Amazon FBA prep services do you offer?


AMZ Prep handles all of the common merchant needs for FBA prep and more.

If you don’t see something on the list below, reach out and ask!

  • Receiving and inspection

  • FNSKU labeling

  • Case & Carton Forwarding to Amazon FBA

  • Warning labels

  • Kitting and bundling

  • Packaging multi-pack items

  • Poly bagging

  • Pick, pack, and ship

  • Returns and removals

  • Storage and warehousing

  • Temperature controlled storage

  • Dunnage and wrapping

  • Shipping prep

  • Pickup to Amazon

  • Sticker removal

Do I need a Canadian business to sell on from the US?


No. We will help you set up an NRI (non-resident importer) number with our broker.

Do you offer the brokerage services?


Yes, we work directly with our partner broker to setup the right documents to import into Canada. 

Usually, the process takes around 10 days. 

Where are your warehouses?


We have locations in both USA and Canada where we can store your goods for you and ship them to Amazon on demand as needed.


  • Toronto, Canada 

  • Montreal, Canada 

  • Calgary, Canada 

  • Vancouver, Canada 


  • California

  • Colorado

  • Florida

  • Michigan

  • Atlanta 

Can you help me ship directly to Amazon FBA Canada?


Yes, in some cases, we will avoid our warehouse and help manage the shipment directly to Amazon Canada. 


We consult on an account-by-account basis given challenges like compliance, inventory limits, the cost to ship, and more to help make the best decision for your brand. 

How long till I can start selling on Amazon Canada?


From the start of the engagement to live on Amazon, usually, 1-3 weeks is average.

How much do you charge?


Please visit our pricing page to learn more about fulfillment. 

The other relevant fees will include:

  • Shipping into Canada

  • Brokerage / Import Fees

  • Fulfillment Fees

Speak to one of our account managers to get a better idea of costings. 

Can I ship from China directly to you in Canada?


Yes, you can use any of our Canadian warehouses to ship your containers from China. 

The best part? We can manage the freight too with our shipping team. 

Do you require a certain number of orders per month?


It depends.


We value your business and like to make assessments on a case-by-case basis, so we can find the best fit for your requirements.

Didn’t find your answers? Contact us

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