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How ANS Performance optimized Amazon inventory limits with AMZ Prep [Case-Study]

Discover how ANS Performance utilized AMZ Prep for 10,000+ orders on Amazon


In-Stock Rate inside of Amazon


Reduction of late-shipping notices inside of Amazon for FBM


Cost savings using AMZ Prep for Amazon fulfillment


The ANS Performance brand was born in 2012 with one goal in mind: to create the best performance supplements available. They understand the competitive nature of sports, the need to succeed, and to win.



Toronto, Canada


Health & Wellness, Fitness


Amazon FBM

Amazon FBA 

Founded by a team of athletes with decades of supplement industry experience, ANS understands what it takes to get your body to perform at the highest level. 

Founded on the four pillars of passion, innovation, science, and quality, they started as a minor player and have captured a massive market share with standout branding and a great fulfillment partner. 


Two years ago, the ANS brand did not look like it did today. A minor player in the big world of supplements, the company had the dream of scaling and making a real impact. 

Now fun fact about selling supplements on Amazon: it’s hard. Incredibly hard. 

Simply qualifying for the ability to list supplements on the platform is difficult enough. Remaining compliant in the long term often requires a dedicated team of Amazon specialists. 

An extra challenge is presented by the market. Consumers expect quick shipping, low prices, and a reputable brand that exudes trust. 

New to selling on Amazon, ANS had trouble getting started. Despite having a compelling brand story and great products, it was tough going at first. 

ANS was held back by their high cost of shipping, a lack of in-stock products, and difficulty meeting their SLA shipment times. 

“At first, Amazon was a bit of a nightmare. Between the inventory limits, third-party re-sellers and advertising costs rising - scaling it seemed difficult.”

Shetal Shah, ANS Performance


After exploring the 3PL market, ANS Performance came to AMZ Prep to get their compliance in line and build a scaleable Amazon business. 

With our team of Amazon experts, large-scale fulfillment operations, and experience with supplement fulfillment, we helped ANS reach their full potential. 

The challenge was clear: improve shipping speed, reduce the cost for product movement, improve stock levels, and remain compliant on Amazon. Easy, right? 


After moving to AMZ Prep, ANS unlocked its full potential and quickly grew to become a large player on Amazon. 


The company’s in-stock rate quickly rose to 98% with the use of three AMZ Prep fulfillment centers. Products were flying off the shelves, literally. 


When shipping first started, the cost of simply moving the product ate into margins and hurt the brand’s performance. 


Our scalable pricing model helped ANS reduce its shipping costs by 25%, and improved its FBM SLA shipments by a staggering 350%.

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