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How a global Amazon aggregator uses AMZ Prep to launch 22 brands into Canada [Case-Study]

Discover how a global Amazon aggregator utilized AMZ Prep for 100,000+ orders on 

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Brands launched into Canada


Total SKUs being fulfilled with AMZ Prep


Cost savings using AMZ Prep for local Canadian 3PL services

The Aggregator Challenge

When our aggregator partner acquired a brand, they would start to revamp its fulfillment process to get it on par with the quick shipping that modern consumers expect. 

The problem? Most of this traffic was going to a group of small 3PLs or Amazon preparation centers that couldn’t handle the influx of traffic/volume. 

Even using almost all of the warehouse capacity of their 3PL partner network wouldn’t solve the problem. They were simply growing too fast. 

Branded needed something more – they needed consolidation. One single partner who would be able to give them the seamless, high-tech, global shipping experience that they wanted to offer. 

In conjunction with this, scaleability was a major concern. As their portfolio grew, so did their requirements. 

They wanted the ability to do FBM, omnichannel eCommerce, and retail, all from a single partner or platform. 

At the time, there were only a few niche players in this space, and all of them charged an arm and a leg for the service. 

“Before AMZ Prep, we were in a difficult position for the Canadian business. We had a hard time acquiring international brands simply because we didn’t have the capability to offer high-quality fulfillment and keep product in-stock.”

Director of Supply-Chain


They made the choice to partner with AMZ Prep using one, large-scale, high-tech warehouse that could offer them everything that they needed. 

The partnership centered around fulfillment, with AMZ Prep’s track record of success and their ability to fulfill through all relevant channels: Amazon FBA & FBM, Retail, eCommerce, and more. 

This, in conjunction with their global network of fulfillment partners, allowed them to consolidate their fulfillment operations, simplifying the process. 

“Partnering with AMZ Prep allowed us to approach new brands with a higher level of confidence. Instead of having to dance around fulfillment, we could use it as a selling point in marketing material and pitch decks. I think that definitely helped our growth”


After partnering with AMZ Prep, our aggregator partner was finally able to offer the comprehensive, highly scalable, omnichannel fulfillment that they had been dreaming of. 

The results were absolutely staggering. The firm was now able to offer global fulfillment, improving shipping times and driving costs down. 

Thanks to AMZ Prep’s proprietary software, the team had an unprecedented view of the daily operations activity, allowing advanced reporting and more accurate customer feedback. 

The change resulted in an incredible 90% growth in revenue, the expansion of the portfolio to over 22 brands, and the fulfillment of 100,000 orders in 2022 alone.

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