Remove the crippling anxiety from running an Amazon FBA business, forever.

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Join 400+ other Amazon winners inside our Pro Slack Community now. Get advice from 7-figure and 8-figure Amazon sellers, agency owners, and our expert coaches.

Our Community connects 7-figure and 8-figure Amazon brands, account managers, founders and agencies.

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Member Benefits

Is Amazon creating more stress than income?

You’ll never feel stuck or alone again. Scale up with the confidence you have a blanket of security and a team of people who have your back 24/7. 

You always have somewhere to turn, because we’re all in this together!

Member Benefits

Why an Amazon Slack Group? 

As our founder was an Amazon seller, we learned the pain points that come with large Facebook communities, forums, and gurus giving advice. 

We decided to change that. Think of us as your friend who works inside of Amazon and has the trade-secrets and strategy to help coach and grow you. 

It’s the perfect blend of coaching, Amazon ongoing updates, live training of Amazon experts and a community to build your business and celebrate the wins with. 


Get access to a network of experts, other Amazon owners, brand managers and more who can answer your questions, give you advice, and share important industry news and insider secrets.

Not Your Average Community

You aren’t alone anymore. The tools, mindset and support you need exist in our community. Gain access to a network of expert coaches and “cream of the crop” Amazon sellers and account managers who will…

Led By Amazon Experts

We employ a team of 7 figure Amazon sellers to lead discussions and answer questions.

Filled With Marketing Gold

Insights from people living the Amazon life on a daily basis, not keyboard warriors with 0 experience.

Our Members Make More Selling on Amazon

The primary focus of this community is to share knowledge and strategies on how to build a better Amazon business. Those in our network make more money, it’s that simple.

For Sellers, by Sellers

Exclusively for those who make money selling products on Amazon. Our founder was, and has been, an Amazon Seller for 9+ years.

No B.S. Or Spam. EVER!

It’s a shame this needs to be said, but yeah, there’s a zero-tolerance policy for SPAM. 1st-time offenders get a lifetime ban.


Reserve your spot and lock-in your price today. You’ll get instant access to one of the best communities of Amazon Sellers, brands and marketers the internet for less than what you probably pay in monthly software fees.

Join a community with some of the most talented brands in the Amazon Space

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Still Have Questions?

Who is this slack group for?


Our community is private. Our membership is made up of +400 founders and team members whose products sell on Amazon, or on their own eCommerce store.


This ensures members can share relevant experiences and value in the community, and in return, get a surplus of value from others in the community.

Why is this community better than the other communities out there?


We’ve built our own Amazon businesses and worked with hundreds of top brands globally between our two companies, AMZ Prep & Sequence.


We build our business by delivering superior results for our clients. Our community is unlike any other as we take a unique approach to help our members scale their businesses. It’s like comparing oranges and apples.


In simple form? There is nothing else like it.

What does a membership with Seller League get me?


A membership gets you to access to our private Slack channel, the member directory to build connections with like-minded people with similar objectives, access to member-only business content, and our growing database of vendor perks to help you build your business or develop your career.


Quickly growing a professional network and developing new growth ideas is the main benefit enjoyed by most members.


We host a ton of events and dinners, so you’ll get first-round access to those too.

Can I bring my team with me?


Of course you can!


However, they would have to subscribe as well. Every team member will need to sign themselves up.


If it’s more than 3, we offer discounts (email if thats you). 

Can I cancel at any time?


Yes. While we are very confident that our community will help you grow your business, we don’t want to charge you if you are not happy.

Reserve Your Spot for the Best Amazon Community in the country