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Get Your Walmart & Retail Fulfillment Set Up Within 10 Days!

Day 1

Get Started

Register on our website and one of our fulfillment experts will walk you through next steps and getting your account set up. Within no time, your inventory management and fulfillment services will be ready to go!

Day 4-8

Send Inventory

AMZ Prep will guide you step-by-step as you to ship your products to our fulfillment center for inventory management. We will even give you discounted shipping rates as well! From there, we will make it our #1 priority to make your Walmart fulfillment as seamless as possible!

Day 5-10

Receive and Store

We then receive & store your inventory in any combination of our world-class fulfillment centers for inventory management.

Day 10

Start Selling

We will then sync with your Walmart and any other channels you sell on so that orders automatically start flowing in. Your Walmart, eCommerce, and order fulfillments will soon be prepped and ready to be shipped!

Join Top Merchants By Enrolling Into Walmart’s Fulfillment Program

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Your Premier Partner for Global Walmart & eCommerce Fulfillment

AMZ Prep Integrates with your Walmart sales channel to make shipping and fulfillment stress-free, so you can focus on scalable growth. Just send your products over to our fulfillment center and watch your inventory management and fulfillment services lead without you lifting a finger!

Walmart Fulfillment Software

We are a tech-driven 3PL, and our powerful tools and algorithms help automate Walmart, eCommerce and order fulfillment. Bottom line, our job is to augment your fulfillment services. Our built-in reports and analytics provide insights to empower you to make better decisions across the supply chain and give you a competitive advantage.

Walmart, eCommerce and Retail Fulfillment Service You Need Under One Roof

Sequence, a division of AMZ Prep, was built to offer end-to-end solutions for hundreds of brands when selling online to boost revenue to drive new growth as their Global eCommerce Partner.

Sequence is elevating what partnership means for profitable eCommerce growth and control.

We offer industry-leading fulfillment services to help you sell on Amazon, Walmart and beyond! This includes fulfillment, shipping, digital marketing, social media marketing, supply chain and inventory management, brand protection, tax compliance, and creative services.

Our clients love us. You will too.

What is a Amazon Prep Center?

As a premier prep center, we help receive, prep, label, and ship your products to Amazon fulfillment centers across North America, on your behalf. Pretty much, we take care of your Amazon Kickstarter Fulfillments from start to finish!

We work with hundreds of brands to help handle their order fulfillment and shipments to Amazon.

Learn about how crowdfunding fulfillment with AMZ works here.

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