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Tony Robbins: Unleash The Greatness

Tony Robbins is an entrepreneur, #1 NY Times bestselling author, philanthropist, and the nation’s #1 life & business strategist. For more than four and a half decades, millions of people have enjoyed the warmth, humor, and transformational power of Tony’s business and personal development events.






1300 Orders In 24 Hours
Key Challenges

Tony Robbins: Unleash The Greatness approached AMZ in late May with an immediate need for sourcing, fulfillment, and shipping for their global event. Without a reliable shipping partner for their Canadian customers, they needed a quick turnaround for cost-effective supplies and shipping routes to achieve success on their upcoming event.

Immediate Same Day Fulfillment

Required immediate assistance to prepare and ship 1300 packages across Canada with a 24 hour turnaround

Cost-Effective Sourcing

Lacked time to source high-quality materials themselves to ship to their Canadian customer base in a time-crunch scenario

Logistics & Shipping

Required an accurate and economic blueprint to optimize multiple shipping lanes for customers across Canada

End to End Solution

Tony Robbins needed a partner who had the expertise and flexibility to provide a true white glove service

Our Approach

24 Hour Turnaround Fulfillment

After speaking with Tony Robbins to understand their needs from cost-effective shipping to sourcing high-quality swag for their event kits, our team quickly mobilized the correct resources to execute activities at break-neck speed.

Our immediate response included locating suppliers, negotiating volume discounts on swag products, planning return shipment routes, and finding the fastest and most economical outbound shipping lanes available.

Additionally, AMZ sourced and vetted local printing agencies to support Tony Robbins in producing promotional materials, including in their event kit materials.

When all was said and done, Tony Robbins had a successful event with all of their customers receiving their event kits with time to spare.

Same-Day Fulfillment Strategy

AMZ’s team of Supply Chain Experts provided consultancy within a matter of hours to advise the Tony Robbins team on proper fulfillment and shipping strategy

Cost Effective Shipping Lanes

Strategized a shipping plan keeping in mind optimal performance as well as economic routes to be delivered to attendees of the event

Thousands of Satisfied Attendees

The AMZ team built strategic warehouse prepping stations for Tony Robbins, to ensure we could fulfill orders around the clock during the 24 hour turnaround period
Hour Turnaround
For Fulfillment
Fulfilled in 24-Hours
On Sourcing Supplies
Tony Robbins was incredible to work with, the energy and the brand were exciting and we were so glad to be able to support them, revolutionizing their Canadian shipping partners.

Abbas Panju

General Manager, AMZ Prep
My experience with the Tony Robbins team was nothing short of amazing. Connecting with the team, and really finding the route of the problem to ensure all the attendees of their first-ever online event is something we really took pride in as an organization.

Blair Forrest

Vice President, AMZ Prep

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