Success Story: Bathintentions

Success Story


Bathintentions is a family-owned company that since 2016, has offered bath and body products handcrafted in an artisan fashion. Bathintentions came to life during the most challenging of times thanks to the love and support of family, friends, staff, and community.






Washing Away the Amazon Assumptions
Key Challenges

Bathintentions approached us after their eCommerce store began to flourish alongside a potential in-store retail opportunity. Dinah’s team knew how powerful a platform like Amazon was, but didn’t understand the nuances of the marketplace to determine whether their product line was not only a good fit but could thrive in such a unique landscape, such as Amazon.

Ambiguous Opportunity on Amazon

Bathintentions wanted support determining product-market fit along with product demand on Amazon

Limited data made it difficult to understand the total market share available for the brand

Limiting Risk

 Didn’t want to invest heavily into manufacturing and logistics without knowing the full potential and revenue of Amazon

Difficulties budgeting for Amazon investment without fully knowing forecasted sales figures or products sold 

Competitive Landscape

As a small business, determining how saturated and competitive the market is, was vital

Unable to determine what current competitors are generating on Amazon as benchmarks

Our Approach

Amazon Marketplace Analysis

Through our exploration, we were able to construct a financial forecast, SWOT analysis, and risk assessment to better assist the Bathintentions team in making their decision of entering the Amazon marketplace.

Full Visibility of Opportunity on Amazon

The marketplace audit provided a holistic overview of the Amazon channel for Bathintentions to understand the feasibility and favorability of making the marketplace entry

Go-To Marketplace Strategy

Through our customer purchasing insights, AMZ was able to develop a calculated, data-driven blueprint to launch profitability on the competitive Amazon channel

Understanding Overall Risk of Amazon

The audit showcased a comprehensive risk analysis of the marketplace based on the competition and growth of the category year on year

Bathintentions now has the ability to enter the market with confidence of the total marketplace Bothintentions will be able to capture

Our Results

Using Amazon Customer Purchasing analytics, our team was able to analyze thousands of data points inside of Amazon to help create a comprehensive Amazon blueprint for Bathintentions.

  • Customers were searching relevant keywords over 100,000 times per month
  • The average revenue of the top 60 brands on was over $55,000 per month and $26,000 on
  • The average selling price of the top 60 brands on was $20.24
  • Seasonal sales showcased over 4x growth from October to January, aligning strategy for Christmas growth.
  • Amazon FBA Fees averaged $5.65 per order, allowing Bathintentions to forecast profitability per unit
100,000+ Searches Per Month
On Similar Products
Average Revenue
Of Competition Per Month
Average Price
Across Top 60 Brands
I was impressed from the initial consultation. Blair and his team had done the initial research and really showed up engaged with information about our products and the Amazon marketplace.


Founder, Bathintentions
Moving ahead with Amazon Audit has given me peace of mind and confidence about expanding to this sales channel. The Audit contained the data that I needed to know. The information informed me of the opportunity for our products, the competitors, and keywords.


Founder, Bathintentions
The Audit is a strong piece of evidence to help you sell on Amazon successfully by knowing how to position yourself and what it takes. We will also be using the data to support other sales channels and leverage capital for our growing company.


Founder, Bathintentions

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