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Art & Living

Art & Living creates a healthy home environment that helps you relax your body, de-stress, and simplify your life with state-of-the-art Yoga & Meditation products.








Stretching Rapid Growth of Over 1800%
Key Challenges

Art & Living and AMZ identified a number of issues in the catalog of products on Amazon which was leading to low traffic and conversion rates. Looking deep into their data it was clear that the listings needed to be restructured and optimized. Art & Living needed to present their products in a more appealing way to customers to enhance their overall brand image, page traffic, and boost conversions in parallel with a calculated PPC strategy. One of the glaring issues revolved around inventory forecasting leading to black-out periods on Amazon, stunting overall performance and growth.

Inventory Forecasting

Inaccurate inventory forecasting models created channel conflict and resulted in black-out periods of zero inventory available inside of Amazon

Shortage of Sales on Channel

Art & Living was unable to acquire the confident market share they aimed to capture over the first 8 months of launching on the channel.

Minimal Reporting & Data

Required better data and reporting about their Amazon listings and unauthorized sellers

Disassociated Paid Media Strategy

Misalignment on their paid media strategy, due to Amazon’s compliance limitations in the meditation category

Our Approach

End-to-End Strategy & Execution

As an Amazon partner, we helped Art & Living develop a winning advertising & paid media strategy focused on defending share and maximizing brand penetration to outpace category growth during a short timeframe over 3 months. Alongside our Paid Media Strategy, we had our team of experts completely revamp their listings by updating the content, optimizing the listing SEO, and revamping the product photography to ensure the highest conversion rates. By partnering with AMZ Prep, Art & Living can now properly forecast the inventory available for our aggressive DTC strategy.

Amazon Makeover + Boost Conversions

Redesign of product catalog with compelling product photography & keyword enriched copywriting

Amazon Advertising (PPC) Blueprint

Heavily investing in Amazon PPC rounding Christmas provided over 1800% growth by deploying spend through the DSP program

Warehousing Strategy

Utilizing our US fulfillment warehouses enabled Art & Living the ability to have one-team manage their Amazon fulfillment along with their complex returns

Outmatched Data Reporting

With our advanced analytics capabilities, AOL was able to understand every number and invested need to make better decisions in their business

Amazon Fulfillment

Logistics Simplified

Compliance & Preparation for Amazon FBA

  • AMZ’s experts ensured compliant preparation of Amazon labels and packaging given the specialized kitting & assembly required
  • Reduced return rate by over 28% by restructuring A&L’s packaging compliance standards

International Freight Management

  • Managed A&L’s international freight shipments from Asia into Amazon warehouses with our curated network of shipping carriers
  • Optimized freight lanes internationally for simplified distribution saving over 13% in shipping fees

Amazon Removal Strategy

  • By utilizing our warehousing & fulfillment division, A&L was able to avoid critical long-term storage fees by routing Amazon returns to our location
  • Returns are inspected, deemed a specific condition, re-packaged, and shipped back to Amazon fulfillment hubs

Our Results

Through AMZ’s Amazon experts, we helped AOL create winning strategies to streamline revenue growth over 1800% in 3 short months, increase visibility across the sales channels, optimize their supply chain for inventory management forecasting, and gain further insights into their data and analytics.

When we partnered with Art & Living we went all-in to get great—not just good—results.

Return on Advertising Spend
Conversion Rate
Cost Savings
International Freight Shipping
"AMZ Prep is nothing short of amazing! They manage your business and brand as if it were their own. They understand data like no other."

Alyssa B

Art & Living USA Sales Executive
"We really needed the reporting, we needed the data, we needed a partner that understood the marketplace."

Alyssa B

Art & Living USA Sales Executive

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