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trueops amzprep partner


Get FBA refunds and reimbursements done for you.

About TrueOps

TrueOps is a leading provider of FBA reimbursement solutions, managing over $1 billion in annual FBA revenue, including accounts for numerous sellers. They employ a tech-first approach and boast a 100% North American audit team, ensuring top-notch service and the best rates on the market. TrueOps is dedicated to maximizing sellers’ Amazon reimbursements through their seller-friendly policies, which include no commissions on found inventory, instant credits for reimbursement reversals, and flexible delay settings tailored to individual needs.

Reasons to Partner with TrueOps:
  • Comprehensive Expertise: With over $1 billion in annual FBA revenue under management, TrueOps brings extensive experience and proven success in maximizing seller reimbursements.
  • Seller-Friendly Policies: TrueOps offers unique advantages such as no commissions on found inventory and immediate credits for reimbursement reversals, ensuring that sellers retain more of their earnings.
  • Flexible Solutions: Their customizable delay settings and dedicated North American audit team provide tailored and efficient solutions to meet the specific needs of each seller.