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Amazon Listing Optimization

Sequence, our agency divison, is a leading Amazon SEO company, offering performance-driven Amazon SEO services that include the industry’s most advanced software and most innovative product listing optimization strategies to increase your sales, online visibility, and market dominance.

Maximize keyword exposure to increase ranking and conversions

Product Listing Optimization for Brands On Amazon

Amazon Optimization

We live and breathe Amazon and build out full custom Amazon Optimization Solutions for your brand on Amazons Market.

Rank Higher

Strategic keyword placement is key to ranking. Our copywriters carefully position each keyword to optimize rankings in organic search

Increase Conversion

Our expert Amazon copywriters know how to sell products. Sales-inducing language converts on-page visitors into buyers

Elevate Your Brand

Expertly crafted copy maintains a perfect blend of sales-inducing language and precise keyword implementation

Why Optimized Copy Matters?

1. MAXIMIZE KEYWORD EXPOSURE: Increase your sales by increasing your product’s visibility. Our proven SEO practices put your product in front of more shoppers.
2. DRIVE CONVERSIONS: Compelling copy elevates your brand and increases conversions. Utilizing in-depth product and market research, our copywriters get inside the mind of your customer to create content that sells.


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Why Product Listing Optimization?

Reach half of the world’s shoppers with Amazon SEO services

Driving Product Rankings: A Mix of Art and Science

Around 50 percent of shoppers turn to Amazon when they’re searching for a new product to buy, which is why the world’s biggest eCommerce platform is responsible for more than 40 percent of online sales. With our performance-driven Amazon SEO services, we help your business — and your products — become the choice of shoppers worldwide.

That results in more sales, revenue, and growth for your company, providing you the chance to do more with your business.

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Every Service You Need All Under One Roof

Sequence, a division of AMZ Prep, was built to offer end-to-end solutions for hundreds of brands when selling online to boost revenue to drive new growth as their Global eCommerce Partner. Sequence is elevating what partnership means for profitable eCommerce growth and control.

We offer industry-leading services to help you sell on Amazon, Walmart and beyond, including fulfillment, shipping, digital marketing, social media marketing, inventory and supply chain management, brand protection, tax compliance, and creative services. 

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