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We are leaders in the Amazon SEO space, with our agency division, Sequence, we’re pioneering new methods of performance-driven Amazon SEO services & Product Listing Optimization that will help your business stand out among your competitors and increase the sales of your store.

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Give Your Brand a Boost on Amazon

Amazon Optimization

Custom Solutions Just For You

We know the Amazon algorithm, and we understand Amazon marketing—the only thing left is to build out your custom Amazon Optimization Solutions!

Keyword Ranking

Boost Your Product Listings

We build out custom Amazon Listing Optimizations based on keywords for your product niche so your business is always center of attention.

Increase Conversion

Drive Traffic To Your Store

We are expert storytellers, and driving your sales is our goal. We write. Your products ranks. Your product then sells. Simple & efficient.

Elevate Your Brand

Scale Your Business Online

Product Listings and Amazon SEO is just the beginning, we partner with your brand to help you grow across multiple online marketplaces!

We Help Brands Get Noticed On Amazon

We get Amazon SEO and have been hard at work increasing the sales of our clients through proven SEO practices, product listing optimizations & keyword rankings.

We’ve helped over 1000 brands get the exposure they deserve on oversaturated online marketplaces, now it’s your turn.


Brand Listings Optimized Last Year


Average Increase In Traffic With Our Proven SEO Practices


Why Product Listing Optimization?

If Your Business Isn’t On Amazon, You’re Missing Out On Huge Revenue

Boost Your Brand Using Amazon SEO & Amazon Marketing

With the pandemic changing the entire eCommerce landscape, millions of new customers & businesses are turning to online shopping as their go-to method for purchasing goods; 2021 is the year for your online business growth!

Get your Amazon & eCommerce store-front seen by an international audience with our performance-driven Amazon SEO Services & Post Listing Optimization Strategies to scale your business to become the choice of shoppers worldwide.

We’re Not Your Typical Everyday Shipping and Fulfillment Company

Our Perks

eCommerce Prep & Fulfillment Software

Every business is digitizing today—and you don’t want to fall behind. Our proprietary fulfillment software will give your business the boost it needs to outperform your competition and be first in the market. Fully integrate with your eCommerce store to track inventory reporting, sync orders across multiple stores and print your labels; say goodbye to Google Sheets.

Our built-in data-tracking and analytics provide you with powerful insights to better make fulfillment decisions across your eCommerce supply chain giving you the edge over the competition when selling on Shopify, and every other popular online marketplace.

They helped manage our entire Amazon, end-to-end. (4)

Advertising & Creative Services

Every Creative Service You Need Under One Roof

Imagine having a dedicated partner who could provide all the services your business needs to deliver killer creative, and draw in the eyes of a global audience to help sell your product; this was the reason we started Sequence—to help your business sell & grow online.

As an Amazon & eCommerce provider, we help brands achieve success by optimizing every stage of the customer journey on the platform. From advertising & content optimization to account management, order fulfillment, warehousing, shipping & strategic consulting.

eCommerce Shipping & Fulfillment

Discounted Shipping Prices

We’ve been around the block and have made some serious connections. This means we offer heavily discounted shipping rates to get your products from your warehouse, to ours, and finally to the doors of your customers.

Shipping made easy & affordable for your online business.

Amazon FBA Warehouse Canada 3PL Fulfillment

Premier Fulfillment Partner For Ecommerce Sellers

Join top merchants & sell your products online!

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