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When you write for us, we’ll share your voice and thoughts with thousands of subscribers. Your content will appear on our high-traffic blog page, we’ll credit you at the beginning of your article, and you can link to your eCommerce resource (if relevant). See what some of our customers say about us.

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Thanks for your interest in submitting a guest post for the Deliverr blog. These questions will help determine if your content is a good fit.

Why do we ask for title pitches? We want to know what topics and angles you would like to cover in your guest post, so please send 2-3 titles that you can write for us and we’ll either select one of those, suggest a different angle, or decide it’s not a good fit.

    AMZ Prep Blog Post Guidelines

    Each guest blog must:

    • Be 1,500 or more words, but more importantly have actionable, relevant insight for eCommerce sellers.
    • Use reliable sources to back up your claims.
    • Use relevant links, with no more than 3 in-article linking back to your own domain.
    • Only include images that are copyright free, or that you have explicit permission to use.
    • Not include the Amazon logo in any image, even screenshots. If you want to show the UI, blur or crop the logos instead.
    • Include a short author bio (where you can include an additional link to your website).

    Once you have a draft ready, please email your article to as a Google Doc (it’ll be a link) and set it to “Anyone with the link can edit.”

    As an additional note, our editorial team may make changes to your article after it has been submitted. In rare instances, we reserve the right to remove guest blogs from our website.

    Note for guest post exchanges: If we send an article draft that needs more than 3 rounds of edits, or more than 30 days passes without us hearing back from you or it being published, we reserve the right to re-home the piece.

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