Managed Freight Program

AMZ Freight

Leverage AMZ Prep’s network of global freight partners to get your inventory into our fulfillment centers with ease.

Freight Forwarding Services

AMZ Freight

AMZ freight is an end-to-end managed freight and inventory distribution program that enables merchants to pick from a variety of preferred freight providers, optimize freight costs, and distribute inventory more strategically across Amzprep fulfillment centers with our inventory placement solution.

Get products to customers faster, increase revenue, and forecast with greater precision.

AMZ Freight Benefits

More reliable transit times

AMZ Prep customers get access to guaranteed sailings from most global locations directly to AMZ Prep’s fulfillment centers. With highly competitive rates available for air and ocean freight shipments, keep your inventory flowing and your shelves stocked.

Multiple Providers

Choose from a variety of services all under AMZ Prep’s network of partners to support you through every global freight need. Everything from clearing customs to importing inventory, we’ve got you covered. 

amzprep freight forward pricing

Preferred Costs

Leverage Amzprep’s global freight partnerships to unlock preferred costs and priority partner rates. 

Smarter Distrubtion

Once your inventory arrives to an AMZ Prep Hub, we can distribute your inventory faster and more intelligently across US fulfillment centers creating an all-encompassing factory floor-to-customer door solution for your brand. 

Cross-docking: de-consolidate containers or LTL shipments for distribution to multiple warehouses or a cross-regional fulfillment center of your choice.

Managed Freight/Inventory Placement: We’ll intelligently distribute your inventory across our US market with our inventory placement solution

Drip Feed to Amazon FBA: We will slowly drip-feed cartons to local Amazon warehouses. 


Frequently Asked Questions

How quickly can I get started?


The onboarding process for every solution depends on your importing status.


First time importers might take longer to get started than a seasoned importer due to documentation and registration. Lastly, the most important thing is that you are onboarded as a


AMZ Prep merchants prior to getting started with any of our AMZ Freight offerings.

What type of goods are eligible?


Palletized goods, any commodity except food, cotton, and dangerous goods or regulated goods.


This includes but is not limited to lithium-ion batteries, goods that are regulated or subject to Other Government Agency (OGA) review (e.g., FDA, FCC, etc.). Cargo can be picked at origin or dropped at CFS.

Do we have to be using your warehousing services?


No, you can utilize AMZ Freight services without our warehouses. 

Are insurance and custom duties included?


No. Origin pick-up charges, customs duties and taxes, insurance are excluded. Cargo Insurance, Customs Clearance and Import Fees (duty and tax) are extra because these fees are determined on the type of / value of your shipment.

Can you ship directly to Amazon FBA from our manufacture?


Yes! The alternative is we can receive it at our warehouse in Vancouver or California in bulk and drip-feed into FBA. Saving you money in storagr fees. 

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