Amazon Merchant Fulfillment (FBM)

Amazon Fulfillment By Merchant (FBM)

For Businesses Ready to Scale
 AMZ Prep Canada Integrates with your sales channels to make shipping and fulfillment by merchant stress-free, so you can focus on scalable growth.

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AMZ Prep, For A Smooth FBM Business

Amazon Experts

We’ve brought on the best of the best to manage your eCommerce Account. Fulfillment by Merchant is a great way to go but strategy, growth & communications can get tricky. That’s why we’re here. We make your Amazon FBM experience as seamless and cost-effective as possible.

Prep, Pack & Fulfillment

This is what we’re really good at. Our 3PL centers handle the entire warehousing aspect of your eCommerce business. Just send us your inventory, and leave the rest of your Amazon FBM to us!

150,000 Sq. Foot Warehouse

Take advantage of our 150,000+ square foot 3PL center warehouse here in the GTA. Warehousing, Pick & Pack, Fulfillment & Shipping. Amazon FBM is super simple with AMZ Prep. When we say we take of everything, we mean it.

Cross-Border Shipping

Selling in the USA? We offer hands-off Cross-Border shipping solutions for your business to allow you to sell across North America from our Canadian Warehouse. Amazon merchant fulfillment couldn’t be any simpler.

A 3PL Center That Makes Your Amazon FBM Experience Seamless

How It Works

Connect Your Amazon FBM Store & Ship Your Products

Getting your Amazon FBM business set up with AMZ Prep is very straightforward. All major e-commerce platforms and marketplaces are seamlessly integrated with our technology, so it only takes a couple of minutes to sync your store and import your products/SKUs. Then, send us your inventory to our 3PL fulfillment center, and your Amazon FBM business will be taken care of.

We Receive & Store Your Products at our Warehouses

With AMZ’s network of fulfillment centers, you have access to a powerful geographic footprint. We’ll receive your shipments at our 3PL fulfillment centre & place them in picking bins ready to be shipped to your customers.

Your Customer Orders = We Pick, Pack & Ship

Once your customer purchases your products off your website, sales channel or anywhere else your FBM store may be located – it gets directed through our API directly into our WMS system. Our team then picks the shipment off the shelf, prepares the shipment & ship off the products to your customer using one of our partnered carriers. With 10+ years of relations with our shipping carriers, we’re able to get the cheapest shipping rates in Canada with our shipping channels.

Strategy, Scale & Support | Amazon Seller Solutions

Looking for more than just warehousing & fulfillment? We’ve built out a team of eCommerce experts to help manage and grow every aspect of your business on Amazon and merchant fulfillment along with any issues that come our way through AMZ Seller Solutions. That is what makes us unique, being so much more than a simple warehousing & fulfillment solution. Bottom line, in just a few simple steps, we make your Amazon Merchant Fulfillment experience perfect!

Our clients love us. You will too.

What is a Amazon Prep Center?

Through our growing network of fulfillment centers across North America, we’re able to manage your entire order fulfillment, shipping, and distribution online.

Let’s Talk Amazon. 

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