Amazon FBA UK Rate Card 2024: Everything You Need to Know

July 2, 2024 uk amazon fba seller fees

Does the revised version of the UK FBA Rate Card 2024 eat your profitability? It does. However, if you’re a beginner and you’re selling on a small scale, it makes sense.

Is the differential margin too high compared to the last rate card in 2023?

Will there be any need to allocate the reserved capital from other marketing streams to continue the FBA partnership in the UK market?

This article presents you with a data comparison table (current and previous rate card) indicating the increased FBA fee rate for a clear-cut takeaway.

Let’s dive in and figure it out.

A Quick Guide

1. What the Numbers Tell You

2. Calculating Your Fees

3. Where Do the Changes Get Reflected?

4. Sizing Categories: The Foremost Element of Classification

5. Small and Light FBA rates

6. Standard Size and Oversize

7. Monthly Storage Amazon Fees

8. Long-Term Storage Fees

9. Optional Services Fees

10. Multichannel Fulfilment (Sold Off Amazon)  – Standard Shipping, Local Shipments (Domestic FBA, MCI, and Pan-European)

11. Multichannel Fulfillment (Sold Off Amazon)  – Expedited Shipping, Local Shipments (Domestic FBA, MCI, and Pan-European)

12. Should You Be Worried or Relaxed About the New FBA UK Rate Card?

13. The New Amazon FBA Benefits on the Cards

14. The Convincing Factor to Opt for Amazon FBA

15. What’s Your Takeaway from the FBA UK Rate Card 2024?

What the Numbers Tell You

40% of Amazon sellers earned a monthly revenue of £800 to £20,000.

Most sellers have earned a profit margin of 10% to 20%.

These numbers signal your approval to continue selling products on Amazon. Let’s hope you’re among the 40%.

But does the profit share remain even after the revised FBA rate card? 

As of now, we can’t be sure!

So, we take our stance on the gray side (neither white nor black).

All we can do is leverage a new set of strategies to retain a profitable bottom line.

Calculating Your FBA Rate Card

First, let’s break down the key variables inside the FBA fee structure by Amazon. 

As you already know, it combines fulfillment, storage, referral fees, and optional / ad-hoc fees. 

It ranges from product to product based on size, weight and a few other key factors.

Fulfillment Fee

Fulfillment fee is the flat rate that you pay to meet the fulfillment requirements. It is calculated based on the product dimensions and unit weight. For example, let’s say you’re selling a wine glass for £39.98 on amazon. The fulfillment fee is £5.65, which occupies 14% of the overall product cost.

Storage Fee

The terms refers to the rate you are charged to store your inventories in the Amazon fulfillment centers. It involves the inventory space consumed per cubic foot or meter.

Optional Services Fee

You’re charged an additional fba fee for the secondary activities involved in packaging and shipping. 

By subscribing to an optional service fee, you can be confident that the end product complies with the guidelines.

Amazon offers optional services packed with returns, disposal, labeling, bagging, bubble wrap, taping, and opaque bagging.

The subscription for this FBA Fee depends on your preferences. You can eliminate the majority of these fees by partnering with the right 3PL who specializes in the Amazon prep work to handle the labelling, polybagging, etc. Traditionally, their fees will be lower than amazons depending on the scope.

Inbound Placement Fees

Amazon charges you with the inbound placement fees for the inventories stored in the FBA hub. The charge is made for the activities involved in distributing the inventories to different locations from the hub.

Transaction Fees

Amazon charges you transaction fees of 15% for all the products that you sell on their eCommerce platform. The rate is applicable to all fulfillment methods.

Labelling Fees

Amazon charges you for the goods that it labels in order to manage the ASIN information. The FBA guidelines seek you to abide by the labelling norms for meeting the fulfillment requirements.

Return Fees

Amazon charges you fees to handle the expenses of products returned to the fulfillment centres. Product cancellation, replacement, and refund are the cases where the Amazon FBA will charge you return fees.

One of the challenges with Amazon fees is the chargebacks when sending to FBA. This could include not meeting Amazons packaging guidelines

i.e., if the pallet is larger than 72″ or above 1500 lbs.

i.e., if the box is greater than 24″ on any side, this is an issue and will be flagged.

ie. if the product isn’t labelled or the bundled item doesn’t have proper label SOLD AS SET, all issues.

i.e., if you ship oversized in a box vs LTL, this could be an issue.

Where Do the Changes Get Reflected?

As an Amazon seller, you would have heard about the changes in FBA rate cards. 

But do you have any ideas about what it implies and how it impacts your overall cost?

Nope? Well, let’s get this done.

The changes in the FBA rate card are predominantly reflected in product weight, dimension, and channel rates.

Sizing Categories: The Foremost Element of Classification

Dimension and weight are the primary elements used to categorize the products based on size. You would have come across it when updating your product details for FBA. Amazon has added a field to the existing categories. 

The sizing categories created by Amazon are Small, Standard, Oversize, and Special Oversize.

What made eCommerce add a new segment? We’re not sure about it.

Each category has a modification in FBA pricing. Let’s start to explore each category.

Small and Light UK FBA Rates

This category is exclusively reserved for lightweight inventories. Under the Small and Light Program, the product weight should range from 0 to 410 grams. 

The FBA rate is priced at £10, which is lower than other sizing categories. 

Amazon is more likely to offer the lowest fulfillment fee when small and light products are shipped to the local market. 

So, you can get the benefit of it if your products have the potential to acquire customers from the local community near the fulfillment center.

Furthermore, the revised FBA rate card has been applied to the various sizing categories within the Small and Light Program. 

The pricing modifications are implemented across different product envelope dimensions. 

Here are the acceptable dimensions set by Amazon.

Small Envelope: Dimensions ≤ 20 X 15 X 1 cm

Standard Envelope: Dimensions ≤ 33 X 23 X 2.5 cm

Large Envelope: Dimensions ≤ 33 X 23 X 4 cm

Extra Large Envelope: Dimensions ≤ 33 X 23 X 6 cm

Small Parcel: Dimensions ≤ 35 X 25 X 12 cm

And the revised FBA rate card has included a new segment of products weighing ≤460g4 and ≤960g4 under the standard and extra large envelope dimensions.

The table is framed with insight from the previous and updated rate cards, which helps you clearly perceive the difference.

Small and Light Program20222023Difference in Rate
Fulfilment Fee per fulfilled unitLocal fulfilment (domestic FBA, MCI, PanEU) within:Local fulfilment (domestic FBA, MCI, PanEU) within:
Dimensions and Weight20222023Difference in Rate
Small Envelope: Dimensions ≤ 20 X 15 X 1 cm
Standard Envelope: Dimensions ≤ 33 X 23 X 2.5 cm
Large Envelope: Dimensions ≤ 33 X 23 X 4 cm
Extra Large Envelope: Dimensions ≤ 33 X 23 X 6 cm
Small Parcel: Dimensions ≤ 35 X 25 X 12 cm

Standard Size and Oversize FBA Products

The calculation of the FBA rate differs within the categories and it is different when compared with the Small and Light program. 

Except for envelopes and special oversized products, the formula for the FBA rate varies within the categories.

For products with small and standard parcels, small oversize, standard oversize, and large oversize are determined by whichever is greater in comparison of the unit weight with the dimensional weight.

Small Oversize is determined by the product dimensions of ≤ 61 x 46 x 46 cm, with the product unit weight less than 1.76 and a dimensional weight less than 25.82 Kg. The product weight ranging from ≤ 760 g to ≤ 1.76 Kg falls under this category.

Standard Oversize, defined by Amazon FBA has product dimensions of ≤ 120 x 60 x 60 cm, with the product unit weight less than 29.76 Kg and the dimensional weight less than 86.4 Kg. The product weights ranging from ≤ 760 g to ≤ 29.76 Kg are grouped in this category.

Large Oversize category products have dimensions ≤ 150 x 60 x 60 cm, with a unit weight of less than 31.5 Kg and a dimensional weight of less than 108 Kg. This category includes products with a weight ranging from = ≤ 4.76 Kg to ≤ 31.50 Kg.

Amazon has framed an exclusive formula to calculate the dimensional weight in kilograms as follows:

(length x width x height cm3) divided by 5000.

Let’s assume that you’re selling a water jug with a product dimension of 17 (L) x 27 (H) x 10 (W) cm.

The dimension weight calculation is as follows:

Dimension weight = (17 x 10 x 27)/5000 = 0.918 cm3

1 cm3 = 1 gram. 

Hence the dimension weight is 918 grams which falls under the segment of “Large Envelope: Dimensions ≤ 33 X 23 X 4 cm.”

The FBA Fee for the product is £2.58

Standard and Oversize20222024Difference in Rate2022 vs 2024 Price Change (%)
Fulfilment Fee per fulfilled unitLocal fulfilmentLocal fulfilment
Dimensions and Weight20222024Difference in Rate2022 vs 2024 Price Change (%)
Small Envelope: Dimensions ≤ 20 X 15 X 1 cm
Standard Envelope: Dimensions ≤ 33 X 23 X 2.5 cm
Large Envelope: Dimensions ≤ 33 X 23 X 4 cm
Extra Large Envelope: Dimensions ≤ 33 X 23 X 6 cm
Small Parcel: Dimensions ≤ 35 X 25 X 12 cm
≤1.40 Kg£2.87£3.02£0.155.23%
≤1.90 Kg£3.14£3.31£0.175.41%
≤3.90 Kg£5.03£5.30£0.275.37%
Standard Parcel: Dimensions ≤ 45 X 34 X 26 cm
≤1.40 Kg£3.19£3.36£0.175.33%
≤1.90 Kg£3.49£3.68£0.195.44%
≤2.90 Kg£4.95£5.38£0.438.69%
≤3.90 Kg£5.39£5.68£0.295.38%
≤5.90 Kg£5.54£5.84£0.305.42%
≤8.90 Kg£6.32£6.66£0.345.38%
≤11.90 Kg£6.68£7.04£0.365.39%
Small Oversize*: Dimensions: ≤ 61 x 46 x 46 cm, Unit Weight < 1.76 and Dimensional Weight < 25.82 Kg
≤1.26 Kg£5.02£5.87£0.8516.93%
≤1.76 Kg£5.18£6.05£0.8716.80%
>1.76 Kg£0.01 per inc. Kg£0.01 per inc. Kg
Weight (Kg)First PriceSecond PriceAdditional Price per Kg
≤ 760 g£5.15£6.01£0.86
≤ 1.76 Kg£5.44£6.35£0.91
≤ 2.76 Kg£5.56£6.50£0.94
≤ 3.76 Kg£5.59£6.53£0.94
≤ 4.76 Kg£5.62£6.56£0.94
≤ 9.76 Kg£6.72£7.85£1.13
≤ 14.76 Kg£7.19£8.40£1.21
≤ 19.76 Kg£7.54£8.80£1.26
≤ 24.76 Kg£8.35£9.76£1.41
≤ 29.76 Kg£8.36£9.77£1.41
> 29.76 Kg£0.01 per inc. Kg£0.01 per inc. Kg
Weight (Kg)First PriceSecond PriceAdditional Price per Kg
≤ 760 g£5.15£6.01£0.86
≤ 1.76 Kg£5.44£6.35£0.91
≤ 2.76 Kg£5.56£6.50£0.94
≤ 3.76 Kg£5.59£6.53£0.94
≤ 4.76 Kg£5.62£6.56£0.94
≤ 9.76 Kg£6.72£7.85£1.13
≤ 14.76 Kg£7.19£8.40£1.21
≤ 19.76 Kg£7.54£8.80£1.26
≤ 24.76 Kg£8.35£9.76£1.41
≤ 29.76 Kg£8.36£9.77£1.41
> 29.76 Kg£0.01 per inc. Kg£0.01 per inc. Kg
Weight (Kg)First PriceSecond PriceAdditional Price per Kg
≤ 20 Kg£13.70£15.43£1.73
≤ 30 Kg£18.48£18.48
≤ 40 Kg£16.40£19.16£2.76
≤ 50 Kg£42.98£42.98
≤ 60 Kg£40.40£44.25£3.85
> 60 Kg£0.37 per inc. Kg£0.37 per inc. Kg
Standard and OversizeUK to DE/IT/ESUK to FRDE/FR/IT/ES to UK
Cross-Border FulfillmentCross-Border FulfillmentCross-Border Fulfillment
20222024Difference in Rate20222024Difference in Rate20222024Difference in Rate
Small Envelope: Dimensions ≤ 20 X 15 X 1 cm
≤80g€ 3.67€ 3.83€ 0.16€ 3.78€ 3.94€ 0.16£3.35£3.49£0.14
Standard Envelope: Dimensions ≤ 33 X 23 X 2.5 cm
≤60g€ 3.79€ 3.95€ 0.16€ 3.90€ 4.07€ 0.17£3.46£3.61£0.15
≤210g€ 4.05€ 4.22€ 0.17€ 4.17€ 4.35€ 0.18£3.70£3.86£0.16
≤460g4€ 4.07€ 4.25€ 0.18€ 4.20€ 4.38€ 0.18£3.72£3.88£0.16
Large Envelope: Dimensions ≤ 33 X 23 X 4 cm
≤960g4€ 4.48€ 4.67€ 0.19€ 4.61€ 4.81€ 0.20£4.08£4.26£0.18
Extra Large Envelope: Dimensions ≤ 33 X 23 X 6 cm
≤960g4€ 4.94€ 5.15€ 0.21€ 5.09€ 5.31€ 0.22£4.64£4.84£0.20
Small Parcel: Dimensions ≤ 35 X 25 X 12 cm
≤ 150 g€ 4.47€ 4.66€ 0.19€ 4.60€ 4.80€ 0.20£4.09£4.27£0.18
≤ 400 g€ 5.41€ 5.64€ 0.23€ 5.57€ 5.81€ 0.24£4.93£5.14£0.21
≤ 900 g€ 6.48€ 6.76€ 0.28€ 6.67€ 6.96€ 0.29£5.91£6.16£0.25
≤ 1.40 Kg€ 7.12€ 7.43€ 0.31€ 7.34€ 7.66€ 0.32£6.50£6.78£0.28
≤ 1.90 Kg€ 8.11€ 8.46€ 0.35€ 8.35€ 8.71€ 0.36£7.40£7.72£0.32
≤ 3.90 Kg€ 10.29€ 10.73€ 0.44€ 10.60€ 11.06€ 0.46£9.39£9.79£0.40
Standard Parcel: Dimensions: ≤ 45 X 34 X 26 cm
≤ 150 g€ 4.76€ 4.96€ 0.20€ 4.90€ 5.11€ 0.21£4.34£4.53£0.19
≤ 400 g€ 5.93€ 6.18€ 0.25€ 6.10€ 6.36€ 0.26£5.40£5.63£0.23
≤ 900 g€ 7.05€ 7.35€ 0.30€ 7.26€ 7.57€ 0.31£6.43£6.71£0.28
≤ 1.40 Kg€ 8.00€ 8.34€ 0.34€ 8.24€ 8.59€ 0.35£7.30£7.61£0.31
≤ 1.90 Kg€ 9.18€ 9.57€ 0.39€ 9.46€ 9.87€ 0.41£8.37£8.73£0.36
≤ 2.9 Kg€ 10.29€ 10.73€ 0.44€ 10.60€ 11.06€ 0.46£9.39£9.79£0.40
≤ 3.9 Kg€ 12.12€ 12.64€ 0.52€ 12.49€ 13.03€ 0.54£11.06£11.54£0.48
≤ 5.9 Kg€ 12.78€ 13.33€ 0.55€ 13.17€ 13.74€ 0.57£11.66£12.16£0.50
≤ 8.9 Kg€ 13.85€ 14.45€ 0.60€ 14.27€ 14.88€ 0.61£12.63£13.17£0.54
≤ 11.90 Kg€ 16.28€ 16.98€ 0.70€ 16.77€ 17.49€ 0.72£14.77£15.41£0.64
Small Oversize⁵: Dimensions: ≤ 61 x 46 x 46 cm, Unit Weight < 1.76 and Dimensional Weight < 25.82 Kg
≤ 760 g€ 10.26€ 10.70€ 0.44€ 10.57€ 11.02€ 0.45£9.32£9.72£0.40
≤ 1.26 Kg€ 10.61€ 11.07€ 0.46€ 10.93€ 11.40€ 0.47£9.64£10.05£0.41
≤ 1.76 Kg€ 10.69€ 11.15€ 0.46€ 11.01€ 11.48€ 0.47£9.71£10.13£0.42
> 1.76 Kg€0.01 per inc. Kg0.01€0.01 per inc. Kg0.010.01 per inc. Kg0.01
per inc. Kgper inc. Kgper inc. Kg
Standard Oversize⁵: Dimensions: ≤ 120 x 60 x 60 cm, Unit Weight < 29.76 Kg and Dimensional Weight < 86.4 Kg
≤ 760 g€ 12.85€ 13.40€ 0.55€ 13.24€ 13.81€ 0.57£11.66£12.16£0.50
≤ 1.76 Kg€ 13.23€ 13.80€ 0.57€ 13.62€ 14.21€ 0.59£12.00£12.52£0.52
≤ 2.76 Kg€ 14.11€ 14.72€ 0.61€ 14.53€ 15.15€ 0.62£12.82£13.37£0.55
≤ 3.76 Kg€ 14.19€ 14.80€ 0.61€ 14.62€ 15.25€ 0.63£12.89£13.44£0.55
≤ 4.76 Kg€ 14.30€ 14.91€ 0.61€ 14.73€ 15.36€ 0.63£12.99£13.55£0.56
≤ 9.76 Kg€ 16.32€ 17.02€ 0.70€ 16.81€ 17.53€ 0.72£14.81£15.45£0.64
≤ 14.76 Kg€ 17.16€ 17.90€ 0.74€ 17.67€ 18.43€ 0.76£15.58£16.25£0.67
≤ 19.76 Kg€ 18.67€ 19.47€ 0.80€ 19.23€ 20.06€ 0.83£16.95£17.68£0.73
≤ 24.76 Kg€ 20.01€ 20.87€ 0.86€ 20.61€ 21.50€ 0.89£18.17£18.95£0.78
≤ 29.76 Kg€ 20.31€ 21.18€ 0.87€ 20.92€ 21.82€ 0.90£18.44£19.23£0.79
> 29.76 Kg€0.01 per inc. Kg0.01€0.01 per inc. Kg0.10.01 per inc. Kg0.01
per inc. Kgper inc. Kgper inc. Kg
Large Oversize⁵: Dimensions: ≤ 150 x 60 x 60 cm, Unit Weight < 31.5 Kg and Dimensional Weight < 108 Kg
≤ 4.76 Kg€ 19.13€ 19.95€ 0.82€ 19.70€ 20.55€ 0.85£17.37£18.12£0.75
≤ 9.76 Kg€ 22.91€ 23.90€ 0.99€ 23.59€ 24.60€ 1.01£20.80£21.69£0.89
≤ 14.76 Kg€ 24.34€ 25.39€ 1.05€ 25.07€ 26.15€ 1.08£22.11£23.06£0.95
≤ 19.76 Kg€ 26.85€ 28.00€ 1.15€ 27.65€ 28.84€ 1.19£24.38£25.43£1.05
≤ 24.76 Kg€ 29.13€ 30.38€ 1.25€ 30.01€ 31.30€ 1.29£26.45£27.59£1.14
≤ 31.50 Kg€ 29.13€ 30.38€ 1.25€ 30.01€ 31.30€ 1.29£26.45£27.59£1.14
> 31.50 Kg€0.01 per inc. Kg0.01€0.01 per inc. Kg0.10.01 per inc. Kg0.01
per inc. Kgper inc. Kgper inc. Kg

Monthly Storage Fees

Monthly storage fees are fees that Amazon charges you for utilising their FBA center to fulfill your end-customer purchase orders. 

The rate of change differs depending on the fulfillment center location, calendar month, and the average monthly volume of inventory stored. 

As an Amazon seller, you should be keen on meeting the required level of inventory performance index. 

The implementation of new FBA pricing alerts you to modify your strategy to eliminate the chance of incurring a penalty.

Low-level Inventory Fee

You are charged low-level inventory fees if your firm fails to reimburse the inventory to the required level. Amazon FBA offers a 28-day period to refill the stock level for the short-term fulfillment plan.

If you have subscribed to a long-term fulfillment plan, then you will be notified to reimburse the inventory level within a 90-day cycle. Failing to restock the inventories in the FBA centers will cost you the low-level inventory fee.

UK Long-Term Storage Fees

Is your firm signed up with Amazon FBA for long-term storage utilization? Yes? 

Your eCommerce order fulfillment partner has revised the pricing for long-term storage fees for inventories stored for more than 331 days. 

The good news is that if you sell into clothing, shoes and bags – you are exempt from the new FBA fee policy.

Under the revised rate card, inventories stored more than 365 are applicable for all categories.

What about the storage period between 331 and 365 days? Isn’t that concerning to you? 

Well, Amazon has disclosed the information, addressing your concern by charging a monthly fee of £ 0.9 per ft3 / € 37 per m3 / € 38.10 per m3 (FR only) / 371 kr per m³ is charged for all categories except Clothing, Shoes and Bags, Jewelry and Watches.

For inventory stored for more than 365 days, the greater of the following options will be charged as your LTSF: 

(1) monthly LTSF of £ 4.30 per ft³ / € 170 per m³ / € 175.10 per m³ (FR only) / 1785 kr per m³ for all categories.

(2) minimum LTSF of £ 0.10/ € 0.10 / 1 kr per unit in the media category.

CategoryDuration20222024Difference in Rate
Clothing, and Shoes and BagsJan – Sep£0.43£0.47£0.04
Oct – Dec£0.60£0.60No Change
Dangerous Goods – HazmatJan – Sep£0.75£0.75No Change
Oct – Dec£1.05£1.05No Change
All other categoriesJan – Sep£0.71£0.78£0.07
Oct – Dec£1.00£1.10£0.10
Dangerous Goods – HazmatJan – Sep£0.65£0.65No Change
(Oversize)Oct – Dec£0.90£0.90No Change
All other categoriesJan – Sep£0.46£0.46No Change
Oct-Dec£0.64£0.64No Change

Experts Says:

Most UK brands have seen a decline in their profitability due to unchanged product pricing. This is due to the immediate effect of the revised UK FBA Rate Card. The highest discounted product price in Q4 owing to seasonal holidays, prime days, and Halloween festivals has led Amazon Sellers in the UK to incur a loss for the past two years.

“By keeping a 60-day Amazon inventory stock, we can ensure smooth product fulfillment and avoid storage fees, which can significantly impact profitability.

Blair Forrest, Founder at AMZ Prep

Optional Services Fees

How good is your return and cancellation management? Your FBA track data would give you precise information.

There are situations where you have to handle an optional service fee if you’re partnered with Amazon FBA.

What services will you be charged for? 

Here are some of the optional fees that Amazon charges you for as follows: 

  • Local returns: The fee involved in the products returned to the FBA centre from the local mailing address.
  • Cross-border returns: The fee involved in the products returned to the FBA hub from the international mailing address.
  • Disposal: The fee is charged by the Amazon FBA to dispose of the discarded inventories.
  • Labeling: The charges are calculated for product labeling with Amazon ASIN details.
  • Bagging: The fee is made for the product bagging to comply with the FBA guidelines.
  • Bubble wrap: The fee charged for wrapping the product packaging with bubble wrap to maintain safety standards.
  • Taping: The charge is applied for the product packaging sealed with Amazon taping.
  • Opaque bagging: The fee is made for the product packaging made of opaque bagging to comply with the guidelines.

Amazon has also revised the charges. Some have seen a no-change and increased rate cards.

Cross-Border Removal is the request ticket escalated by the Amazon sellers, to store the returned and discarded inventories in the FBA centre.

The removal orders are processed for products shipped outside of the local market.

WeightCost per unit (£) (Local Removal)20222024Difference in Rate
0-200gLocal Removal£0.29£2.65£2.36
201-500gLocal Removal£0.39£3.28£2.89
501-1000gStandard Size£0.78£4.69£3.91
1001g+Standard Size£0.97£6.30£5.33
+ £0.57 per additional kg2
Cost per unit (£) (2022)Cost per unit (£) (2024)Difference in Rate
+ £0.65 per additional kg2
Optional ServiceCost per unit (£) (2022)Cost per unit (£) (2024)Difference in Rate
Label Service£0.00£0.00No Change
Bagging£0.35£0.35No Change
Bubble Wrap£0.45£0.45No Change
Taping£0.25£0.25No Change
Opaque Bagging£0.35£0.35No Change
Cost per unit (£)20222024Difference in Rate
Label Service£0.15£0.15No Change
Bagging£0.35£0.35No Change
Bubble Wrap£0.45£0.45No Change
Taping£0.25£0.25No Change
Opaque Bagging£0.35£0.35No Change
Optional Services: OtherCost per unit (£)
Label Service2£0.25
Bubble wrap£0.75
Opaque Bagging£0.40
Optional Services: Other20222024Difference in Rate
Label Service£0.35£0.35No Change
Bagging£0.80£0.80No Change
Bubble Wrap£1.20£1.20No Change
Taping£0.65£0.65No Change
Opaque Bagging£0.50£0.50No Change

Multichannel Fulfilment (Sold Off Amazon)  – Standard Shipping, Local Shipments (Domestic FBA, MCI, and Pan-European)

Amazon Multi Channel Fulfillment Program allows you to store inventories that are sold on other eCommerce and shopify platforms. In return, a MCF fee is calculated for the activities involved in fulfillment.

Have you been partnered with FBA for multichannel fulfillment (sold off Amazon)?

The charges for order fulfillment have been revised. The updated rate card will help you take forward your FBA partnership.

But if you feel it is costlier than ever, then partnering with 3PL will save you fulfillment costs.

Deep down, do you know how the FBA Fees are calculated? Check this out.

The country of destination, ship speed, and size range of the units you are shipping all play a role in the rate card’s development.

UPO indicates the quantity of units shipped.

UK2(£)DE/PL/CZ(€)DEOnly(€)FR23 (€)IT2(€)ES2 (€)OtherEuropean Country(€)
Small envelope:DimensionsS1 cm
s 80g3.312.822.204.053.362.914.553.863.415.834.964.374.804.083.605.524.694.145.834.964.37
Large envelope:Dimensions:Scm
s 960g3.472.902.204.743.943.425.244.443.927.556.415.665.104.343.836.355.404.767.556.415.66
Standardparcel:Dimensions:S45 3426cm
1 9.9kg4.043.582.675.544.634.
SmallOversizeDimensions:s 61 X 46 X 46cm
s 760g5.615.615.618.548.548.549.049.049.0410.5610.5610.5611.4011.4011.4013.0413.0413.0410.5610.5610.56
s 1.26kg5.725.725.728.748.748.749.249.249.2410.8410.8410.8412.0012.0012.0013.7313.7313.7310.8410.8410.84
StandardOversizeDimensionss120 X 60 X 60cm
s 760g6.686.686.689.
s 5.76kg7.667.667.6610.7810.7810.7811.2811.2811.2814.6114.6114.6114.1014.1014.1016.1516.1516.1514.6114.6114.61
s 7.76kg8.128.128.1210.9210.9210.9211.4211.4211.4214.7514.7514.7514.2814.2814.2816.3516.3516.3514.7514.7514.75
s 14.76kg8.928.928.9211.7111.7111.7112.2112.2112.2115.8515.8515.8515.7215.7215.7218.0118.0118.0115.8515.8515.85
s 19.76kg9.089.089.0812.1712.1712.1712.6712.6712.6716.3316.3316.3316.1416.1416.1418.4918.4918.4916.3316.3316.33
S 24.76kg9.289.289.2813.5013.5013.5014.0014.0014.0017.7017.7017.7017.0417.0417.0419.5319.5319.5317.7017.7017.70
S 29.76kg9.459.459.4513.5713.5713.5714.0714.0714.0717.7717.7717.7717.7617.7617.7620.3620.3620.3617.7717.7717.77
Large OversizeDimensions>120X60cm
s 14.76kg12.5312.5312.5312.9612.9612.9613.4613.4613.4625.3825.3825.3818.7218.7218.7221.4621.4621.4625.3825.3825.38
s 19.76kg13.0613.0613.0613.5713.5713.5714.0714.0714.0726.0026.0026.0019.2619.2619.2622.0822.0822.0826.0026.0026.00
s 24.76kg14.3514.3514.3514.8814.8814.8815.3815.3815.3828.3628.3628.3621.3621.3621.3624.5024.5024.5028.3628.3628.36

Multichannel Fulfillment (Sold Off Amazon)  – Expedited Shipping, Local Shipments (Domestic FBA, MCI, and Pan-European)

Expedited shipping from the UK, offered by FBA Amazon, has been updated with a revised rate card.

Explain – MCF definition – 

Have you been notified regarding this? If you haven’t, don’t overthink and manipulate. Refer to the attached rate card for Multichannel Fulfillment for expedited shipping.

The calculation of the FBA rate is the same as the standard shipping rate. Yet. The revised rate card can give you a clear picture of what influences your profitability.

UK (£)DE/PL/CZ(€)DEOnly(€)FR3 (€)IT (€)ES (€)OtherEuropean
Dimensions20X 15X 1
envelope:Dimensions:S 33232.5 cm
DimensionsS33 X 23X 5 cm
parcel:Dimensions:s45 X 34X 26cm
OversizeDimensionsS 120X 60X 60 cm

Should You Be Worried or Relaxed About the New FBA UK Rate Card?

If you’re an Amazon seller operating on a small to large scale, you must be concerned about it. As likely said, it is hard enough to find a revised price that can be of higher benefit.

Subscribing to Amazon FBA is the key to winning the trust of end customers. But are you going to sacrifice your profit? Hopefully no.

Increasing the selling price of the product might be your next move.

So, do you strongly believe that your customers are ready to purchase your product at a higher price? Maybe, and maybe not!

Maximizing your budget is the strategic choice left for you to continue your partnership with Amazon FBA in the UK.

Benefits of Amazon Fees (even with the new fee changes)

The revised FBA rate card can be viewed from different spectrums. Yes.

  • You have control in the organic ranking of the product listing. Amazon considers your brand/product valuable when partnering with FBA.
  • Your customers are more likely to make a purchase as your brand holds the Seller Fulfilled Prime.
  • Your end customers can receive their products through faster shipping.
  • End-to-end fulfillment requirements are met by Amazon.
  • You have a competitive advantage in fulfilling orders in the local and international markets. Thereby, you can concentrate more on scaling business than cross-border customs clearance.

The issue is that for the same amount of sales, you’re losing another 10-15% of your net profit because of the fee changes. 

Some sellers are mentioning this will kill their FBA business.

The Convincing Factor to Opt for Amazon FBA 

  • Amazon has been adding a huge base of active buyers to the eCommerce marketplace.
  • So, you have a great opportunity to acquire new and regular buyers.
  • Choosing Amazon FBA and SFP helps improve your brand’s LTV.

What’s Your Takeaway from the FBA UK Rate Card 2024?

We strongly agree that an eCommerce marketplace like Amazon might be one reason for your brand’s success. Yet, the updated FBA rate card will allow you to modify the product cost structure. There are chances that you can increase the sales volume and make a good profit. However, it is uncertain to conclude.

The presence of 3PL providers, like AMZ Prep, operating in the UK multi-warehouse setup can be the best alternative to meet your FBA requirements across Europe and the PAN EU.

Continuing the partnership with Amazon FBA for the first few months of the revised rate card implementation will provide you with enough clarity to conclude.

If you feel the revised FBA rate card has influenced your business, partnering with 3PL earns you good terms in terms of profitability.

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