Amazon Aggregator Program

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We're building an exclusive, first of its kind, program for both sellers & acquisition / private equity firms here in Canada - don't miss out.

Amazon Acquisition Program

Increase your brands value by optimizing your supply chain and sell more profitably with us

83% of e-commerce sellers agree to the first low offer and sell their businesses at the wrong time. Your business could be scaled and optimized before the deal. Let’s find the best option for you.  

AMZ Preps Brand Acquisition Ecosystem automatically connects your brand with the top, trusted brand aggregators from around the globe. 

What we can do together

Professional Amazon Supply-Chain Consulting

E-commerce acquiring is one of the youngest and fastest-growing directions. Your business should be ready for this step.

We have access to centralized warehouses with efficient picking systems, efficient routing systems, and high-quality equipment that will help you have the order fulfilled with Amazons compliances in place. Our goal is to optimize your profitability by reducing returns, increasing customer satisfaction rates and helping grow demand for your latest products or collections without adding costs or complexity to support the acquisition of your brand.

It’s really tough doing accounts for your brand and P&L auditing and analysis can be a challenge, but AMZ Prep understands how important it is to get the job done right. So we take care of everything for you, including running reports and generating data.

AMZ Prep is a team of freight experts who will help guide your team on the best practices in how to optimize you supply chain through in-depth shipping audit analysis by looking over 25-36 months and thousands of data points during your shipping process to streamline and advise.

We are not just your average consulting firm. We offer a unique service in that we work with some of the largest private equity firms and acquisition companies, helping them identify what they need from brands while also ensuring their values are protected throughout this process

We have learned over time about how Amazon-native brands often lack guidance on supply chain management or experience when it comes down to safeguarding themselves against risk; as such – if you’re unsure who should be managing these aspects during development stages – our team can provide valuable insight into partnering up properly so success becomes inevitable!

We’ve done it before, let’s do it again. Let us support your brand by gearing up your logistics for your dream exit. 

AMZ Prep is centered around one mission: guaranteeing your Amazon success by making sure you’re prepared to sell and deliver to all your eager customers worldwide. Now let’s help you get to the next stage of your journey.

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