Amazon Advertising Management

Amazon Advertising Management

Sequence, our agency division, built a team of marketing experts and past Amazon leaders ready to help generate traffic and sales for your product.

Amazon Pay Per Click advertising is essential for discovery on Amazon Marketplace. However, it can easily be ineffective and costly if implemented poorly. We are certified experts in A9 – the algorithm that Amazon uses in search rank and discoverability. We implement technical and psychological strategies to place your products in front of the most relevant customers.

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Amazon Advertising PPC Management

Boost Your ROAS

We know how to maximize this important KPI using the right combination of data and expertise.

Drive Incremental Revenue

ROAS isn’t the only driver of success on Amazon. We look to deliver incremental revenue at every opportunity.

Budget-Friendly Strategies

Don’t have an unlimited budget? We don’t expect you to. Instead, we work within your bounds to achieve the best possible result for your business.

Detailed, On-Demand Scheduling

We schedule search campaigns by day and time to see where you’re getting the most value—a feature that the native Amazon platforms don’t provide.

Maximize Your ROI

Amazon is a great place to score major returns on your advertising investments, but competition is getting tougher and the market is becoming more crowded.
We keep the return rolling by constantly optimizing your Amazon advertising strategy. We never lose sight of your KPIs and adjust our approach to maintain growth even when the competition is stiff.


Revenue Generated Through Our Partners


Average Increase in Sales with PPC

They helped manage our entire Amazon, end-to-end. (1)

Crush Sales Goals With Amazon Advertising

Our secret is that we are partner obsessed. Sequence has experienced such explosive growth because we are brand obsessed and we tailor all of our offerings to what a brand wants and needs. Think of us as an extension of your own brand, operating and managing the growth and strategic efficiencies required to scale your brand online

Why Amazon Advertising?

Leverage Game-Changing Technology

Driving Product Rankings: A Mix of Art and Science

Amazon is a massive advertising platform. To maximize its utility, we filter it through the industry’s most intelligent and dynamic software tools to allow for insights that your competition just won’t see.

From detailed on-demand scheduling to the harvesting of underutilized keywords, our technology stack lets us do it all. And while your campaigns take off, you can watch in real-time with our advertising dashboard.

Advertising & Creative Services

Every Service You Need All Under One Roof

Sequence, a division of AMZ Prep, was built to offer end-to-end solutions for hundreds of brands when selling online to boost revenue to drive new growth as their Global eCommerce Partner. Sequence is elevating what partnership means for profitable eCommerce growth and control.

As an Amazon & eCommerce agency, we help brands achieve success by optimizing every stage of the customer journey on the platform. From advertising & content optimization to account management, order fulfillment & strategic consulting.


Let’s Talk eCommerce.

Our marketplace growth experts will walk you through our eCommerce business solutions for you as a Sequence partner. Discover what you’ve been missing from an eCommerce solutions company by chatting with us today.

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